38.88% Uchiha Itachi reincarnated (in Against the Gods) / Chapter 6: Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range

Chapter 6: Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range

A few hours later Itachi woke up, and was greeted by the cute but cold face of Jasmine.

"You slept for 2 hours, and should be recovered fully now, as your master I should impart to you some cultivation techniques."

"I never accepted you as my master, also I've gained knowledge of a cultivation art known as the {{Evil God Arts}} from the blood, which is perfectly suited for my cultivation, so I won't be needing your help."

Having both turned their noses up at each other, they simultaneously released cold 'hmph' noises, before once again glaring at each other.

A moment later Itachi began to cultivate for the first time, sitting down in a meditation position, preparing himself to feel profound energy for the first time, properly rather than for a fleeting moment before passing out from exhaustion.

However, before doing so he quickly used the power of the Sky Poison Pearl to allow himself to instantly unlock all 54 profound entrance openings on his profound veins, allowing him to receive the Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins, allowing him to achieve the full potential of the Evil God Profound Veins, since according to the {{Evil God Arts}} the full potential could only be unlocked once all 54 profound entrances were opened.

Once this was done, one would be able to cultivate at a much faster pace, and also unlock the ability to open 5 of the 7 gates of the Evil God, which upon being opened could allow the cultivator to increase their battle power by an incredible amount for a short period of time, allowing them to cross over realms to fight.

In combination with Itachi's bloodline powers he would easily be able to become a force to be reckoned with.

Jasmine said before he began to cultivate,"I will impart to you some battle techniques, since you don't need a cultivation technique, however there is only one you are able to learn at your current level. Once you reach the Nascent profound realm I will teach you it, it is called {{Star God's Broken Shadow}}."

Itachi, despite finding Jasmine sometimes annoying, was incredibly grateful to her for giving him the ability to cultivate, therefore he responded in kind to her serious comments,"Thank you very much Jasmine, I'm truly grateful to you for giving me this opportunity."

Shocked for a second, Jasmine responded by once again snorting coldly and saying,"I'm doing this to help myself not you, don't get ahead of yourself."

Hearing these words Itachi could only smile wryly.

He sat down and began to cultivate. Now that he was truly beginning to feel profound energy, he realised something.

This profound energy... was incredibly similar to how chakra felt from his past life when it was circulating through his body.

As he was thinking t

Thinking of the implications of this, Itachi decided to see if he could cast one of the most basic jutsu from his past life, using the profound energy in his surroundings, the {{body flicker jutsu}}.

Instantaneously Itachi moved around 5 metres away.

This left him out of breath, however it caused his eyes to light up.

The fact that he could cast a technique such as the {{body flicker jutsu}} meant that upon increasing his strength he would be able to cast much stronger techniques from his past life, which would have more use in fights and other situations, such as {{Kagebunshin no Jutsu}}, when he increased his cultivation level.

Thinking these thoughts Itachi sat down and began to cultivate even more fervently.

Having a whole array of jutsu within his mind was equivalent to already having an array of battle techniques usable, as soon as he was able to increase his cultivation, how could he not be excited?

And so Itachi and Jasmine began travelling towards the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, periodically stopping for Itachi to cultivate with Jasmine giving him pointers now and then since he was overall new to the practice of cultivation, and even with the memories of Yun Che from the Azure Cloud continent it was not the same as having truly experienced it before.

After a month Itachi had successfully reached the 2nd level of the Elementary profound realm already, and was able to create a single shadow clone using the {{Kagebunshin no Jutsu}} and maintain it for around 10 seconds before it collapsed, as well as use the {{body flicker jutsu}} up to 15 metres away.

After Jasmine had seen Itachi use these two techniques she was shocked, since in combination they were effectively an even more profound version of the {{Star God's Broken Shadow}}, since they were real bodies rather than shadows while the movement was just as fast and profound.

Therefore Jasmine was only able to offer pointers on Itachi's cultivation, but even so due to her incredibly high realm her words were of great help to Itachi in some instances.

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Having reached the 2nd realm of the Elementary profound realm so fast by just regular training was something incredible, not many people across the entire planet would be able to be this fast, even according to Jasmine, the people from the place she came from would not be this fast.

Eventually, Itachi and Jasmine reached the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, at last, however before they entered Jasmine warned Itachi,

"Remember, although the gates of the {{Evil God Arts}} can increase your battle power drastically within a short period of time, you are no where near strong enough to open the first gate yet, it would destroy your body, so no matter what don't do that."

Having said this Jasmine faded back into the Sky Poison Pearl, however Itachi could still feel her divine sense spreading out and observing the area.

At this moment Itachi let out a smile and for the first time since leaving Floating Cloud City, manifested his mangekyo sharingan, prepared to test the limits of his current strength in this Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range.

Jasmine, upon seeing the eyes of Itachi change was shocked and a little bit curious, but thought nothing of it at the current point in time, not expecting Itachi's eyes to possess such a shocking secret which he would show in full detail within their trip to the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range!

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  • BrokenSoul


    no harem, in fact no need for romance. :O

  • Imperador12


    Harem 👍🏻🥰👍

  • TheeUnknownSaint


    Yeah what interested me was that it was a different course from the original and a harem isn't very Itachi-like to begin with. I prefer no romance and just coldness. Well maybe with demon girl since we know she sticks with him for a long time..

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