43.33% Mister Li, the Heart Bandit / Chapter 26: Find Her to Settle A Score

Chapter 26: Find Her to Settle A Score

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That report was crumpling in Li Shaoling's hand.

He could clearly feel that his heart, lying dormant for years was now thumping powerfully and energetically, with every drop of blood in his body boiling.

Such remarkable irony. He was at once convinced and in disbelief.

After being a single man for twenty-eight years, how could it not be terrifying for a son to pop out of nowhere?

Ji Weixi's son was his!

So, he was her man?

Why was he finding that a little awkward?

To think he felt being cuckolded…

Was it possible to cuckold oneself?

"Where have you been all these years? Why didn't you take me in?" Jiayu asked a little sadly.

Li Shaoling lifted his hand and stroked his head stiffly. "I don't know."

His memories were blank when it came to four years ago.

"You wife-abandoning scumbag!" The tot blurted.

Li Shaoling said nothing, but Jiang Cong hurriedly explained, "Calm down, Young Master! President Li lost his memory in a car accident four years ago…"

Li Shaoling leveled a cold sideways glance at his assistant—he had already changed how he addressed the little one.

Truly the world's best henchman!

Meanwhile, the tot nodded slowly. "Okay. Almost acceptable."

Either way, the fact that he was his father would never change.

"I want to see Ji Weixi."

And without a moment's delay! Even if today was Armageddon or if planet earth explodes!

The tot's eyes' sparkled. "Are you going to marry Mommy? Hurry up!"

The wedding…

Truth be told, he thought nothing about it.

But now that it was certain that they have a son, and he now must reconsider.

His eyes narrowed, his expression turning frightening.

He and Weixi engaged in lovemaking and the little one was conceived, only for Shaoling to lose his memories about her.

On the other hand, she must be able to remember.

That foul woman. She actually pretended she did not know him, even hiding his son!


After Ji Weixi hung up, she lifted her skirt and dashed wildly out of the hall.

Ji Xiangdong gave chase. "Weixi, where are you going! Don't go, Daddy misses you!"

She would not go missing like she did four years ago, would she?

However, Zhou Huijie suddenly appeared before him and blocked his way. "Where are you going, dear husband?"

"I… Of course I'm going to…"

"Ji Xiangdong, I won't show mercy if you take one step further!" Zhou Huijie cut him short coldly.

Ji Xiangdong glared at her angrily. He wanted badly to hit her, but held back once he remembered his company.

Meanwhile, Ji Weixi's face was pale-white—she sprained her leg as she ran.

It hurts so much it felt like it would drop off.

Her injury from the day before relapsed as well, but she gritted her teeth to bear with it, limping away.

She would not survive if she could not find her son, because he was her spiritual support.

She took out her phone and called Tian Miaomiao again. "Did you find him?"

Tian Miaomiao was bursting in tears. "No… Xixi, it's my fault, kill me!"

Not wanting to listen to another word of that, Ji Weixi hung up again. Still, even though her tears were welling, she stubbornly kept it from flowing.

She took a deep breath and kept telling herself that her son was fine.

That was when a luxury car abruptly stopped in front of her and blocked her way ahead.

The car door opened, and Li Shaoling alighted.

He was so tall she had to look up to see his face.

For some reason, it was as if the dams crumbled in the instant that she set eyes on him—her tears poured and her grief overflowed.

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Li Shao Ling had wanted to accuse her at once, but his heart felt punched when he saw her frail appearance.

Soon, however, a fiery rage rose over his chest when he saw her gown.

It barely covered her chest and did not even have a single strap. She would freeze to death!

Not to mention that everything is out for all to see if she leans over for the slightest bit.

 She even put on makeup. It looks nice, but why the red lipstick? Did she not know that it was too alluring?

Wait, why makeup? What was wrong with going without makeup?

Did she put it on for all the other men to gawk at?!

After learning that they had a child, his jealously festered even more self-righteously.

Li Shaoling had the perverse intention to execute and torment her summarily without a care in the world right then.

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