In the depths of a sacred mountain not too far off from a nearby village was a dragon that had not been distrubed for thousands of years slumbering away down below in the darkest parts of the caves. Not too far from the cave was a group of kids playing a game of tag in the forest between the village and the mountains.

" Tag Ethan your it" Scott says as Ethan chuckled.

" You got me you better run. I'll even give you a five second head start" Ethan responds.

" Come on Yukari lets go" Scott laughs as they both take off running.

Unaware that the cave was occupied, let alone home to a dragon the kids playing in the forest started to expand their play field up to the high points of the mountain.

" He won't get us from up here," Scott says chuckling.

" Um Scott. Do you think we should be this far from the village? What if someone comes out looking for us?" Yukai ask.

" No worries your with me and Ethan. We won't let anything happen to you Yukari. It's so nice up here" he responds.

" Your right. Thanks Scott" Yukari says smiling looking down over the forest and the village from their high point.

As the kids continued to play among the high points of the mountain they soon were caught by Ethan. One of the kids realized that not only were they hearing strange sounds, but it was coming from inside the cave.

" What's that?" Scott mutters.

" Hey Ethan do you hear that?"

" Hear what Yukari?" Ethan asked.

" That noise. It sounds like its coming from inside that cave. You don't think Scott went in there do you?" Yukari responds.

" It sounds like it's coming from that cave" Scott says.

" Let's go see" Ethan answers.

" I'm not sure if that's a good idea. You don't know what maybe inside that cave" Yukari says in a soft worried tone.

" Yeah I agree." Scott agrees.

" Oh come on stop being a big baby" Ethan says chuckling as he climbed up some rocks to the entrance of the cave.

As Yukari, Scott and Ethan made their way into the cave they quickly started to realize that it wasn't just any ordinary cave. There were claw markings on the walls, along with bones being scattered all over the place. Starting to feel nervous Yukari grabbed onto Ethans arm as they called out to see if anyone else besides them were in the cave.

" Hello!" Yukari yells.

" Hey man stop joking around its not cool!" Ethan shouts through the cave.

As they progressed through the cave they came across a large tunnel way that led to an open area with crystals coming out from everywhere and a pool of water that was the color pink. Making their way down the tunnel way, Yukari started to feel strange entering the area as she was starting to hear the voice of what sounded like a spirit.

" Help...Help...Help me!" the strange voice whispers in Yukari's head.

" Huh? Who's there?" Yukari says softly.

" You say something Yukari?" Scott asked confused.

" You don't hear that voice?" Yukari ask Scott as he shakes his head no.

" I don't hear anything either" Ethan responds.

Apparently the voice that Yukari was hearing couldn't be heard by no one else, but herself. Not understanding what was going on or where it was coming from Yukari asked the spirit a few questions.

" Who are you? Why are you in my head? And what is that sound?" Yukari says softly.

" I am Kaya. I am a spirit. Why have you come here?"

" Yukari who are you talking?" Ethan asked.

" Hush Ethan. We heard the strange sound and wanted to check it out" Yukari says.

" You must leave at once. This is no place for children."

" Is there someone else here besides us? I feel a very odd presence here" Yukari says looking around.

" Really?" Scott says.

" Correct you are. There is a slumbering dragon toggled away somewhere down in the depths of the darkest part of the cave. That's some great senses you have young one."

" Ok your freaking me out a little. What's going on?" Ethan says.

" A dragon!?...Yes that's it. I can feel it. It's in a lot of pain, but there is something else." Yukari responds as Ethan watched her start to make her way to the next area of the cave that led to the lower parts.

" Hey Yukari wait up!" Ethan says following her as the spirit continued to warn Yukari of the danger hidden down below her.

" Please. Leave now while you can. You shouldn't be here!"

" Guys I don't like this. We really should go back" Scott says.

" I can't just leave it. It's in pain and I have to see what's wrong with it." Yukari mutters.

As they made their way down through multiple rooms and pathways the two of them finally made it to the area they were warned to stay away from. Entering the giant enclosed room Yukari, Scott and Ethan were all shocked at what they found. It was a massive dragon that was laying still in a cradle carved in the wall.

" No way! Its a dragon" Ethan says as they looked around the room.

" So dragons are real!" Scott says.

Without saying a word Yukari walked slowly over to the dragon for a closer look.

" Hey Yukari stay back! You don't want to get too close to this thing" Ethan says grabbing her arm.

