50% Mister Li, the Heart Bandit / Chapter 30: I'm Interested In You

Chapter 30: I'm Interested In You

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With a few swift steps, Li Shaoling moved and caught Ji Weixi by the wrist, pulling her to himself.

Caught off guard, she lost her balance and spun a few circles without control.

The skirt of her gown flowed with the wind, drawing an exquisite arc in the air and pulling the pair together intimately.

He handily picked her up as well, keeping Ji Weixi tightly against his broad, powerful chest, catching her in a dazzled moment.

Sunlight was washing over his hair and flickering in halation. The face reflected beneath revealed many lines and shapes, but thought there was not much in way of expression in his features, it was a lethal sense of beauty.

Jiang Cong watched blankly in a corner.

He still remembered that one occasion when Ji Jianing deliberately 'fell', slipping conveniently into Li Shaoling's arms and crying in pain.

Li Shaoling, however, spurned her and very much pushed her away, his body language screaming that he was ready to live his entire life in solitude.

Now, it was clear the woman in question mattered when it came to who was allowed in his embrace.

"Let me down!"

Ji Weixi struggled—she was not crippled after all.

Li Shaoling cast her a sweeping glance and taunted, "Your foot's swollen like a pig's. Are you even able to walk?"

Ji Weixi fumed.

Her leg was like a pig's?! His entire family consisted of pigs!

Meanwhile, Li Shaoling simply watched her brilliant reaction before calmly saying, "Don't hold back if you want to start ranting."

Ji Weixi played dumb. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Was this man a mind-reader?


Li Shaoling's place was a three-floored European-styled villa.

It had a majestic hall and was covered with elegant golden wallpaper, with famous paintings hung all over the wall.

The couch was made of genuine leather, there was a goatskin rug was handmade and imported from Italy, and even the teapots were embedded with diamonds.

Really, was he some sort of parvenu?

Every inch was screaming money. 

That was when Ji Wei was placed on the couch. Then, Li Shaoling lifted her foot, raising her skirt in the process.

"What are you doing!"

Startled, Ji Weixi almost landed a kick on his face and quickly tucked her skirt down, afraid of exposing herself.

Li Shaoling simply watched coldly and said nothing, lifting her pig-sized foot again.

"How did you get injured?" His blade-sharp brows frowned into a single line.

"How, indeed?" She shot back, irritated.

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He actually had the gall to ask her. Would she be so hurt if not for his antics yesterday?

She shrank away when his ice-cold fingertips touch her swollen ankles.

"Don't move." He growled.

She felt a bloating pain at first, but at his touch, the pain mysteriously vanished as if it was magic.

Li Shaoling then deftly sprayed some ointment over her pig foot.

Nonetheless, as he knelt with one foot and held her leg as if it was treasure, one could tell their respective future standings in the family.

As Ji Weixi sat on the couch with her long feet outstretched, folding her arms across her chest with a cold look on her face, she looked exactly like a queen.

"Mommy, does it hurt? I'll help you."

Seizing the moment to contribute, Ji Jiayu blew on her foot to cool the swell and grinned. "Am I a good boy?"

As Ji Weixi smiled coldly but said nothing, the tot pouted and dived into her arms, rubbing her chest with his small head. "Mommy, I won't do that ever again," he said cutely. "Forgive me… and I have Daddy now, so no one will call me a bastard anymore."

Ji Weixi felt a stabbing hurt in her heart then. She held the boy tightly as her nose became runny. "No more next time!"

"Mommy's the best!"

The little one happily gave her a peck on her cheek.

Meanwhile, Li Shaoling could only feel a rising coldness inside himself as he watched, his rage burning like a bushfire even as he glared at those fat little hands placed on Ji Weixi's breasts.

"Jiang Cong, take Young Master to bed upstairs."

The tot blinked blankly. "Daddy, I'm not sleepy."

Li Shaoling simply sat opposite mother and son slowly. "You are. You should sleep."

It would not do otherwise. What, is he to keep watching his son touch his woman?

Ji Weixi felt unsettled as she watched his darkened face. "Li Shaoling. You're not taking him away, are you?"

Taking her son upstairs might be a ploy to spirit him away, separating them for the rest of their lives.

"I'm not interested in the child."

What was even nice about sons? Daughters are better—they were simply more endearing and adorable.

"Then who are you interested in?" Ji Weixi asked before she could stop herself.

Li Shaoling fixed his own eyes upon hers for several heartbeats with a serious face.


Comments (5)

  • _chiki_sintaki


    Weixi, he's not interested to your child. Then take away your son far away from this scumbag man.

  • Srcleofe_Oculam


    He's jealous, for now.

  • Mia_Mazing


    Ugh. I hate men like this. You buy the cow, you bought the calf. Deal with it.

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