77.27% LINK / Chapter 17: Chapter 18

Chapter 17: Chapter 18

:"Who are you? What are you doing here?

Rin:" Ah? Can I stay here tonight?

Girl:"Are you a good person or bad?

Rin:" Good.

Boy:"Are you sure!!

Rin:" Ofcourse! I'm only here to ask for shelter..

Boy:"Well OK but don't expect a good service..

Rin:" Huh? Are you the only one here?

Girl:"Yah! *she come closer to Rin excitedly*

Rin:" Eh? Your family?

Boy:"Why don't you sit first? You asking a lot of questions!

Rin:" "This kid! *she sit to the chair that near to the window* " Well this is not a big house after all and it's only for a one family?

Girl:" Are you a traveller?

Rin:"Hmm yah?

Boy:" Here have some water, we can't offer you anything...

Rin:"No this is enough. Where is your family?

Girl:" *she become sad * They all died a long time ago..

Boy:"bad people are coming to our house and murdered us!

Rin: Wait, wh-what do you mean us? *drink the water*

Boy:" Yah! Me and my sister is already dead.

Rin:"*whe she heard that she suddenly spilled the water to the boy*" WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!

Boy:"Hey!! Your annoying! And disgusting!!

Rin:" Wha- What!!

Boy:"How can you do this,! To the person who give you a shelter and water!

Rin:" Sorry!! I got shocked!!! Wait if you really are a ghost, how did you hold this glass?!

Boy:"We can touch things, but no one can touch us

Rin:" Huh! Who will believe you? *she try to touch the boy but failed to touch him.* "Ok I believe you now! Then why are you still here if your parents are in heaven right now?

Boy:"We need to find the person who killed us?


Boy:"That's what we have to do to get to the next life.

Rin:" A-Are you sure?then how can you find those people?


Ted:"Wait, ask them what year they died?, because this house looks old.


Rin:" Are you sure that those people are still alive?

Boy:"I'm sure!!it's only 40 years ago!

Rin:" 40 years!!!! Are you kidding me! In that 40 years those people are punishing from hell! So why are you still looking at them! They already died!

Boy:"Then why are we still here?

Girl:" Maybe our parents forget us? *she lowered her head*

Rin:" hmm? No don't be sad! I think thats not the reason why are you still here.! Wait? Can you go outside?

Girl:"No We couldn't get out of this house.

Rin:" huh? Why?

Boy:"Everytime we step our foot outside, our memories goes back to the past. We don't want to remember that nightmare again that's why we decided not to go outside.

Rin:" But if the killer is still alive today, how are you going to find him?

Girl:"We don't know.

Rin:" sigh.. Well I hope you find your justice.

Boy:"You can stay here over night and get out immediately tomorrow morning. You have alot of questions!! Are you a reporter!

Rin:" Fine! You brat! I'm going to stay here tonight, don't eat me OK!!

Boy:"Who wants to eat you? I'm vegetarian I don't like meat.

Rin:" What did you say!

Boy:"Hmmp... *he go away and leave his sister and Rin*

Rin:" Then what day did you died?,

Is there anyone visiting you here? Or you only have mother and father?

Girl:"the date? I think it's december 24 midnight before Christmas?


Girl:" Yah I love Christmas!! But now I don't like it anymore, because of that event we died..

Rin:"That's not true!

Girl:" Are you going travelled around the world?

Rin:"yah? That's my dream.. I like to travelled!!

Girl:" I like to travelled too!! But I can't do that anymore.

Rin:"you can do that!! Just don't give up and wait for you to revive again!

Girl:" Yah.. But I always ask myself why we have to be the one who died? Why other people are experience happy long life? Maybe we are not belong to this world?

Rin:"I always ask myself too,*she stand up and kneel down in front of the girl she also put her hand to the girl shoulder even she can't touch it*

" but even if you are not belong to this world, even if other people looking down on you. If you have a heart and dream, it's enough to prove that you are belong to this world.

Girl:" *she nodd while crying*

Rin:"wha-what! why are you crying..don't cry ok! Be strong! Look your brother is strong and not crying, but he is stupid!

-But they didn't know that the boy was there hiding himself and listening to them while crying.


Girl:" Are you going to leave now?

Rin:"Yah I need to continue my journey because I promise someone that I'm going to become stronger!

Girl: Goodluck OK?

Boy :" hmmp!! Don't come back here

Rin:"And why?! .Dont worry I'm going to visit you guys again!

Girl:" Really !! It's a Promise ok!

Rin:"Yah! So always be careful ok?!

Boy:"Your the one who must be careful not us.

Girl:"Brother!!don't be like that! By the way there's a small village down to this mountain.

Rin:" mountain? Or forest?

Boy:"lol! Are you dreaming? This house is on the top of the mountain

Rin:" hah!!!!

Girl:"It's so dark last night so you probably didn't notice the place.

Rin:" Maybe! So, I need to go! Bye!!! Thanks again

-She said good-bye to the two children and went to the Village below the mountain. It's not that big compared to the other village, and all items are cheap.

Rin:" I think I need to buy some potion first!


Ted:" No I think you need Gilt to buy a potion first!

Rin:" Your right! Hmm.. You know since yesterday I don't feel my tummy growling

Ted:" Its because of the fruit you ate yesterday..

Rin:" really!! Then I'm going to get more before I leave!!

