100% Dragon God of Blood / Chapter 20: War against the Clafall tribe

Chapter 20: War against the Clafall tribe

"What's going on!?" Krum yells at the 3 men kneeling in front of him, leaving his countenance relaxed sideways when he hears that some parts of the tribe are burning.

"It's a surprise attack from the Clafall tribe, they apparently learned that we would attack them and decided to attack first..." Says one of the men with a little sweat sliding down his face.

Krum frowns with his finger touching his chair repeatedly. He is convinced that his plan for a surprise attack against the Clafall tribe was discovered due to some traitor of the tribe, he looks at these men who are part of the elite warriors he built before becoming the head of the Kellai tribe "What happened to the barrier? How is it possible that the warriors of the Clafall tribe have burned some houses of the tribe?" Krum asks confused. The tribe has a barrier that blocks the entrance of anyone other than the Kellai tribe and, of course, the barrier also serves to prevent beasts from entering the tribe by some blind spot on the walls of the tribe.

"According to some guards, there are about 200 warriors of the Clafall tribe with advanced racial skills who entered the tribe by burning the great gate. The barrier was not activated at all, I suspect someone might have deactivated it without us noticing..." Says the same man who spoke before with a touch of nervousness in his voice.

"Someone deactivated the barrier without any of you noticing!?" Krum says with an enraged tone of voice. The barrier has been protecting the tribe for more than 300 years and suddenly it is deactivated without any of its strongest elite warriors realizing ... this is going to be a big stain on his reputation as chief of the tribe. Kellai! One of the largest and strongest tribes in Mogrim, one of the few territories with valuable resources on the continent of the dragon gods that are not controlled by any country of any dragon god "Sigh, it makes no sense to worry about that, it's done. What is the situation in the tribe?"

"The warriors who entered the tribe at this time are creating chaos in the south and east of the tribe, the east that is where Rushu's mountain of flowers is it is still intact" Says another man, who continues to speak "Most of the 2,500 guards, warriors, slaves and a dozen elite warriors who were nearby preparing for war, ran to defend the great gate in a matter of minutes, so, apart from those 200 warriors of the tribe Clafall, no one else has been able to enter the tribe"

"No one else? How many warriors of the Clafall tribe are out of the tribe?" Krum asks with a calmer expression. If those who came to invade are less than 1000 warriors and only 200 warriors with advanced racial skills. He is sure that his army can end them with minor damage and even if there are a little more warriors with advanced racial skills, it is still possible to kill them all with their 440 elite warriors. In addition, there is the fact that he has 5 elite warriors who have reached the third stage of evolution in their racial skills. When someone with the blood of a dragon god reaches the third stage, apart from the fact that half of the body is covered with scales, they can also learn special racial skills that the thoroughbred dragons have. The problem with these special racial skills is that most are extremely difficult to control if they are not practiced for some years. Fortunately, there are still some special racial skills that can be used with a few days of practice and 5 of their elite warriors managed to reach this stage of evolution!

The men in the room look at each other as if they doubt something. Finally one of them says with a grim look "It is estimated that there are about 2000 warriors in the first stage, 600 warriors in the second stage and... it seems that there are 4 warriors in the third stage. It is only a matter of time for that our army cannot resist the attack of so many warriors of the Clafall tribe"

Krum feels that the temperature in his body dropped several degrees upon hearing the words of one of his elite warriors. He did not expect the Clafall tribe to have so many warriors in the second stage and 4 warriors in the third stage! "According to reports from half a month ago, the Clafall tribe had just over 300 warriors in the second stage and 2 warriors in the second stage. Why do they suddenly have 800 warriors in the second stage and 4 warriors in the third stage!?" Krum says in a voice so loud that it echoes throughout the room.

"The warriors who provide us with intelligence from the Clafall tribe stopped sending us messages more than 2 weeks ago. So we don't know anything about what happened in the Clafall tribe so that they suddenly got so many warriors from stages 2 and 3. We wanted to verify that it was not an error before reporting it" Says the first man who spoke with sweat on his face, but now his body is shaking.

"It's been 2 weeks since they stopped receiving messages and they still hadn't informed me just because they wanted to confirm that it wasn't a stupid mistake... I understand, I know some of you are useless" Krum snaps his fingers as he stares coldly at the trembling man.

Suddenly, 4 figures covered with a layer of darkness appear in the room. Krum says "As punishment for such negligence, I will only kill 1 of you. It will be a quick death just because you are my elite warriors" The moment he stops talking, 1 of the figures covered with a layer of darkness disappears and reappears in front of that man who is trembling. The man simply trembles and says nothing waiting for his death. The figure with the cloak of darkness touches the forehead of the man, in less than 1 second the whole body of the man is covered by black and without making noise his body is swallowed by his own shadow!

