91.17% Evolution God / Chapter 30: Fighting King Ranks (2)

Chapter 30: Fighting King Ranks (2)

The claws of Lucifer was swung down at the Crown Prince without mercy. The Crown Prince didn't have any time to dodge, so he had put his arms in front of him to try and defend against the incoming attack. But of course, that wouldn't help much as he weren't ready for it to begin with. The claws of Lucifer instantly slashed through the Crown Prince, cutting him into 3 pieces as smooth as when a knife cuts butter. The now dissected Crown Prince fell to the ground, as blood gushed out everywhere.

'I'll have to kill the other King-ranks before I'll be able to absorb everything.' As Lucifer had killed the Crown Prince without much trouble at all, the other 3 King-ranks immediately began to retreat a couple of steps. Looking at each other, and nodding, it almost seemed as if they telepathically planned out their counter-attack within a second.

Princess Elora stood remained at a distance while the King of Giants, Nubos, and Cyran the Emperor of the Elves began their attacks from each side of Lucifer. Although not much time had passed, the teamwork of the 3 King-ranks was top-notch making it hard for Lucifer to decide which one he should target.

-"Sword of Nature!"

-"Sword of Glorica!

As Cyran and Nubos were on the left and right side respectively, they unsheathed their sword and used skills which nicely complimented each other.

Hundreds of sword slashes rained down towards Lucifer without stop. The slashes were both green and white, one representing the Will of Nature, while the other represented the Will of Glorica. As they hit Lucifer's scales they cut through them like butter as if it didn't matter whether they were there or not. Within a couple of seconds, Lucifer's body had been cut into hundreds of pieces, leaving him unrecognizable. A strong smell of iron radiated from Lucifer who was no more than a pile of bloody meat at that moment.

The remaining elves and giants within the hall were barely able to see what was happening outside, and as soon as they saw the nightmarish dragon being cut into pieces multiple of them began to cry due to happiness of their survival.

-"Is it dead?"

Nubos looked towards the Elora and Cyran as to confirm if it was dead since he wasn't accepted by nature the same way the Elves were. Elves were capable of identifying if a creature or plant were alive by just a simple touch.

-"Elora, stay back. I'll check it out."

Since Cyran felt that something was wrong with the dragon being killed so fast, he didn't want to put his daughter at risk if anything unexpected were to happen. He approached the meat, as gently touched with a finger. Instantly his countenance changed into an extremely worried and grim one.

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He hurriedly backed off while warning Elora and Nubos. He was simply too stunned since nothing should be able to survive such a thing. But when he touched the meat, he still felt a lifeforce as if the dragon wasn't dead.

'Did I hallucinate?' A couple of seconds went by, without anything happening, making Cyran anxious and confused. He felt that the dragon had an extremely strong lifeforce, even though it were cut up hundreds of times.

Suddenly, as if time reverted, the meat began to move while putting itself back together. The blood that had leaked out was sucked in again, and slowly the meat and blood began to form the dragon once more. Flesh and tissue could be seen regenerating with the naked eye, which horrified everyone that would see it.

After a couple of seconds, the bloody meat had turned back into the Abyssal Dragon that Lucifer was. No scars could be seen as if his body had never been cut.

Instantly the countenance of the 3 King-ranks turned extremely grim, almost making them completely unrecognizable. Inside the hall where the Elves and Giants were, the ones that had cried out of joy now cried out of fear.

-"What the fuck is that...?"

A silent whisper left Nubos's mouth, as he looked with on Lucifer with a hint of fear and surprise. Cyran and Elora didn't look as surprised but fear could still be spotted inside their eyes.

-"Could that dragon have an immortal body..?"

A thought had appeared in the mind of Cyran, as he had watched the scene before him unfold. But he would've never expected for the dragon to be alive. Although immortal bodies weren't unheard of, they were still rare, since most creatures that had it had been either killed by a soul-attack or been locked up using secret methods. Those that had been locked up, was usually used to harvest energy or food since their bodies could always regenerate. What was scary though, was that those with immortal bodies wouldn't need to get nutritions nor proteins to regrow their bodies, giving them the option of not eating their whole life.

-"Poison Gas."

A deep and intimidating voice left Lucifer's mouth, and soon, green gas was released from his body enshrouding him completely. This sight immediately rendered the King-ranks speechless as they recognized the skill he had used.

-"How can that dragon use a skill from the Devil Snake? Just what the fuck is that dragon?!"

Nubos became even warier of Lucifer since if he could use the skill of the Devil Snake, he could probably use skills of other extremely dangerous creatures. Just what kind of monster would be able to copy skills from other beasts and even use them that proficiently as if they were born with them. Because of the poisonous gas, the King-ranks didn't dare move too close without holding their breath, in case the poison could hurt them. Although they could heal, it would still be extremely dangerous.

As the King-ranks were in a daze of sorts, Lucifer flapped his wings and almost instantly arrived in front of Nubos who were unprepared for such a sudden attack. Out of pure reaction, he activated his Divine Barrier to block Lucifer's upcoming attack.

-"Death Beam."

Lucifer used an attack he had gotten when he killed and absorbed what seemed to be a human sage. Although he had acquired it, he had never used it once, and since it wouldn't take much time to kill the remaining King-ranks, Lucifer thought that he might as well try it out.

A beam of light was shot out of Lucifer's mouth towards Nubos, as it twisted and turned while making crackling noises almost representing thunder. It was extremely beautiful, but also extremely deadly. It crashed together with the Divine Barrier of Nubos, and beads of sweat could be seen rolling down the forehead of the King of Giants. Cracks began to form on the divine barrier, a panicked expression slowly appeared on the face of Nubos. His face began to turn pale as if the lifeforce supporting him began to slowly erode.

-"Instant Recovery!"

-"Instant Recovery!"

Cyran and Elora used the same skill on Nubos, instantly recharging him with MP and the Divine Barrier slowly began to repair itself, while under the attack of Lucifer. His now jade-white face began to slowly regain its colour.

A smile of joy and mockery appeared on the face of Nubos as if to tell Lucifer that he couldn't be killed that easily. Since he had recovered, he wouldn't just sit still. The Death Beam stopped, and the countenance of Lucifer changed into that of annoyance and surprise. He didn't expect Nubos to be able to survive his attack, and even though he did get help from the 2 other King-ranks, it was still a feat that was plausible and unexpected.

Cryot0n Cryot0n


I'm not sure when It'll be possible to publish another chapter, due to the school project. I'm sorry about that. Hope you're having an amazing day, bye!

Comments (26)

  • Vsdare


    As long as he stays a dragon it’s all good

  • phamtomof57


    I'm not sure what to say... the MC is losing his mind and sees everything as exp like a game. The elves didn't do anything yet were killed without pity. What will happen to the MC when he will reach the peak if not thinking that this life was void and he just took a path of loneliness 😧

  • DaoistBlackHearted


    I can't wait gor another chapter Thx for the chapter

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