50% One Piece: New Beginning / Chapter 5: Devil Fruit

Chapter 5: Devil Fruit

DIO: "Which fruit is it?" he asked with wonder.

Rayleigh: "It's a fruit me and Captain found on our last voyage. Its a very powerful fruit. The Hito Hito no Mi"

... *bird* aho aho aho *bird* ...

DIO: "Old man... There is a limit on how much you can mess with someone, Hito Hito no Mi is the most useless Zoan fruit for me." he shouted towards his master.

Rayleigh: "Huahhaha sorry sorry. Couldn't help myself there." his student glares at him "This is no ordinary Zoan. This" he takes out a black, spiralling apple from his coat "a Mythical Zoan"

DIO was speechless, this was the rarest type of fruit in the entire world. It is worth more than any other type, probably stronger too. Legends like Kaido, Marco and Sengoku were all Mythical Zoan users.

DIO: With a stern look "Do you know which fruit it is?" not daring to take his eyes of the fruit for a second.

Rayleigh: Starts playing with his beard and replies "I do. But you need to answer one question of mine."

DIO: "Shoot, old timer" still not taking his eyes of the fruit, he starts to feel that it was calling to him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Rayleigh: "Why do you train so hard? I'll be honest you are pretty talented. But what made you so strong is your hard work. Every time you feel you weren't improving you came to me and asked for more or new training. Kids your age usually just wants to have fun, but you are trying so hard to get stronger." Releasing a bit of Conqueror's Haki "Why do you want to be strong?"

DIO was starting to tremble a bit barely managing to stay on his feet. He wanted to answer but he couldn't, despite being a minuscule amount of Rayleigh's Haki, it was still Rayleigh's Haki. That was until, something unexpected happened, DIO released his own Haki. Surprising both Rayleigh and Shakky. He gains his composure back and finally answers Rayleigh.

DIO: "Wealth, Fame, Power. To acquire everything in this world, and to be able to turn it upside down, I need to be strong. So that even when the entire world stand in my way, if the Marines, Whitebeard or even the dirty Celestial Dragon's wants to mess with me, I can be the one to come out at top. It might not be the noblest of goals and it might even result in me dirtying my hands, but I'm not going to be a stepping stone, or worse slave for anyone." Getting tired from releasing his Conquorer's Haki and battling it with Rayleigh's, he falls down to one knee. Rayleigh finally retreats his Haki.

Shakky: "Well... Kid has impressed me enough. So give him the fruit already." looking at Rayleigh in a way that promises pain otherwise.

Rayleigh does the smart thing and and quickly nod towards his wife and laughs awkwardly.

Rayleigh: "This fruit is one of the strongest I've ever seen or heard of, fruits that can be comparable to this ones might are very few... and very hard to find." pointing out how strong this fruit could be. "The fruits full name is Hito Hito no Mi, Model Kronos"

At that second DIO tried to remember everything he knew about Kronos. Kronos is the Titan King, he is the father of Jupiter, Poseidon, Pluto - the 3 ancient weapons. He wields a scythe and he is the Titan god of ... TIME.

DIO: "This Fruit, can potentially be the most powerful fruit there is." just imagining Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomare was enough to get anyone excited.

As DIO was imagining how powerful he will become once he eats the fruit, Rayleigh hits him on top of his head.

DIO: *ACH* "Why'd you hit me? You shitty old man."

Rayleigh: "You were starting to get ahead of yourself. Now let me teach you the most important lesson I or anyone else can teach to any devil fruit user. Devil Fruits are just a tool, if it is the only thing in your arsenal, you will be defeated pretty easily. SO..." releases Haki for dramatic effect, making small objects crack "You will not eat this fruit until you can take on a Vice Admiral."

DIO became speechless. To be able to match up against a Vice Admiral means you are in the big leagues. You can even become a Shichibukai if you want to. It would take him years to reach Vice Admiral Level, at least.

However, he knew Rayleigh was right. Those who become overly reliant to their Devil Fruits, like Enel, Crocodile and Gecko Moria are bound to lose when their fruit fails.

DIO: "Alright old man. So what is the training regimen for this year"

Rayleigh starts stroking his beard again, thinking whether or not DIO was ready to start learning about Haki, he wanted him to first reach Rear Admiral Level, before teaching him about Haki, but since he awakened his Haki... No he would stick to the plan.

Rayleigh: "We will double your weights and d o the same exercises until you can take on a Rear Admiral, it should take few years at least, then I will teach you a special power that should keep you busy for at least 2 years."

DIO was slightly saddened he wouldn't learn Haki yet, but he understood that the body is foundation of all skills, and that includes Haki and Devil Fruit. He nods towards Rayleigh.

Shakky: "Alright DIO, since you have skipped work for 2 months, I'm going to take 90% of the profits you made on your little vacation, from all those fur."

DIO: "Oyy, Baa-Chan I'm not even getting pay that much, if you take 90% I would be left with 2 Million Belly at best."

Shakky got angry to the old comment and directed a glare that somehow was more domineering than Rayleigh's Haki. "Alright, than 95% it is"

DIO being scared does the smart thing and quickly nods his head. 'I mean 1 million Belly was still a good money for a 12 year' consulting himself 'Plus I don't think even Rogers or Whitebeard would want to anger Nee-Chan'.

The 3 spent the day celebrating DIO's birthday and occasional ripping-off of customers.

NoobMastar69 NoobMastar69

Hope You Like It.

DF Idea Seemed Like a Good One To Me.

There were Some Other Ones That Were Good

Like Dragon or Zeus.

But I Wanted To Go With Time Powers.

And Thanks

Comments (12)

  • Obito_Tobi


    i would say it was awsome only the wealth fame power reason is lame everyone want those if it was his reason everyone can be op like him at least choose some unique reason and goal not a normal one that everyone want

  • BiggusDickus69


    ikr time powers are like the most OP abilities in anime and it would be pretty stupid to not have time abilities when your literally DIO, but another devil fruit that would of worked would of been a vampire fruit otherwise your doing a good job with this novel

  • Obito_Tobi


    i must ask why cronos by all means if you give him full power over time i will agree but you will make it lame and pale in front of time manipulatipn power you will give him a time stop for 2-3 sec and return for 2-3 sec that's all then i will say it's lame if it's like that if he can't get stop time for minutes or return back for minutes and the field range if big then i will say the fruit is lame also kronos is a titan a very very big one don't go make him 3-10 meter only he should be 50-80 meter in height and i still believe other choices are better as time don't have that much techniques it's quite simple stop time or make it slow or fast or return in time this is all no other things maybe making things age or make it younger that's all no offensive power only his strength will be very huge with him being if he is the mighty titan cronos the strongest titan to exist the father of gods so far it would be good if he can do like i said after training in awakening state he can let's say a dome around an island and stop time as much as he want that mean he can stop time in a certain field range for as much as he want and his fruit power should be used in a dome field like law's Room only either black or grey

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