95% Mermaid Tale / Chapter 19: Chapter 19 - Lies and Deception

Chapter 19: Chapter 19 - Lies and Deception

Raphael finally decided to use his powers and teach Gabriel and Michael about how to use their powers as well. He is willing to risk of being found out by their enemy because he went to the human world to hide and hide his powers from the enemy and continue living as normal but since Angeline has gone missing and they couldn't contact her, Raphael finally decided to do everything he can just to find her. After 2 weeks, Michael and Gabriel finally mastered their powers, however, Marius found out as he followed them to their training spot and saw them using powers. Raphael explained.

Michael: Sorry, we hid it from you.

Marius: So, Angeline also has the same powers but she can use all elements?

Raphael: Yes.

Marius: I see. It's okay, since I deserve this. I don't deserve to have powers, I am fine with being ordinary, even if I want to help, I don't think Angeline will let me as she don't trust me. If you need to look for her, I can stay here to look after the house. It is the only help I can give, since I don't have powers like you guys.

Michael: Thanks Marius. Please do. We will be going tomorrow to look for her.

Angeline, however, after 2 weeks of finally learning how to use her powers, and about her past and visions, she asked Uriel if she can go back home and tell them the truth.

Angeline: Uriel, since I have mastered everything now, I am ready to face them and tell them the truth about my past especially to Michael, that I am already married.

Uriel: Are you sure that you are ready?

Angeline: Yes.

Uriel: Do you want me to come with you?

Angeline: I can handle myself alone. You have helped me a lot and I don't want any complications because if I go with you knowing I am about to tell them about you and me, our past and visions, I can't have you with me when I tell them.

Uriel: Okay, you can go tomorrow but please come back soon and take good care of yourself.

Angeline: Thank you so much.

Angeline then went back to their room and finally opened and activated her phone number again and contact Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Marius, and her parents. After sending a message, she heard some noise outside and she then turned to look and saw Uriel thinking alone and crying, she read his mind and his mind only shows her and her marriage and everything they have done and her past, which makes her wonder as they were happy moments but he is crying and she wanted to know how he really feels and she was able to feel or read his feelings as well, and realised that Uriel is worried about losing Angeline. Angeline wondered why he would think that way until she found out then that Uriel is not the real Michael from her dreams, past, and visions. Uriel does not want to lose her if she found out the truth about him, that he is definitely Uriel and not Michael. He is the second strongest angel as Michael is the top strongest angel, and Uriel was just doing his duty as he cares a lot about Angeline and Uriel loves her so much and he is willing to do everything to protect her, because if the wedding continued knowing she is married, people might find out the truth about her marriage and will have complications and her reputation might get ruined. Upon knowing all these by reading Uriel's mind and heart, Angeline was mad at him but she started crying when she realised why he did that to her. She then decided to leave leaving a note for Uriel and she goes back home. She then receives a reply from Michael asking where she is as they have been looking for her and they are outside flying around looking for her using their powers trying to hide from the sight of people by hiding on each clouds every time. Angeline told them that she is going home and she has found out the truth. Although she felt sorry for Uriel and thankful for teaching her and telling her about her marriage, she is still mad at him from lying to her that he is Michael, wondering how an angel can lie. Uriel contacted her using the pearl saying that he did not meant to lie, as he was acting and he was just doing it to protect her, and he already asked for forgiveness as an angel for doing it but Angeline told him that he may asked forgiveness to the highest, but he did not asked her forgiveness and he could have just told her the truth without acting as Prince Michael. Uriel apologised to her and told her that he did that because he loves her, Angeline told him that if he knew he is married to someone else, why bother of taking her or having her, and Uriel told him there is a way without getting annulment or divorce as it is a bad thing because marriage is sacred but there is a way to have the contract cancelled since deciding to become a human for marriage is how the marriage contract was created and for it to be cancelled is to go back to being an angel. Angeline told him that she does not care about cancelling the contract because she loves Michael, however, she started thinking about who is the real Michael. If Uriel is not him, could it be Michael is Michael after all? Or someone else?

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Angeline finally reunited in the sky and went back home. As soon as they got home, Angeline explained to them everything that happened, the visions, past, mastering her powers, learning the lies of Uriel, and his realising his reasons why he did it. Michael got furious and mad at Uriel.

Michael: I knew he could not be trusted!

Raphael: But he did it to protect Angeline, and you will be affected as well, since she was marrying you.

Michael: I guess you're right but he still lied to her saying he is Prince Michael from her dreams, but who is he?

Raphael: I don't know, but maybe we can use our powers to find out?

Gabriel: I also don't know but Angeline had visions right? When she and Uriel touched each other?

Angeline: That...

Uriel them came explaining to them and asking for their forgiveness for what he did. Telling Michael to hit him if he needs to let out his anger and calm down to forgive him.

Michael: I can't do that because we will lose our powers if we become evil or think of doing something evil. I got no choice but to stay calm, but maybe time will tell when I can forgive you.

Uriel: Thank you, I am really sorry.

Gabriel: Since, we all know why those visions showed up, maybe we can use our powers to find out who the real Prince Michael is. If he could be among us.

Marius: I don't know him and I am also powerless, I am just an ordinary human.

Angeline: Wait! Why is Marius here and he knows about the pearls and our powers?

Raphael: Yeah, when we were training how to use our powers, we did not know he followed us and saw us using our powers.

Angeline: Oh I see. That's why. I don't even know how to activate those visions again.

Marius: Why not try touching everyone? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

She then tried touching them but to no avail. They then thought that it is not one of them. Uriel then told them that he thinks the pearl will also react to a powerful and pure heart, meaning if it is an angel, the pearl will give its powers because the pearl trusts people who were angels as they probably have pure heart and they almost have the same goal, to protect good and fight evil. With this, they concluded that it could be one of them but how will Angeline see the visions again?

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