" But it's calling to me...I can feel it..Something is wrong with it" She replies.

"Calling to you? Come on this nonsense Yukari. There hasn't been anyone able to read nor connect on a higher level with dragons in years now" Scott says assuring himself.

Scott and Ethan have been friends with Yukari for years now growing up in a village full of half breeds. Their kind were part human and part dragon, but it was only a handful of them born with the gift to understand and connect with dragons on a higher level. This type of ability was what separated the special ones from the others. Even with that said there hasn't been anyone with that type of power for years now and none of them were ever female. In this new day and age Yukari was considered to be the first female to be able to have that type of ability, but no one else seemed to know about it. Yukari didn't really speak much and she was always a quiet girl until she met Scott and Ethan.

Pulling her arm away Yukari continued making her way to the dragon as the spirit begged for her to leave with Ethan. Once she fully got close enough Yukari place her hand gently onto the dragons nose pressing her forehead against it as her body glowed and her eyes glowed .

" Its sick. I can feel it...But there is something is...Someone has been here..Its been put under a dark magical spell" Yukari says before panicking feeling the dragon resist her as it opened its eyes growling in anger of their presence as she jerked back.

" Yukari watch out" Scott says jumping forth knocking her out of the way as the dragon swung its sharp tail at them missing.

" It's scared. Something is controlling it! We aren't going to harm you! I promise!" Yukari yells.

" Yukari we have to go now" Ethan says helping her and scott up as they took off running.

The now awaken dragon roared louder as it echoed through the cave loud enough to reach the small village near by. Making their way back up to the upper level of the cave Yukari stumbled falling scraping her knee on one of the shard crystals sticking out of the ground. As Scott helped Yukari back up the dragon came crashing up through the floor as the impact sent Scott and Ethan flying to one side of the cave, while sending Yukari to the other side.

" Yukari!" Ethan shouted worriedly.

" I'm fine just go!" She shouted back as the dragon turned its attention on to the Scott and Ethan.

Yukari picked up a rock tossing it at the dragon as it now set its eyes on Yukari turning quickly slamming its claws into the ground knocking Yukari up in the air landing on her back in pain. Slowly getting back up Yukari didn't know what had set the dragon off, but she knew it wasn't in the right state, so she tried talking to it again.

" Listen to me! We aren't your enemies and we aren't here to harm you! I want to help you!"

Just then the dragon eyes flared almost as if it could hear the words Yukari spoke trying to fight whatever had a hold on it, but it was too strong causing the dragon to roar in pain again. The dragon spinned around smacking Yukari into the wall, as Scott and Ethan made their way around the big cradle in the ground to get to Yukari.

" Yukari are you ok?" Scott asked shielding her as Ethan did the same.

Before Yukari could answer the dragon had knocked both Scott and Ethan into the strange pool of pink water. Yukari panicked quickly jumping straight into the water after them as they were struggling to swim back up to surface. Once she made it to them Yukari quickly pulled them back up as they all popped their heads out of the pool. As each of them climbed back out the water the dragon was still there inflicted with anger and pain starting to shoot fire out its mouth all over the place. Finding cover they all hid behind a giant crystal block trying to figure out what to do so they could escape the dragon.

" Great just great! You had to wake the dragon up, huh Yukari?" Ethan says.

" I didn't do it! All I did was try to sense what was troubling it. Whatever woke it up may also be the cause for the pain I feel" Yukari responds.

" What now? We can't just make a run for it back to the village cause then theres a chance it will follow us" Scott says looking out as the dragon was starting to break all the large crystals scattered around the area of the cave.

" You should have left while you still had the chance" the spirit says to Yukari. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" We have to find a way to calm it down" Yukari says as Ethan and Scott looked at each other for a moment.

" Uh yeah didn't that plan like fail already? Besides if the village hears that a dragon has been awoken and here they will come slay it" Ethan says.

" Well we have to hurry then before that happens" Yukari responds picking up a broken piece of the crystal off the wall as she runs out in the dragons view.

" Yukari wait!" Scott says as Ethan stops him.

" No let her do it...I've never seen her so passionate about anything in my life besides her siblings" Ethan mutters to Scott as they watched Yukari from afar.

