66.66% Fate Faker Fantasy / Chapter 4: Chapter 3 - Brothers

Chapter 4: Chapter 3 - Brothers

Konoka keeps her word by taking Negi and Shirou up to the office of her grandfather who is the Principal. Actually when she drove Negi and Shirou she felt very nervous because Shirou walked next to her, moreover Shirou Emiya was her first love.Because Shirou was the first man to make her heart beat so fast when she first met him.

   Of course Konoka is keeping her image so she doesn't look nervous or nervous in front of Shirou, when she takes him to her grandfather's office.She even held back her feelings as much as possible so that her face did not look red. When the three of them had arrived at the front door of the principal's office, Konoka knocked on the door saying: "Grandfather, I came to bring an important guest for grandfather."

"Oh, I see.Thank you Konoka, please bring the guest in."Inside the headmaster room Konoemon Konoemon and Takahata T Takamichi's are waiting for Negi and Shirou to arrive.Konoka then opened the door of her grandfather's office and went inside with Shirou and Negi.

"Negi Springfield and Shirou Emiya, I welcome both of you," Konoemon said."Konoka come back to your class because the bell has rang I don't want my granddaughter to be late for class because my granddaughter have to take care of things that are my work. "

"Okay, Grandpa." Konoka said.

After Konoka came out of his grandfather's office. Konoemon then began to look more serious and he began to talk.

"So Negi, are you ready to be a teacher in this school?"

Konoemon asked.

"Of course sir,I'm ready! Because that is the mission assigned to me!" Negi answered.

Shirou was rather amused to see Negi, because Negi's answer and stiff behavior were really appropriate for his age. He is then focused again on his goal of being in the principal's office.

"Principal Konoemon, I have a letter from my father for you."Shirou said while giving his father a letter to Konoemon.

"A letter from Kiritsugu? Of course I received it, actually I was a little confused when Kiritsugu and Irisviel-chan suddenly wanted to accept a job offer from me that they always refused." Konoemon said while opening a letter from Kiritsugu.Curious about its contents Takamichi also saw the letter.

"To the Honorable Konoemon-dono,

This letter is written to inform you, that me and my wife Irisviel received a job offer from you as a lecturer at Mahora University, to fulfill my promise to my sister Mikoto.If one day I have to bring together the son of Mikoto, namely Shirou with his biological father Nagi Springfield. Shirou was born when Nagi and Mikoto had intercourse when they were both on a mission from AAA, and I guarantee Shirou is the son of Nagi 100%.

During this time I always hide this fact from many people including the magicians because I know Nagi has a lot of enemies, and Shirou who I consider to be my own son will be in danger if the fact of him as a child of Nagi, exposed.And because I couldn't bring Shirou to meet his father, at least I could bring Shirou and his brother together.I got information that Shirou's younger brother Negi will become a teacher in Japan, so I received a job offer from you and immediately moved Shirou to Mahora Middle School so that he could be closer to his brother, coupled with your crazy idea of ​​starting an experiment to get male students into your grandchild class whose contents are all women, I think Shirou will be a very suitable experimental object.See you later this afternoon,


 Kiritsugu Emiya.

Finished reading the letter from Kiritsugu Konoemon and Takamichi was really shocked by the big secret revealed by Kiritsugu. Actually the first time they both saw the photo of Shirou, they were both already suspicious.Why the boy from Kiritsugu could really resemble Nagi when Nagi was a teenager. But because Kiritsugu had now told the truth, doubts had disappeared from both of their hearts and minds.

"The contents of this letter really surprised Shirou-kun."Konoemon is still trembling because of the information he just received.

"Negi, the letter also contains information relating to you." Takamichi also spoke in a serious tone to Negi.

"Related to me?" Negi was confused by the intentions of Takamichi's words.

"Negi-kun did you feel shocked when you first met with Shirou-kun?" Asked Konoemon.

"To be honest, yes. Because Shirou-san really is similar to my father who is currently disappearing." Negi answered.

Shirou knew more or less what Konoemon and Takamichi wanted to talk about even though he did not know what the contents of his father's letter entrusted to. But Shirou decided to remain silent and pretend he didn't know because he did not want to be suspected. But he was confused about what the letter had to do with Negi?

"Takamichi,tell the truth about that thing to Negi and Shirou, I feel you have more right than me, because Mikoto and Nagi are your best friends," Konoemon said.

"Yes sir headmaster," Takamichi then looked at Shirou and Negi with a firm and serious face." Negi and Shirou, you two are brothers and sisters with different mothers. "

"In that case, Shirou-san is my brother?" Negi was surprised to hear that fact while looking with a puzzled look at Takamichi.

"So this Negi-kun I just met, my little brother?Shirou also felt somewhat surprised while looking at Negi.

Seeing the confusion they both finally Takamichi explained further. "Before Nagi has you Negi,he has a relationship with another woman who is the mother of Shirou, Mikoto Emiya, a volunteer from AAA who is a close friend of your father and out of that friendship is born love between man and woman and your Shirou is the result of love between, your mother Mikoto and your father Nagi Springfield and Negi. "

"So, I am a kind of illegitimate child from Thousand Master the strongest Wizard?"Takamichi's words clearly made Shirou depressed, even though he already knew the reality.

"Shirou-nii is not an illegitimate child!" Negi shouted, "Shirou-nii is my biological brother and my closest living relative."

Negi hugged Shirou tightly while crying, and Shirou returned Negi's hug with a drop of tears running down his cheeks. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

   After the teary-eyed the two brother reunion, someone who was very well known by Shirou suddenly entered the Principal's room. While saying "Mr. Headmaster Why is the new teacher and his new student still not coming? Homeroom hours in class 3-a are almost over. "

Fujimura Taiga is the older sister figure for Shirou who had just graduated from Mahora University and working as a teacher assistant in class 3a appeared before Shirou .

"Fu-Fuji-nee."Shirou really became nervous when he saw Taiga in front of him.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Shirou? Apparently you are a male student who will be in my class! What a coincidence!" Taiga was not shocked or surprised at Shirou's appearance, but was very happy.Because finally she was able to eat Shirou's cooking which she had missed so much. "And Shirou why are you even hugging with that new teacher? seeing it is so disgusting you know."

Hearing Taiga's words, Negi and Shirou immediately shuddered and let go of the hug of the brother they had done.

while Takamichi and Konoemon laughed with amusement at Shirou and Negi.


  Tohsaka Rin, can feel that her husband is very close because they have been husband and wife long enough in the old world, the inner bond between the two of them was really strong.

And she knows that the new male student who has been the subject of conversation for the past few days in her class is her husband.

"What's wrong, Nee-sama why have you been looking at the entrance?Tohsaka, Sakura's twin sister, slowly asked her twin sister not to be heard by her classmates because there were many students in her class, who had bucket-mouths, especially the Narutaki loli twins who really had problems keeping secrets.

"Shirou has come."That was the only answer that came out from Rin's mouth that clearly made Sakura shock and shed tears of happiness.


   Saber looked at Rin and Sakura who looked strangethey are usually the most normal twins in class 3a which are full of abnormal people.And when she read Rin's lips, Saber was truly shocked and happy, because the only man she ever loved finally returned and Saber felt that finally reincarnation in this new world had meaning.

"Arturia-anee-ue, what's up? Looks like anee-uee looks happy?"asked Yukihiro Ayaka the class president to her older sister.

"Just having a good hunch, Ayaka, a good hunch."

Saber replied with a smile. Yukihiro Arturia, the first daughter and adopted daughter of the Yukihiro family, really looked happier than usual.

Author Note:Minamoto Shizuna is replace with Taiga Fujimura.

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