89.36% Power Manipulator in Dxd / Chapter 41: Goblin and Pendragon Vault

Chapter 41: Goblin and Pendragon Vault


Yu asked the Goblin confused before he remembers that Goblin is Fae race, and he has King Arthur Souls Merge with his soul, including another Hero. Still, Yu know that Goblin feels the energy Excalibur releasing even though Yu don't use it or take it out.

"You are the king of England, The Friend of Fae and The Blessed Child of Gaia, or known as Arthur Pendragon."

That statement shocked the people inside Gringott because if the information that Goblin gives them the person in front of them is King Arthur, the past and future king of England, be it Magical or Muggle World.

"How can I be a service, my King?"

"Ahh, I'm here to exchange some of my Jewel to Galleon and to do some shopping."

"There is no need for that Your Highness because we still have your Vault to this day."

The teller who Yu don't know who his name is lead them to the front door but stopped in front of Gringott Slogan in the front door. The teller then tapped the wall with a certain rhythm as he finishes tapping the wall with his hand, the wall split open and revealing a Giang Vault made of Gold and in front of it has a Red Dragon Symbol.

The employee that near the Vault look at it with wonder before saying his though out loud.

"What about the Key?"

The employee shuts his mouth when he feels that he has become a source of attention because of his question.

"His Majesty already has it, The Symbol that makes him the King."

Yu knows what the teller talking about, so he raised his hand like he wants to grab something, and slowly, a Holy light began to appear around his hand and from the Holy appear a Sword that so beautiful that cant described with a word.

"Excalibur, The most Majestic Holy Sword, It is said that this sword, born (raised) in the inner sea of the planet, exerts its true power only when an enemy that threatens the planet emerges."

The teller explains it out loud, and the people who were heard it began to whisper to each other about the sword.

Yu then insert the sword to the hole in Vault door and twist it, a second later the Vault door began to open slowly and revealing a mountain of Gold, Jewel, and even Weapon can be seen inside the vault.

Yu then remember that he doesn't have a pouch to contain the Galleon for him, and he doesn't want to reveal that he has a richer vault than the one in front of him, so he asked the teller if he can have a bottomless Pouch that Gringott sell.

The teller Gornuk (After he asked his name when asking for the pouch) then ordered the employee to give Yu a Bottomless pouch, after obtaining the pouch Yu then take around 1300 Galleon from the vault.

After finished taking the Galleon Yu and Mr.Black walk toward the front desk from before and saying their thank you, Yu, who happy with the service, wants to reward them with something, an object that valuable to the Goblin while not useful to Him.

Yu then secretly take a Mithril Ore from his Gate of Babylon and present it to Gornuk.

"Gornuk, You know what ore is this?"

Gornuk, who is still looking at the ore in Awe silent for a second before snap of his though and answer Yu question.

"Yes, Your highness this is Mithril Ore, the ore that should be already extinct, Stronger than Steel and have an attribute that able to negate magic if it was in armor form or cut through it if it was in sword or knife form" Gornuk explain to Yu.

"Yes, and this is a reward I will give to Goblin for taking care of My Vault to this day."

"No My king. Taking care of your vault is our honor to do no need to reward us for it."

"No, take it. The ore its self is around 20 Kg that should be enough to make Armor and Sword from it."

After giving Ore to Gornuk, Yu, and Mr.Black walked outside the Bank and go to the shop that Mr.Black recommended, after walking a few seconds, they arrive at the shop that Mr.Black recommended.

The shop is made with wood and painted brown, and it was Queen Anne style house that should be used in the victorian era, In front of the building there is a carved word 'Ye Olde Travel Shoppe.'

Yu heard a faint ringing sound as they are going inside the building, as he walked he hear a sound of footstep coming from the backroom and coming from it is an Old Man wearing a plain Black Robe and a pointy Hat. The older man has blue eyes that shining with unknown wisdom as if he able to see your souls. The older man has white hair and a long beard up to his chest.

"Hello there Mr.Black, How can I help you?"

"Hello shopkeeper, My friend here needs some traveling gear like the one that I bought from you a long time ago."

"I see."

The shopkeeper then looks at Yu for a seconds before saying.

"You young man has a weird soul, and it's like a combination of 4 souls at one body and with a different color."

The shopkeeper said before he walked toward the backroom bringing all the necessities Yu need, The older man then explaining the use of all the tools he brings.

"This is an Ultimate Family Vacation kit, a large multi-compartment leather, frame pack, charmed to be light as a feather and to hold many times its normal capacity."

"That really neat, anything else?"

" Why yes, in the Compartment there is a tent that already charmed to be bigger in the inside and inside the tent, it has a fireplace to warm you up in the night, and yes it has firewood inside enough to keep the tent warm for a week non stop."

The Shopkeeper is explaining to Yu while he brings the tent out from inside the compartment.

"In the tent has two king-size beds that you can use for sleeping, and the tent already has a kitchen including a stove and cookware for your cooking, but you must the ingredient for your cooking yourself."

"Anything else you recommend to me?"

"A few more things if you don't mind."

The shopkeeper then walked to the backroom before coming back a second later while holding a big Black box with golden ornament around it.

