81.81% Reincarnated Inside MU ORIGIN with MODIFICATION SYSTEM (fanfic) / Chapter 9: CHAPTER 8:MORTAL TO CULTIVATOR (PART2)


Ran didn't have so much soul force left, so he decided to go back home first and rest for a day, before modifying the martial book manual.

The next day


Ran was awakened by the sound of the book hitting the ground.

" Eyyyyyy?? What that aahhhh.. The book!"

Then he picked the book and hug it like he was hugging his first love. He thinks for a moment and said to himself.

" if that person that approach me own this book, I will return this to her once I've seen her, the only problem is I did not see that person's face, but the voice. Hmm... I will remember it. I need to master this as soon as possible and find that person"

With that his focus switch to the system notification.

"Ding! FOUNDATION MANUAL FOR ARCHERY (before modification)

Quality : 20

Defense : 5

Toughness : 2/2 Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Information : Use as a guide book to learn foundation of archery

" Alright system improve the quality using half of my soul force! "

Ran is well aware about the bow that becomes so powerful, yet he can't use it because of his body.

But he believes that there's no problem if the item is a book, because your not using your body to learn the book instead you are using your mind to do it.

"Ding! FOUNDATION MANUAL FOR ARCHERY + tier 4 (after modification)

Quality : 200, 000

Defense : 5

Toughness : 2/2

Information : Use as a guide book to learn foundation of archery

Additional skill : once the reader whole-heartedly heartedly read the manual, the information will automatically convert as a skill.

This time Ran did get up on his bed and dance on his feet without worrying for an head ache, just like the last time, he was so happy that he didn't mind if someone entered his room.

Then suddenly Ran wanted to try clapping his feet while jumping.

" Creak"

Angel Yen was about to check Ran's condition when she saw how Ran and his clapping foot was done.

It is an artwork? Big no! It's humiliating!

Ran did not foresee the unexpected situation though, he knew that Angel Yen would visit him the timing is too perfect.

The scenario is very awkward to the point that they both flash in red.

Ran turn his back and slowly went back to his bed, and Angel Yen sat down on his side. Ran don't want to show his face and turned around in another direction.


Then he heard a sound as if someone is holding her laughter up until now.

"Okay you can laugh now you don't have to hold it back"

"hahahaha hahaha hahahahha haha hahahahaha Ran your too funny I never know your so good at dancing hahhahahahhaha hahaha"

Angel Yen can't hold it longer and laugh and laugh recalling the foot clapping scene.

"Okay you can turn around now look at me Ran"

Turning around at her side Ran said.

"I'm okay now"

Afraid to be mock again by Angel Yen, Ran turns around again in the other side but Angel Yen stop him and kiss him in the forehead.

"Don't ever do that, don't always shoulder the problem on your own, remember we are here for you Ran"

Feeling so warm inside Ran wanted to kiss her on her lips, but Angel Yen instead cover her lips with her hand.

"No kiss for now not until you've done what you've promise to me when we were young, remember?"

Then Ran recalled what is the said promise about her.

One day if they become both cultivator, they will marry each other and live a happy family.

Ran feels sadness in his heart because he knew it wasn't him who did that promise.

" Okay since your alright I'll be leaving right away I need to run some errands for mother, get up and have your breakfast"

"okay I'll come after"

Ran hide his sadness in his face and let Angel Yen go.

"Your so lucky previous Ran, although you have a body which is weak, you have those who truly loves you around, unlike my parents on earth they died when I was 10 and I've never ever had any girlfriend" Ran let out a heavy sigh.

Pulling out the manual again he decided to read it.

After 10 minutes of reading Ran is contemplating.

"System it's been 10 minutes yet the additional skill is still not activated why?"

"Ding! The book does't recognize you as reading it whole-heartedly"

"Huhhhhh but I'm reading this whole-heartedly!."

"Advice the hose to modify his own intellectual capability , it can be possible thru body points"

"Huhhh? What do you mean?"

"Ding! Simple.

1) Your modification Points is your soul force and can be recovered when resting.

Using this points you can do modification on everything you've touch.

2) Your body points is base on your own effort alone, and can be earn when killing beast, monsters or even people.

Do you want to see how much body points you had accumulated till now?"

" So such thing exist!"

Ran can be at ease now, at least he has his own way to improve his body using body points.

"System how much body points do I have?"

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