99.13% S-RANK IN ANOTHER WORLD / Chapter 114: Traveling 3

Chapter 114: Traveling 3

When I said bandits everyone immediately went on guard, as any adventurer would come in after hearing something about bandits in the middle of a trip.

"At where?" It was Lutrus who asked about the bandits.

As I just saw them with my search magic, Lutrus was very confused, not only him, but everyone in the carriage was confused by my statement.

I didn't want to talk about search magic right now, because it could be a rare magic and it would be detrimental to me since I wouldn't want to be suddenly famous.

Well, if I wanted to become the strongest adventurer I would have to have some fame, but I don't need it now.

I'm sure these bandits are waiting for us to camp out to attack at night, so many bandits do it because it's easier to attack when the rest of the adventurers are sleeping.

"It's nothing, I was wrong," I responded by trying to fool everyone in the carriage, and everyone was fooled but one person and that person were Sylphe.

I don't know why, but she sure looked at me in a way that I'm sure she didn't believe me.

She sure suspected something, I guess I couldn't fool her, she has a good sense to detect lies I guess?

Well, I don't need to talk to her now, I'll leave to talk to her when we camp because that would be better because I can warn her so she was also very attentive to the bandits.

And so you are less likely to get caught by the bandits.

Well, if I leave my search magic on we would never be caught off guard.


After a while, we got to our camp, so I decided to talk to Sylphe about the bandits.

I called her from a distance where no one could hear me because if others listened it could turn into chaos and it would also fill me with questions of how I knew about the bandits.

"Sylphe, come here a little." I arrived at Sylphe and called her.

After a while we were alone, so I decided to start talking about the bandits, well, Sylphe was already suspicious so I'll just confirm your suspicions.

"There are bandits behind us." I didn't wait a second and talked directly to her.

When I said that Sylphe didn't look surprised, I thought she would have at least a little surprise in her gaze, but she was normal.

"I know, I can feel them too," Sylphe answered.

Then she began to explain to me that the elves have good senses.

She may say we were being chased, but she didn't know how many bandits were stalking us.

Well, I didn't know that elves could increase their senses in this world because in my old world I don't remember elves with that kind of ability.

Well, they are different worlds so I can't assimilate them.

As Sylphe didn't know how many bandits they were, I decided to tell her.

As Sylphe didn't know how many bandits they were, when I said there were 20 bandits Sylphe was finally surprised by something.

It seems that it was not normal to have such a large group of bandits in this area, so Sylphe was very surprised at how many bandits were here.

"Should we tell the others?" It was Sylphe who came up with the idea of ​​telling others about the bandits.

When she made that proposal I quickly denied her proposal, I said we should wait for the bandits to attack to warn them.

We won't let you know when the bandits are on us, but let's warn you when the bandits get ready to attack, as that would make it easier for everyone to act. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

After that, we reassembled the camp as if nothing had happened, and of course, I was leaving the search magic on.

I could see that the bandits were standing a few feet away, they seem to have camped out to wait for us to sleep, they're pretty smart.

But in fact, they don't even realize they've been detected.


After a while, we had finished setting up camp so now we were preparing the food.

Sylphe kept looking at me, looks like she was waiting for me to warn if the bandits were attacking? I don't think so since she can feel when they move toward us.

I don't know why she's staring at me so much, but I hope it's not serious.

After we had finished eating we went to the carriage, luckily the first to be on guard would be Sylphe.

I just got in the carriage and pretended to be asleep while using magic to detect the bandits.

Now we can only wait for their attack.


Again bandits!

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