"In this box contain essential tools that will help you with the locals, These glasses are the same glasses Mr.Black wear, the lenses will adjust to any prescription, and in addition, it will allow you to read any language even the language from another universe, but it will need a few minutes to translate."

"I see."

"This silver hoop is going to your ear, and it will change any language to English or Japanese if you want me to change it."

"Yes, Please change it to Japanese as the Default Language."

"Very well, The ring is going to your finger, and it will help you to write any language you need."

"And that small bar in the back?"

"That small silver bar is an item that will make you speak any language, but it already been installed with all language in the world, and if you want to go to another universe, it will take a few moments to be working. the more you hear the language, the more fluent you will be"

"I guess that is all?"

"Yes, that is all."

"Then, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure" The shopkeeper nodded at Yu

"How you know I'm not from this universe?"

"Hah, that is easy kid, I know Arthur Pendragon personally, so when I hear King Arthur return to the living, I know you are not the same Arthur that I know."

"I see, I'm sorry to taint your friend's name and use it for myself."

"Its okay kid, Even though you are not Arthur I know but you are still King Arthur because of that Sword will not let anyone wield it except King Arthur himself"

After finishing their business, Yu and Mr.Black ported to his Island.

after arriving at the Castle, Yu asked his wives where will they want to go.

Yasaka wants the universe that has abundant Nature Energy.

Medea wants the world that has rare plants for her potion experiment while Ophis want to the world where there is Delicious Food.

They then prepared their belonging, while Medea, Yasaka, and Henchgirl go Shopping for some food ingredients for their journey and some Potion ingredients for Medea, so Yu give Medea his pouch to buy all the ingredients.

While his Wives goes shopping Yu plays with Kunou and Valerie with Ophis, who is eating her Cheesecake on his lap while little Albion is playing with Nundu that Mr.Black has.

Yu then remember that he still has Fenrir from Loki, so he summons Fenrir and releases him from his Bind. At first, Fenrir jumps straight at Yu but stopped when he blasts his Aura at Fenrir, who whimpers because of it.

Seeing that Fenrir will not jump at him again, Yu approach Fenrir and gently stroke his fur and said.

"Hello Fenrir, I'm sorry about before, but you must know that I don't want to fight you, but if you insist on fighting, I will fight you."


"Yes, I just want to ask you if you want to become a part of our family, free from the bind of Odin and Loki."

"Ruff Ruff?"

"Yes, you can do whatever you want, but I only expect one thing, I want you to become familiar to my little sister and become her Guardian."

Fenrir thinks for a second before nodding, while he becomes a familiar it was much better than becoming an Attack dog of His Father. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"That's good, Valerie!"

After Fenrir nodded Yu calling Valerie who runs toward him with Kunou behind her

"Yes, Big Brother?"

"Valerie, meet Fenrir."


Both Valerie and Kunou said at the same time before approach Fenrir without fear and cuddling with him.

After a few minutes of cuddling, Yu said to Valerie.

"Valerie, do you want Fenrir to become your Familiar?"


"Yes, now give your finger to Fenrir and let him have your blood a little to seal the contract."

Valerie then gives her thump to Fenrir mouth, Fenrir then uses his fang to make her Thump bleed a little and lick the blood.

A seconds later, Valerie and Fenrir shine a little before the light disappears, and Valerie has a new Tattoo in her left hand with the shape of a wolf.

An Hour later they ready to go, Medea buys food ingredients that should be enough for two months for ordinary people. Some clothes that already charmed to be able to resize to the owner body, and lastly, an ingredient for Potion for her Experiment and in case they need healing potion.

Yu then look at his Family, Ophis, Medea, and Yasaka as his Wives. Kunou as his Daughter and Valerie as his Little Sister, thinking back in his previous life where all his activity is like monotone without any exciting to do then compared to his current life where he has many adventures and a partner that he loves with all of his heart.

Indeed he has been blessed.

Yu snap from his though as he feels a nudge from his both arms, where Yasaka and Medea look at him with a concern expression.

"Don't worry. It was nothing just thinking about my life is truly blessed to have you guys with me."

Yu smile before saying

"Now, let our Vacation Begin."

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  • Kuroferer


    Btw sensei can u get more milf for out mc like venelana, grayfia, griselda, gabriel from dxd or other milf from animeverse

  • Sorcery_Mirage


    That's deep but would not change my opinion over the facts that Magi are far worse than Wizards. Beside morality and immorality. Each sides has different ounce to seized power. Being Magi is about hardened hearts and least stand of being a human. Being Wizards is about being to learn magic but otherwise just content own their livelihood. I do find Magi are the studious and strong wise over the pursuit of Mystery. Advancement is there for them but looking at Fate (series). They're looking in the wrong way if they want to acquired knowledge over the Root. Wizards kinda disgust me. I loved wizardry but their control of magic is crap that wands become so common to them. Don't give me looks about humanity. I know enough that is not rainbow and honey. You just looking the harsh way and looking life that don't value. I value but I disdain trashes.

  • PanKeRio


    Ps. I do intend to buy The books about that character with eyes of death perception Had it on mind for some Months now But have to read First through other 20 or so books first

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