22.34% Crap, I Was Rifted (New Game+) / Chapter 20: Power Up 3 (Followers. Hotshot, Rayna Interlude) ♦

Chapter 20: Power Up 3 (Followers. Hotshot, Rayna Interlude) ♦

'Well, at least traces of what I know of Riku are there. She is still flirty and energetic at times. We definitely need to talk later. Enough personal thoughts less focus on what happened.' Azul finished Slipp up, now all she needed was to rest.

"How is she doing Slipp? Is the patient stable?" He made sure to keep his eyes on Slipp's body movement and Swift's vitals.

Observe: Slipp ??? Lvl 10 Ex-council Soldier

Specialty: Subterfuge

Relations: Daughter of Saren Arterius Mother: Clone Turian using Matriarch Benezia genetic profile

Status: Depressed, exhausted, emotionally wounded, hopeful

"She is fine. Finishing up now." After a few more touch on her Omni-tool, Slipp moved away from Swift. She started to walk to the door when Azul grabbed her by the arm.

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"Right thanks for the help with her. But we need to have a talk!" She could feel his biotics begin to flare a little and from Slipp's expression Swift felt it to.

"We will talk later. I dont know what you did but my head is clear." Slipp said. "I will send word later I swear."

"Beep, beep," the intercom went off. "Lunastrider your shipment is here along with your personnel. I am not signing for your shit, come do it yourself."

'Damn it, Hotshot. Considering how her friend gave me that gun when I fought against that Krogan, I should definitely thank them and return a new gun. Actually, where is that person?' While thinking about that, Azul was distracted for a few seconds. Slipp used that time to get away.

"Later Commander," Slipp said. The door closing behind her "chish."

"Well frack," Azul said to the floor. Moving to the intercom he responded back as quick as he could, "I will be down there in a few minutes Hotshot don't get your panties in a bunch."

"Hotshot, well yeah I am good with guns, and awesome..wait a minute.. what do you know about my panties?" Voice was pretty happy at first but then that part. A bunch of laughter in the back round.

"Hahah," a man said. "Hotshot got the rookie in her panties. "Hah, what are you doing dont..."

"Hehe, you go girl. Get your Stella on. Its a show back on Earth not rude at all" A human female said. "Wait, what are you doing.."

"Boom," the sound of a small explosion went off.

'I hope it wasn't anything to big. Dont need C-sec coming down.' Azul was about to leave from the intercom but she was not done.

"Well, my name is gonna be Hotshot forever idiot, ha." She said between laughs. "Idiots think its funny calling me Stella. I have my blasted.. nevermind. Come to sign this stuff." She disconnected the com.

"Welp that was something at least." Looking back at Swift Azul looked over her readings. "Everything looks good and stable. You just need to rest. Care to tell me what happened?"

"It is exactly as that bird said, things escalated," Swift barely said.

"Alright, I need to tend to some things." Azul got up to leave. He needed that gear among other things. "Try not to start any fights or destroy my lab this time. Even in recovery your good at causing trouble, heh." Swift just moved a little. "It's ok for you to stay if you have nowhere to go. Not gonna lie it is gonna be dangerous with me."

Observe: Swift ???? Class: User Lvl ??

Specialty: ????

Relations: ????

Status: Agitated, tired, lonely, bored

Galtea: Rayna process is completed. She has mentally decided to follow you, User. Treatment has resulted in stat changes and ability awakening. The System is taking further steps. As for the steps, I will tell you the moment they are available. Be careful with Rayna The System has taken an interest in her. It involves the Migrant Fleet.

'Alright, but It won't be dangerous right? Why is The System interested... better yet never mind.' AzuI was walking down the ship and needed to spend more time navigating this damn ship. It is massive and still weird. Nothing like a standard U.S. Navy ship at all. It took 2 minutes just to get to the quarterdeck and get off the ship by running. He stopped dry getting a look at the loading dock. Couldn't help getting amazed at everything before him still working. Ships pulling into port. Flying cars in the sky.

"Oh wait those are just transport shuttles right." Azul looked around to get a good feel for an attack area. It would pay off for the battle of the Citadel this time. 'Heh, took me long enough to realize I was in space. I can't wait to start to enjoy it this time. Well, enjoy it faster. First things first, let's go pick up my gear.

Azul jogged down the ramp to where Hotshot was. A few others nearby with broken armor. The tribal marking on her face, Azul never got to find out what that was. Also, the armor she had on was the same as then.

Azul moved up to her and was still surprised at the whole girl next door vibe going on at times. Then get her in battle and she was a force to reckon with. She was smiling and directing traffic and signing paperwork. I saw two individuals by here side with crates just waiting. Two women next to some suitcases.

"Azul, you are giving those to new armor and weapons," Hotshot said amused. "I kind lashed out at them and they needed. Also.. well.. I bragged about you armor skills. Your weapon skills not so much." Azul came up behind her and put his head on her shoulder. His hands went to the datapad in her hands. "The shipment is pretty huge. We will need it."

"Right no problem." Azul grinned and went over the files for a bit with her. Not stop reaching around her. "This all looks good." Looking around and only seeing the other two members of the crews nearby he whispered, "hey I remember you want to get some of your family involved. The special ones. Get them here when you can and I will get them cured."

"Your serious?!" Hotshot turned to face him. "Dont joke about that!"

"Woah, I wouldn't." He said leaning close. "I dont want to fail you this time. Get them here and I will make sure I have the Ardat Yakishe cure ready for them. Better than the one I developed to late."

"Thank you," Hotshot said giving him a strong hug he couldn't get free from. "I will make sure they behave themselves. Her eyes going black for only a moment. "I promise."

