20% NONSTOP LEVELLING / Chapter 2: Hero of a small village [2]

Chapter 2: Hero of a small village [2]

"Please! If anyone can hear me my village is being attacked!!!"

Hearing this desperate call the man dashed for the door in a hurry and in a split second he opened the door.


He was shocked seeing a small girl with a frightened face, fortunately the small girl was able to ran away from the endangered village.

"Where's your village!"

Hearing this the girl just pointed in a straight direction infront of his house

"Alright lets go"

The man quickly picked up the small girl and dashed towards the direction the girl pointed at

* * * <-- different place



"HElpp me...."plop""

[Haha you humans are puny you cant beat me with your puny muscles hahaha]

When the orc finished his triumph

The man carrying the small girl finally arrived at the scene.

"Is this the place?"

"Ye... yes mister"

Hearing their small talk the orc heard them and turned around

[Oh look more food! Hehe that little one looks tasty]

"Leave the girl out of this ill be the one dealing with you"

After saying that he told the small girl to run away

[Aww there goes my food but ill find her after ill kill you first]

In a split second the man was already in front of the orc with a short sword near his neck.

[Whe.. when did you!!!]



The man thought he sliced the orcs neck but in reality it just stopped at the orcs skin realizing this he backed away from the orc before the orcs giant fist was about to land on his face.

[Is that all you got? All of you are weak hahaha!]

"Damn the copper sword that one of the villagers is pretty trash don't i have a better sword .wait! the status screen better have some sort of storage system"

"Bag! wait no inventory!"


Inventory opened 1/50 slots


{Slot 1}

>starter Steel blade

>a pretty good starter sword from God himself +10 atk.

"Haha :D it worked nice! But how do i pull it out? I'm just ganna grab the screen and pull it out"

He grabbed the screen and pulled out a steel blade just as the system described it

"With this i have a chance to beat that dammed orc"

[Are you done talking to yourself you puny human!]

The orc now dashed forward at the man to land a punch with fast speed coming from a big body of his.

But due to the mans past combat and swordsman experience he quickly dodged the giant fist only suffering from a small but visible cut in his cheek

After dodging he landed a counter attack at the orcs back leg and the sword cut trough it like butter

[Uughh! You how dare YOU!!!]

the orc's expression is now really pissed from the cut of his back leg and quickly threw another punch but when he was about to turn around to punch him he was greeted by sword right in his throat.



{You have slain an orc!}

{You have levelled up!}

{You have levelled up!}


"2 levels? But anyways thank God it was only an ordinary orc if it was a high orc I'd be dead by now."


You have levelled up! Each level gives you 2 stat points,you can apply the stat points to your ATK, AGI, VIT, INT, and your SEN stat.

"Hmm interesting put 2 on my attack and 2 on my agility"

{Do you confirm?}



{status updated!}










"This status thing is pretty handy, lucky me i guess"

As he was standing there talking to himself the surviving villagers approached the man

"Th... thank you sir"

"Your a HERO!"

"Thank you for saving out village hero"

"Mi... mister are you alright"

The small girl that went to hide before the fight started went to approached the man and gave him a big hug.


"Hehe? thanks for the hug"

"Anyways how's the injured people?"

The chief of the village spoke

"The injured people are safe thanks to you we are alive is there any reward that you wish to receive?"


"Hmm its great that you are not greedy like the rest of the adventurers they always ask for stacks of coins for protection" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Are all adventurers greedy in this area?"

"Fortunately only most of them"

"I see then ill take my leave now cya"

"Leaving already? Wait what's your name?"

"Oh its... uh

Since he was a new person with a new face he probably needed a new name

(Damm can't think of anything my last name was James, How about Jack? Wait no, Aha!) () <-thoughts

"Its Ferris"

"If that's your name then thank you"

The chief of the village now bowed followed by the bows from the rest of the villagers.

When the chief raised his head Ferris was already gone...


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