63.33% Mister Li, the Heart Bandit / Chapter 38: Poor President Li

Chapter 38: Poor President Li

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Tian Miaomiao froze, thinking that the godly man had quite the poor temper despite his mesmerizing looks.

And what did her hitting the little one had to do with him?

"I… I'm just teaching him a lesson… He sneaked out by himself, and what should we do if something happens…" Tian Miaomiao said fearfully, afraid to look Li Shaoling in the eye.

Li Shaoling considered it. "Right. He deserves it."

The little one snorted. "Daddy, you don't love me anymore."


Clutching her own chest, Tian Miaomiao took a few steps back, glancing at the tot's face and then at Li Shaoling's. She realized what had happened at once, and went pale as if she had seen a ghost—but as she turned to Ji Weixi, her eyes were clearly accusing her 'why-didn't-you-tell-me-you-bagged-a-god!'

Ji Weixi simply cleared her throat. "Li Shaoling. Shouldn't you be going back?"

He did bring her home, but it was time for him to go. Her little temple was inadequate for a superior deity such as him.

Li Shaoling appeared unhappy. "Did I say I'm leaving?"

Why is chasing him off all she could think about? Was he that annoying?

However, just as Ji Weixi was about to retort, the tot promptly leaped into Li Shaoling's arms tearfully. "Mommy, don't be so cruel," he said distressingly between sniffs, "Daddy just came back to us, we should stay together… poor, poor Daddy, he waited us for four long years… it must have been so hard for him… boo-hoo…"

Ji Weixi was speechless.

It sounded as if Li Shaoling was leading an utterly miserable life! It was just like a scene that only lacked sad violin noises!

She wanted to scream her heart out badly—Li Shaoling didn't even know her!

He was probably living the good life even without her. In fact, he was definitely the type who kept harems, swapping one girl for another every single day.

However, Tian Miaomiao joined in as well. "That's right, Xixi. President Li's already here, and after so long apart, you should… hehe…"

She made a gesture for copulating.

Ji Weixi felt alone and helpless. Why was everyone standing on Li Shaoling's side?

She was convinced that he must have bought them off beforehand.

That being said, it was not as if she was irritated with him—she just could not digest such a relationship at once.

In the beginning he was her so-called future brother-in-law, and then he turned out to be her top superior, and now he was also her son's father.

She should be allowed time to let that sink in, not to mention that after four years of living overseas had kept her perpetually on her toes—there was simply no way that she would trust that man so easily.

"Daddy, come see my bedroom!" The little one was prancing and tugging at Li Shaoling, leading him to a bedroom.

It was neither too large or too small, while everything from the bedsheets, dolls, and curtains appeared white and soft.

Just like a boudoir.

Growing up surrounded by such effeminate elements, would he not become a Nancy-boy when he grows up?

Li Shaoling frowned in disdain. "You sleep here?"

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The little one shook his head. "Yes. Mommy sleeps with me."

"What about that bedroom?" Li Shaoling pointed at the next room.

"That's Miamiao's."

"You sleep with Mommy every night?"

The tot nodded, leaped into bed and rolled around. "That's right," he said with that endearing tone of his. "Mommy hugs me when we sleep. She is super-duper soft and warm."

Super-duper… soft.

Li Shaoling's eyes narrowed, feeling upset as if her woman was being monopolized by a rival in love.

Suddenly, the corner of his eye caught a plastic bag and a familiar thing inside it by the wall.

He picked up, his face turning cold instantly.

Those were his pants.

She had yet to wash it, and there was now a dyed watermark over it, making it look as if it was peed in.

Noticing the look on his face, Ji Weixi quickly snatched it away and stuffed it into a washing machine. "I'll wash it right away."

Her survival instincts were strong after all.

"Handwash." Li Shaoling insisted.

"Alright." Ji Weixi smiled through gritted teeth.

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Comments (3)

  • Hnn17


    No handwash for suit pants, dryclean only for Italian cashmere.

  • Sumaiya_Meraj_3863


    Both father and son have great sense of humor.

  • loveXx


    The tot is really funny

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