92.85% Inheritor Of the System / Chapter 39: Swoosh

Chapter 39: Swoosh

As they left the Arena like buildings, Bai Que had to set himself a goal. Something that he would look foward to and not get bored so easily, like training. Since, that always got boring after a while and he needed to get something to distract himself.

He and Lala did...some night time activitys after a month of getting used to each other since they already had a feeling of loving each other that they proceeded to the next step. But, because Lala was techniquely a summoned Beast they couldn't have children so that went down the drain.

Instead, lala told him to get a harem before ascending to the Upper Realm.

They were currenly living in the Lower Realm where at the moment it was the weakest and after millions and thousands of year's no one has ascended into the Middle Realm.

And so their would naturally not be any powerful people in the Middle domain from the lower domain since those in the middle domain would be born in the Middle Realm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

He sighed and finally agreed. They found a cave and realized that if they were going to beat those 2 old men, that Bai would have to pull out his good old Domain magic.

A blue like cube appeared in his palm, he threw it towards an open grassland. The domain was like a small house, but inside it would be its own world. Various trees, animals, bascially his Inner World. He walked inside with lala and the flying cloud. He set the gravity to 20x the normal world gravity, and 1 day out in the actual world it would be 100 days inside his domain. With this he could get used to the gravity change and then later on he could increase the gravity later on.

And so a hundred days past in the blink of an eye. His power grew once more, he smirked as all three of them walked out of the domain feeling lighter in this world instead of the domain world.

"Ahh~~ It feels nice to just...be as light as a feather"

Bau exclaimed as he layed down in the air using his power of the wind to support himself up so he wouldn't fall down .

"Yes, but are you strong enough?"

"Yea, and even if i wasn't I'll probably just need to train for another...thousand or so year's doesn't matter sooner or later I'll be the strongest"

"Haaaaaa~ You say it like its just a few days..."

Lala whisperd to herself as she crossed her arms, and looked at the ground.

"Haha...we have over 100k year's don't worry about just 1k. It'll be like...were still babys! Since we haven't even lived for 1 thousand year's much less a hundred!"

Lala sighed after hearing him spout something logical"I suppose so..."

Bai then streched his legs and closed his eye's. He teleported towards another forest with Lala and the cloud.

"Now then to use a strengthening power boost, and Qi, Mana, and other particles plus elements to boost my powers to 100 and plus percent!"

He clenched his fists as small rocks began to fly upwards, the air surrounding him began to move in a swirling motion, Both lala and the cloud distanced themselves from Bai Que.

"Gr...." He growled as he a power surged from a pool and out towards the open. His aura changed to a golden light as it flew towards the sky, it hit the sky growing in quantity and quality. The aura surrounding them was dense even though they were quite a bit away, they could even touch the aura emitted from his body.

It seemed that it was his full power but the aura swirled together turning a bright shade of red, it combined into a large sword floating above Bais head, the aura was 10x stronger then Bais own aura. It swirled around growing and expanding until it reached a sufficient size.

It transformed into a blinding golden aura which slightly turned dark, it flew into Bais body and swarmed around him. He closed his eye's and then reopened them, one eye was dark red while the other eye was Golden, with hints of silver.

His body transformed and his features were multipled even further. He looked like a God, and his power that he had could back him up. But he came to a stop, his power stopped. It seemed to reach its maximum level.


A growl was heard from Bais dirrection, he crossed his arms as he looked up into the sky's as if he could see someone. The clouds nearby suddenly disspeared, he clenched his fists as he then brought both hands together.

He made a pushing motion towards the sky sending a powerful golden light towards it causing the clouds to fully disspear.

???: Damn, so he saw me...sorry little one but you can't grow to strong or else even, I won't be able to beat you.

???? 2: What do you mean 'you wont be able to stop him?'

???1: It's exactly as i tell you, im saying that this little guy that i let into MY realm once fought against Sun Wukong a few thousand year's ago. but i can't see anything else other than that! -The beaing punched a wall causing it to disspear, the whole building in which they were staying also disappeared soon after-

???? 2: W-what! S-sun Wukong, that damned Monkey! If only we could take his weapon and armor then maybe we could join hands and...

??? 1: Are you an idiot! Sun Wukong already has over a thousand gods on his side! Your delusional Zu Re! Do you really think I Su Wan would use such underhanded tricks?! Even if we could greatly decrease his strength, he is still one of the Upper Gods! He is as strong as the average Upper Level Gods and even if we fought him were only Middle Level, Average Gods! We can't do shit to him, and are you forgetting about his backer, the Emperor God and the Sun God? Those 2 already have a seat in the Divine Council!

Zu Re2 : I know but...but...

Su Wan1: Whatever, i don't blame you. We always get beaten up by him since he's a crazed battle maniac, but we must get stronger and now that we have this little guy here maybe we can stop him from growing any stronger.

Zu Re 2 : But, were gods we can't get defeated by a mere human!

Su Wan: Are you forgetting about the other gods in the next dimension. I think their Supreme God is...called the Omni King or something. Various beings there could crush us with ease since mostly every god their is of the Upper Level close to getting a seat in the concil! And guess what, the one's who are those incredibly strong warrior's look like humans! I even heard a race called the....


An explosion was heard by both gods as a small beam hit the cloud they were standing on, as they looked down on the world they saw an angry Bai looking at them.

Zu Re: Y-you don't think he...

Sun Wan: Damn! He's stronger then i orginnaly thought!

Zu Re: Aha...ha....at least i don't have beings like this...

Sun Wan:...i suppose. But anyways don't you think the information we recieve is probably outdated by now, i mean we're only the middle level so...

Zu Re: Yea...if only we had a tad bit more potential...

Sun Wan: ...


"Dammit! I'm postive something in this world is holding me back! I'm sure because i seen to have been locked down or targeted by someone far stronger then anything in this damn planet!"

"Calm down Bai, im pretty sure its probably the system or the God of this world"

"Tsk! Damn god once i get stronger just you wait...i'll dethrone you!"

He summoned the system which he didn't use for quite some time.

"System find a way to get rid of this seal!"

SYSTEM: Tsk...it'll be difficult! but as the almighty system this shit can't take me on! Just wait a bit Master!


"Just say it I need to grow stronger so anything is good!"

System: You'll have to sacrifice your life span all 30k of it and the system will be able to un seal it. After your reborn it'll take a couple of year's for you to use your own power to unseal it. But it won't be impossible anymore

"Ah...just do it! We'll figure out everything else later on and buy me a sword and armor aswell as potions, various types of armor and...a memory protection talisman of the highest grade"

System: Affirmative

"Lala get inside my soul now, cloud you too"

He opened a portal infront of himself as they nodded since they could communicate with the system aswell. They got inside his soul storage and with this he finally lost his life span. A surging pain emerged from his body, he screamed loudly, a roar could be heard as the sky turned dark.

System: 99...100%...


His body started to vanish particles floated in the air and He looked up, he whisperd something and disspeared.

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