100% As I Wish For / Chapter 33: 33 - The Author doesn't Have the Creativity to Name the Title.

Chapter 33: 33 - The Author doesn't Have the Creativity to Name the Title.

It had been a day since Prana began diving the dungeon.

Right now, Haruhime was cleaning his room. She wanted to keep the house clean. At first, when she visited the place without Prana in home, she was being questioned by the landlord below. After she began explained her motive, the landlord tried to trust her and give her the spare key. Therefore, from the day before, every morning and afternoon she would come to his house, either to sweep the floor and dusted the windows.

"When are you coming back, Prana-sama?" She already missed him, even though it was barely two days he explored the dungeon.

Day after day, the routines were the same. Until, she heard from adventurers' conversation, that someone was being pushed to the Den Epistrefei by Ishtar Familia in the dungeon.

She began to worry about him, 'What if this someone was Prana?' Negative feeling flooded her heart.

Every morning her eyes were damp from her tears. She was worried sick for Prana's well being.

Then, one day she began moving to his house. She thought that moving to his house could alleviate her stress.

In the second week Prana was missing, she began search about his information, directly or indirectly.

She frequently visited the guild to ask his whereabout. She also began lurking at Hostess of Fertility, gathering information from adventurers.

Mama Mia, the proprietress of the restaurant, asked her why she would lurking at the bar at night till the shop closed, since it was dangerous for a giel to do that. And next she began to hire her, she was quite beautiful and there's nothing wrong to add another waitress.

Thus, she began working at Hostess of Fertility. In here, she made some new friends. The maskot character of the restaurant, Anya Fromel. The cold beauty who loved to tease people, Chloe Rollo. The caring and cute sister, Syr Flova. Lastly, the elf beauty who strong and elegant, Ryuu Lion.

All of them was kind to Haruhime. Whenever she met with troublesome customer, Ryuu would stand up from her. In addition, the others also helping her in familiarize herself in the new environment.

One day, she knew that Ryuu was a retired adventurers. She began to ask a lot of questions, and eventually asked about Den Epistrefei.

"Den Epistrefei, that was how the adventurers named it. Someone said this name was derrived from the fact that people who jumped downward never coming back again to the surface. There were many rumors flying about this pit. Some people said that it lead to the Juggernaut nest, since there were no escape route if you met with one. Some even said, that you might met with a treasure below, and there's some existence guarding the treasure. There's even people believed it was leading to One-eyed Black Dragon." She explained in monotonous voice. "There was no concrete evidence about the rumors, but it was true that no one was managed to come back alive after jumped in"

Hearing her explanation, Haruhime's eyes began watering again, "Prana-sama"

All of the waitress were panicking seeing her state. They began calming her down and asked Ryuu about it wih their eyes.

Ryuu was also clueless regarding this.


Day by day the relationship between the girls grew. Haruhime also began opened her heart to them, and told them her worries.

Ryuu who knew the cruelty of the dungeon could only silent. The other waitresses also tried to reduce her worries by periodically accompanying her.


It had been two and half a month from Prana was missing.

Haruhime's eyes were numb from crying, her worries still unresolved, she longed for him.

Today, several of her friends in the restaurant were having a sleepover. Ryuu, Syr, and Anya were sleeping together the night before.

Fortunately, the bed was big enough to accommodate four of them in.

And today, as usual all of them prepared to work. It was already quite late, and Mama Mia might be complaining at the restaurant for their tardiness.

When they wanted to change their clothes. The three woman were marveled at Haruhime's body.

"Haruhime-chan, you are 16 this year right?" Ryuu said in a darkened voice.

"En, it should be. What's wrong Ryuu-san?" Haruhime was confused at her changing tone and her expression.

Syr who knew the direction of the conversation, went up behind Haruhime's back, and directly grabbed her bountiful chest. "How come this thing was growing so fast?" Syr teased and fondled Haruhime's.

"Enhh, Syr, stop, Ennhhh, yours also quite big" Haruhime's couldn't help to moan being fondled by her.

Anya who was seeing the fun also joined the fray. She began to inspect Haruhime's waist like pervert. "Nyaa~ this is so slender, the skin also smooth, and your bottom - nyaa~ so nice ~ nyaa"

"Ahnn, you too Anyaa, Ahnnnn"

Seeing the three of them in underweaer groped Haruhime in every part, Ryuu also began to inspect her body.

It was true that an elf most basic characteristics were beautiful and slender. However, it also being their problem. Before she was going to adventure, she heard a civil war between the younger generation. The problem was quite hilarious, "Flat/Small Chest Vs Big/bountiful chest" Thus, she also began to self conscious about that.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

A faint voice of footsteps was ringing in Ryuu's ears. Elf long ears didn't function as a decoration only. Hers could hear for a relative further distance.

'Its so faint! Who is it?' she didn't remember anyone having this kind of footsteps

She picked her wood sword/staff from the table, and readied herself.

Un, the girl remember to pick her weapon and even readied herself, but she forget in what state she and her friends in. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


"I am bac-"

The sound of the lever unlocked, the door pushed, and a man voice wake the girls up.

They simultaneously turned their head and look at the newcomer. They saw a man was having a nosebleed.

Ryuu who prepared for this was the calm one, and managed to deduce the situation. When she saw he was having a nosebleed, realization dawned upon her.

She threw her weapon to him in a fit, and went to reach out her clothes.

The weapon flew straight to the newcomer head.


It exaggerately knocked him outside.

When the door was closed, the rest of the girls finally able to come to their senses. Their faces began reddening. They were blushing so hard. They were so embarrassed, showcasing their bodies in front of a stranger, and a man too.

Three of the girls were blushing because embarrassed, contrary with Haruhime's. She was red because an excitement. She was happy. Her eyes began watering again.

She walked to the door, and stopped.

'What if it just her hallucination? What if it just a stranger, and she mistook him?'

She was hesitating, but she was also anticipating. Her heartbeat increased. She was nervous. She began opening the door and peeked at the gap.

Finally, she could see the man who she missed so much, longed to meet him, and loved him dearly.

She jumped to his chest and said, "Prana-sama!! Thank Gods!! You're safe" She began crying again, her pent up frustration was being released right now. No one know how many dam would be breached if she cried near it.

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