"You 2, go quickly to protect the mountain of Rushu flowers, I don't want those fools of the Clafall tribe to burn anything, although I doubt they will" Krum tells the remaining 2 men. They nod and disappear in the shadows.

Krum looks at the 4 men in the room, they are the ones who evolved to stage 3 "Hmmm? Where is Onsul?" Onsul, who is his right hand, is the first person of the 5 elite warriors who evolved to stage 3, so he has had plenty of time to control some of the special racial skills he acquired.

"He is with that child. That Onsul who kills children without blinking is really training a child he met 1 day ago to the point of not being here at a time like this, how funny" Sounds the voice of a woman with a small laugh of one of the figures with the cloak of darkness.

"Lariel, Chief Krum asked you where Onsul was, he didn't ask for your opinion." A thick voice sounds from another figure.

"Always so boring and serious, Draurk" The woman speaks again, she really doesn't seem interested in being respectful to Krum.

"Silence!" Krum looks at 2 with a frown. He quickly orders "That all elite warriors be at the great gate prepared to kill anyone who tries to enter. Draurk and Lariel will be the main support against any warrior of the third stage. They don't have to worry about feeling overwhelmed, Onsul will surely seem to help at any moment"

"Yes!" The 2 disappear in the dark.

"Now I need you 2, Zeluk and Durma to quickly get rid of the warriors of stage 2 who entered the tribe, probably some elite warriors are already fighting with them, but I need each of those elite warriors to be at the big door quickly!" Krum says in a more relaxed voice. He sees them disappear without saying anything. They have always been more of the type who say nothing. He did not expect that his attempt to ambush the Clafall tribe would result in this kind of situation... Even so, if they want a war with the Kellai tribe, then they will have what they want. Think Krum with a deep look.


Rus dodges that fireball easily, he didn't expect to meet an enemy so fast and one with such strange skills to the point of throwing fire with his hands!

"Did you dodge it? Wow, I guess you should be in stage 2 or maybe near stage 2..." The man stops talking and starts throwing fireballs at incredible speed to the point of throwing 5 fireballs in 3 seconds!

With his feet barely touching the ground because he has been jumping from side to side trying to dodge all those fireballs, Rus is irritated with this guy who seems to be playing with him. He has no time to fight this madman! Rus slowly approaches where this man is and without hesitation throws several knives of blood he has just created.

The man did not expect this boy to have hidden weapons, he dodges the knives by pushing his body with the flames of his hands. With a smile of contempt on his face, he attacks this child again, but even faster! However, he suddenly feels a stabbing pain in his back. He looks at some red knives stuck in his back with his blood coming out of his wounds without any control "H-how did you do that?" As soon as the man asks, so much anger arises inside him to the point of covering his entire body in yellow flames "Bastard, how dare you hurt me!?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Rus feels that the ambient temperature increases a lot, he understands that he cannot compete against this man, he is clearly weaker. Just when he was about to flee at full speed, several black spears is nail in the body of that man with yellow flames! "!!?"

A man in black armor with the emblem of a two-headed dragon appears from the shadows of one of the houses that are formed by the light emitted by the man of the Clafall tribe. More black spears come out of the shadows and continue to nailing the body of the burning man.

Rus does not know what is happening but decides to flee from that place to go to his goal, which is Celelin's house.

"I'm going to burn you to the ashes!"


An explosion sounds loudly on Rus's back, he keeps running without looking back.


Rus finally arrives at the street where Celelin's house is. He saw many of those men with orange hair indiscriminately attacking everything they see and setting everything on fire. Similarly, he also saw many of those men in black armor with the emblem of a 2-headed dragon.

He sees that all the houses on the street are on fire. Seeing this, Rus immediately thinks of the worst, that this kind woman is probably already dead "No!" He shakes his head quickly and runs to Celelin's house. Rus gathers all his courage and enters that sea of flame. Inside the house, he sees that the whole place crumbles and gradually turns to ashes. Rus looks for any sign of Celelin, finally finds a charred body kneeling while looking at the sky as if he were praying to the dragon god of darkness before he died...

Rus' eyes lose their brightness for a moment, he sighs internally and turns around to leave this place. But suddenly he sees a boy with a spear in his right hand that looks a little younger than him looking at him as if he had killed someone in his family. "Wait, this woman is..." Rus doesn't have time to finish his sentence since that boy suddenly attacks him at high speed with the spear that is now completely black and with red eyes covered in tears of infinite anger that seems to be feeling.

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Thanks to all who gave me their advice, it really helped me a lot to evolve as a writer.

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