100% The Red Myth / Chapter 7: Reality

Chapter 7: Reality

Hóngsè just stared at the Crimson wolf when it spoke. It has never been heard of that any recorded beast has ever spoke. " H-how can you possibly speak?" She hesitantly asked the wolf. The entire time, Hóngsè didn't move an inch out of fear.

The Crimson wolf simply looked at Hóngsè and answers, " It is not that I can speak common, but it is that you can understand the language of the myths."

"The language of the myths?"

"Indeed." It answers. " Because your myth hadn't awoken yet, you were unable to understand our language. Now that you have consumed the blood of our kind, your myth has awoken. You are one of us now."

"Please. Slow down. I don't understand what it is that you mean. What is a myth, and how is it that I am one?" Hóngsè asked. She was full of questions and at the same time, it felt like she should know the answers to them.

The Crimson Wolf sighed. It seemed so tired. The beast then looked up and spoke once again. " It seems like your instincts have not completely emerged. It is most likely because you are a two leg myth. Allow me to elaborate.

" All beings that you call beasts or monsters have a special language. This is known as the language of myth. We are creatures of myth because it is believed that our kind was created by the gods due to their wild imaginations. They accidentally created us from their storied just to prove they were correct. Back in the ancient times, our kind was not nearly as populous as now, so two legs believe that we were myths. In other words, we did not exist. What they did not know was that we were in fact very much real. Because we were believed to not exist, our population steadily increased. Now here we are. We are a powerful and large group of myths that many fear."

"But what does that have to do with me? I am not a myth, nor a beast. I am a simple hunter who have eaten many animals, but not once has been affected by this like now." Hóngsè was confused. While she now knew what these beings were called, she still knew nothing of who she was.

The Crimson wolf began to walk past her and walked up to their pups. After giving them a small sniff and a gentle nudge, she looked up and replied to Hóngsè's question. " I do not know what you are, nor do I know why you are like this. All I know is that these pups have lost their father. I am all they have left and that can't be allowed. Because you killed him, you must take care of me and my children".

Horrified, Hóngsè took a step back. Even though she felt terrified and had no wish to interact with this wolf anymore, she somehow knew that the Crimson Wolf was right. She was speaking the truth and Hóngsè knew it but she didn't want to believe it. It was as if taking care of them was instinct. Some voice in her head was constantly telling her to protect them.

Hesitating, Hóngsè looked at the beast, " I need to go home first. Then I will come back. I promise" The Crimson Wolf looked up at Hóngsè and simply sighed. " I suppose you can leave for now. My mate never really was the close type. But even when you return to your home, things will not be the same."

Thankful for the chance to return, Hóngsè quickly left after saying goodbye. She quickly scaled the mountain once more. Only a couple days later, Hóngsè soon arrived at the guild hall to turn in the head of the Crimson wolf she slayed. When she went up to the reception desk and woke up Lila, there was a suspicious look in her eyes when she sat up.

Hóngsè's heart dropped when Lila asked, " Who the hell are you?"

Chapter 8

Hóngsè was confused. What does Lila mean when she asked who she was? Looking down on her, Hóngsè's mind began to race. How could anyone not know her? She is so well known! But even worse, her closest friend doesn't even recognize her face.

" I'm Hóngsè. Don't you remember me Lila?"

" How do you know my name? I know who Hóngsè is, and you are not her."

"What do you mean I am not her? We have known each other for years, and now you are saying I am not me?"

"I am sorry, but you look nothing like her. I mean, look at yourself, other than your voice, nothing seems even close to what my friend looks like."

Hóngsè was taken aback from Lila's statement. How has she changed over her time on the quest? Looking down at her hands for the first time, she realizes that her usual sun tanned skin is now pale like the moon. This wasn't right, this must be just an illusion.

" Lila."

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"I need you to hand me a mirror."

"Why the hell would you wa-"


Startled by the sudden outburst, Lila hesitantly reached for a mirror in her desk drawer and handed it over. Hóngsè's eyes widened as she looked at her reflection. Actually it wasn't even her. She saw no resemblance of this person to who she was. Hóngsè was horrified.

Her original silver hair has now turned a crimson red as if it was dyed with fresh blood. Her skin was sheet white, and her facial structure was more lean and elegant than her usual well toned face. Then she saw two piercing eyes aimed at her face. They were soaked in red and there was no way to tell any emotion. There was no life in this face. It was as if Hóngsè died back in the forest, and her soul found a new body.

She now knew why Lila was so cold towards her. She was no longer who she used to be. She wasn't human anymore. Hóngsè was now a Myth.

firepsycho firepsycho

Now that Hóngsé knows who she is, how will she react, a big turn of events! wait for next week to find out how she copes with this discovery!

Hi there again! I'm sorry about missing my deadline again. as an apology, I added an extra chapter to it!

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