"Right," Azul said flexing his willpower to keep his Pather power in check. He didnt want to fry her brain with the backlash. Looking to the two new hires he spoke up. "Hi, just give us a bit." They both smirked and waited.

The Fusionist stood about a straight 6 foot even. She had coverall's on if you could believe it right over her dress. A very thick dress. All the material seem to be a grayish black. A weird strong biotic if anything was to be told by the fluctuations. She literally had gears on her clothing. She had dark skin like Azul with pitch-black hair and light gray coal eyes.

"Nice to meet you, sorry for the wait you must be my "assistant" I am Azul Lunastrider your boss," Azul voice came out cheerfully. He looked to the other woman and addressed her next.

Looking at her, she stood about 6 foot 1. She had on a lab coat old school style reminsing of earth. Not really the right type from here. It kinda looks like a cape actually. She had short blonde hair, and dark crimson eyes that remind one of candy apples for some reason. Some small glasses maybe not for reading. Made of some material definitely not glass. To dark, you could see some SMG holsters in her cape but no guns. There was a metallic Omni-tool on her left arm and remote control on her right wrist.

"I am Cassandra." The Fusionist said.

"I am Leandra." The merchant said.

"And you must be my Quartermaster. I look forward to working with you both." Looking over to Hotshot as well. "Thanks for taking care of them. Some things came up or I would have been here sooner."

"Eh, no problem neither of the two caused a problem at all actually. It's good you recruited some people we are very short-handed." Hotshot said very quickly as she handed Azul a different set of paperwork and showed digital logs on here Omni-tool to look at. "Here, these are your manifests fro the stuff that has not made it. Your signature is needed, then we can load them up. I took a look at what you have here.... nothing too crazy.. so Chari won't have a problem with any of it. Question though can I hand some stuff off to your Quartermaster?"

"Yeah, it will help her get up to speed on what is available and where to get it. As for those two of yours. Send them up and I can show them how to they can do minor repairs. Cassandra will design some for us in the future." AzuI and Cassandra look over everything it was all in order. "You two head inside, here are the places you can set up shop also introduce yourself to Swift in the lab. Unload what you can into there. When you get the chance, talk to Tifa and Riku as well later. Currently, they are... they are busy. Resting will have to wait." They both gave a nod before Leandra decided to head into the ship with some of the crates.

"This is some good stuff," Cassandra said looking over some of it when she opened a crate.

"Wait why would there be a problem with what I ordered?" Looking at Hotshot, Azul waited for an answer.

"The quantity you ordered is low which is good. It's also material that is usable. The captain does not like waste or useless things on the ship. Each officer is allowed a certain amount of cargo space. The good news to that is there is almost no cargo at all right now so we have plenty of room. The bad news we have no cargo so money is tight. If you have ways to get money let me know so I can get started on it. I am the Logistics Officer by the way. But I am defiately gonna get started on my family stuff." Hotshot stood there expectantly at Azul.

"Before I forget her." Azul took her arm grinning and opened the injection port at her wrist. "Do Asari get married like humans do?" He questioned as he did the injection. "Just asking is all."

"We.. we can. We usually just bond." Hotshot shuddered from the increase to her biotics. She lost balance a little and lean into Azul. "Ha.. ha..haa.. you really know how to mess with someone. I never bonded before.. just regular sex.. bonding to dangerous.. for me..." She got her bearings a few minutes later. "Will bond only once. Always and forever. Can you deal with that Azul." She whispered.

"Aye, I reckon I can." Azul said. He was hit by her biotics strands and smiled.

Galtea: There are several missions available, showing some now User.

Quest 2 Make contact with Alliance personel.

Quest 4 Branch Head to Feros

Quest 5 Branch Head to Omega

Quest 3 Save Kasumi Goto (Almost Completed.)

Reaper Node Quest: Head to ??? Riku has artifact of Leviathon tech.

Reaper Node Quest: Use personal contacts to get in touch with affluent people.

'Alright Galtea this is a lot... receive the current missions in an order I can do right now. This Reaper node.. is trying to get me to indoctrinate people?'

Galtea: Quest 4 Head to Feros is now active. Here is the intel and the contract from Exogeni. Review in your room. Give this document file to Hotshot. No since you are against that it trying to get you to be social. In other words creating an influence network for you. Bass has full control of it and has already absorbed the programs and mental mapping inside. Which in turn you have since it is your impant.

"Here Hotshot some work for us." Azul sent the files to her as he made his way back to the ship, Getting to the lab to start some work would probably be a good idea. Hotshot mouth was wide open when he sent the files to her. As she read over them quickly her eyes sparkled almost.

Chuckling as he made his way up to the ramp he couldn't get over her face, it was priceless. His Omni-tool went off as soon as he made it into the hallway of the ship on the first deck. It was from Chari.

Chari: Your people check out. Your order check's out. The contract with Exogeni check's out. We are prepping for Feros now. This work will help out greatly so good job. I do not know what happened with the Turian, Swift and that girl of yours but since no one is dead everything must be ok. With the new work, I won't be able to stop by. We will have to talk another time.

'Gotta respond back at least. eh keep it casual I guess.' Azul typed away. The message was simple. He was glad everything checked out. He will try to get the team ready for Feros. Those three are working things out he thinks. That and for her to stop by when you can if I am asleep just wake me up.

'Galtea are we capable of dealing what is on Feros as we are?' Feros was an early mission so it shouldn't be that bad. 'With our knowledge and preparation can we do it?'

Galtea: It will prove challenging to say the least. Since the timetable that you are heading there on it may work better. With your points, I can send some additional help.

'Do it.' Azul was determined to do it a little better this time. 'I rather not lose out on this.' His biotics spiked before he resumed control.

Galtea: I understand.

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