Ted:"No need that fruit is easy to find, you can find it anywhere.

Rin:" OK, If you say so...


-While walking she heard some gossip from the villagers..

:"the Christmas is near! The tree of hope will going to bloom again!

:" Yah! Whoever gets that tree will have the happiest christmas of his life.!

:"I want that! Sigh." But they say , that tree is guarding by a big monster...



Ted:" Hey why don't you do some quest first before you leave?

Rin:"Oh? Your right I need money.. But where can i find it?

Ted:" Look for quest board..


-She looked for a quest board and when she find it, she immediately checks if there's a quest available.

Rin:" all quest here are full of laziness!


Ted:"Well that's what they wish for!

Rin:" I think I can cleared this all...

Ted:"Good! Then let's start..


-She take the first quest and it's only helping to feed some animals from the farm, next is killed some low level monster, find something missing and collect some items. She spent her day for doing some quest and after she get the payment, she buy some potion and started to leave the village.

Rin:"This can't be happening! They don't even have an Inn! Where can i sleep!the sun is setting now.


Ted:" What did you expect? Its a small village after all. And besides you used to sleep outside right?

Rin:"Yah, but Miki is not here anymore.. I don't know if I can sleep by myself! What if some monster will eat me while I'm sleeping?

Ted:" Hey think positive ok!, you have to get use to it without him.

Rin:"I know.. Lets go and find some good place to stay!


-She left the village and find some place to stay and while walking she started to remembered what she had heard earlier..


Rin:" Do you think that the tree of hope that they talking about is true?

Ted:" yah according to my data it can be seen 10 days before and after Christmas.


Ted:" Hmm.. It can be seen to the brightest side of the forest..

Rin:"Where I don't see!! *she looked around*

Ted: it said It will only shine before midnight.

Rin:" so I can see it before 12? 11:59 or 11?

Ted: 11? Why are you asking? You don't need that tree..



-Rin find a place to stay, she quickly arranged her things and go inside her tent but for some unknown reason she can't sleep until the time reached 11 o'clock, she decided to go out of her tent and when she's out she notice something bright inside the forest.

She can see it clearly since her place is quite high.

Rin:"Wait is that!


Ted:" Yah! And why are you still awake!

Rin:"I-im a stupid person right!! ×RETURN×" I don't need that tree! But they need it!

Ted:" yes you are...


-Rin run to the direction of the light and when she reach the place, she saw where's the light came from and it came from a small seed.

Rin:"That's it?


Ted:" Yes when you plant that seed and pour it with water, the tree will grow.

Rin:"Yosh! I think no one's here!


-She come closer to the seed and whe she's going to take it...




Rin:"*she looked behind her and saw a huge monster that will going to attack her, she totally cant move and her eyes are staring to the claw of the monster*


-She walked slowly until she reached the place that whe want to go. She started to plant the seed and pour it with water.


-The tree suddenly grow with a beautiful color white leaves and it's totally glowing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Rin:" hmm? *she looked to the sky and the snow suddenly fell* "What it's a snow!! *she looked to her surroundings and find some butterfly with different colors flying freely around her, there is also fireflies with different light colors.." This is beautiful!!

-And some small fairies came out from the trees and one of them come closer to Rin.

Rin:" Ah did I disturb you?

Fairy:"*he smile and fly towards the house*

Rin:" *she smiled and... "HEY YOU TWO!!!! HEY COME HERE!!!


Boy:" Who the hell is that, shouting like that in the middle of the night!

Girl:"Brother look inside!! *she's looking to the window*

Boy:" Why is she still here?




Girl:" let's go! Brother


-The girls open the door and walk outside their house.

Girl:" Wow!!!!

Boy:"Eh? The memories it's not coming back?

Girl:" Brother its beautiful!

Boy:" yes it is. *he smiled*

Rin:" Hey! Merry Christmas, Ah I mean advance Merry Christmas.. Come on make a wish!

Girl:*she closed her eyes*

Boy:"*he also closed his eyes*" I want...

-There body suddenly glowing..

Rin:" *she looked to the fairy and the fairy nodd to her happily*

-When the two children open their eyes they saw their parents standing in front of them..

Girl:" MOM! DAD!

-They raise their hands as if they want to hug them.

Girl:"*Ran toward her parents and embraced them* " I miss you!

-They look to the boy and smile at him..

Mother:" Come here let's go..

Boy:"*The boy suddenly ran to them while crying*

Rin:"This is sad *she looked to the fairy*" Thank you! Make sure they will reach the heaven ok!

Boy:"No!! Thank you!! *he come closer to Rin*


Boy:"Give me you hand..

Rin:" OK..

-She give her hand to the boy and the boy gave her a necklace with a leave shape pendant. And after he give it to Rin he kiss her cheeks and go his parents..

Rin:"Eh!! *she touched her cheeks*

Girl:" Bye!!

-They're all gone even the tree and fairies are gone..

Rin:"So it's really gave you a forever happiness huh?


Ted:" Let's go back..


-They returned to the place where Rin first stay, she didn't take out her tent instead she only create a campfire and sit beside it.

Rin:"*She took out some potion and pour it on her back* "Outch!! It hurts!!


Ted:" Your an idiot. Small potion is not enough for that big wound.


Rin:"I know..but I'm happy for them! I wonder if I get my happiness too *she looked to the sky*" What a lonely Christmas...

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