As Scott and Ethan watch Yukari hold off the dragon with nothing but a crystal shard they started to notice the way she was fighting reminded them of their parents who were dragon slayers. In ancient history of the dragonian tribe it was forbidden for females to participate in any form of fighting that regard dragons. The most females were able to do was learn magic in healing and magical sealing leaving the fighting part to the males of the tribe, but later on in history that changed. It was the day that the tribe race was threatened by an unknown race of hybrids that were after the tribes power to be able to will and control dragon abilities. It was then being outnumbered that the females of the tribe participated in combat saving their race from being wiped out. After that the Wyrm at the time made it a requirement that females learned the way of the dragon slayer for protection and if one day they were to be threatened again by otherworldly enemies.

" Look at her go. She seems better then half the slayers we have back in the village" Ethan says smirking.

" Your right. She is a natural" Scott replied.

" Interesting" the spirit mutter to itself.

As Yukari continued to hold off the dragon she waited for an opening as she released her magical energy out. With one strike Yukari was able to subdue the dragon linking her mind to it as she placed her hand on its head again speaking to it.

" Please listen to me! I don't want to fight you and I don't look to harm you" Yukari whispers as the dragon eyes started to slowly glow as the dragon had finally eased up to Yukari letting her into its mind.

Inside the dragon mind there was a spirit floating in the middle of a dark place as Yukari looked at it walking forward.

" Welcome young slayer" the spirit says.

" Are you the spirit within the dragon causing it to be inflicted with rage?" She asked.

" No. I am the dragon's spirit and I am the one who let you in. You seem to be very warm hearted and compassionate unlike the other few travelers that have come here." the spirit responds.

" What is going on? Why is the dragon acting out I read its mind earlier and I felt an evil presence inside of it" Yukari ask explaining.

" Correct you are young slayer. A while ago there was a strange man that came into the cave searching for the ancient wyrm, so he invaded the dragon standing before you. Once he got into the dragons mind he confronted me asking questions I didn't have the answer to, so he put a spell on the dragon which cased it into a deep slumber. Once awoken the spell would be released leaving the dragon in a blitz of rage." the spirit says.

" Why was he after answers to the Wyrm's of ancient history?" Yukari asked.

" I'm not sure, but I knew his intentions weren't good. He said that he was a hybrid and wanted to resurrect an ancient demon of mass destruction to restore order to the seven realms" the spirit responds.

After being told the details Yukari asked the spirit if it was anything she could do to help and the spirit sadly informed her the spell had been active for too long, so there was no way to free the dragon being that it was already in the stage of passing away. Instead, the spirit requested that Yukari promise to protect whatever secrets that this evil presence was after to keep the balance within the seven realms in order.

" I promise you..I'll do everything I can" Yukari says bowing.

" Thank you!" the spirit says.

Back in reality Yukari opened her eyes as the dragon standing before her was completely calm now and it smiled as its body started to glow bright. Yukari watched as its body started to spark and transition into nothing, but energy matter.

"I want to bestow upon you a token of my gratitude!" the voice of the spirit says as Yukari body and crystal shard started to glow morphing into a sword that held the magical energy of ancient power once willed by a Wyrm.

" Whoa! No way" Scott said looking in amazement.

" What's happening?" Ethan asks.

" She actually did it?! Maybe I was wrong about her" the spirit says.

As the light slowly started to fade Yukari eyes were glowing and she had a dragon symbol on her neck as her physical form changed a bit. It was then that Yukari realized that the spirit that the dragon wasn't just an ordinary dragon, but a dying ancient wyrm that had just infused with her body unlocking the hidden potential within her. As she was adjusting to this new feeling surging through her body Scott and Ethan rush over embracing her.

" Yukari that was so cool! You were amazing. What happened at that moment? You and the dragon had just stopped moving" Ethan says.

" Seems like I was right about it being in pain..the dragon was dying..and the spell on it couldn't be reversed." She responds.

" And that light just now?! You look the same as before with a few extra features, but this energy I'm reading from you is completely different" Scott says as Yukari smirked.

" I'm not sure what it was..My guess is that the spirit of the dragon fused with me granting me more magical energy" she answers as Scott looked at her shocked..

With nothing more to be said the three of them started to make there way out of cave back down to the village before anyone could start to worry about them missing for so long. Once they got back to the village a few start to question the strange sounds and rumbles that came from the cave, but the three of them assured the town they had no clue of what they were talking about. When Yukari got back home she wanted to tell her parents about what happened, but wasn't sure of how they would react so she didn't. This is where everything started to change for Yukari and her friends.

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