64.28% Luffy's big brother. / Chapter 9: Boundless rage.

Chapter 9: Boundless rage.

I've run and run and run again till I reach a place, where I saw a crappy "house" crappier than even Dadan's crappy house.

It didn't even deserved to be called a house.

Then again we were in Gray Terminal so it wasn't really crappy to say the least, we could even say that it was a decent "house" compared to the other people's house if they even had a house to talked about.

It was built with pieces of broken woods and covered with torn pieces of tissue collect on the ground of Gray Terminal.

Closing on the house, I heard the sounds of the ever familliar punching's sounds, it was clearly the sounds of someone punching another one.

Mixed in the punching's sound was the sound of tearing, as if someone was cutting the flesh of a human beings.

"He can't even cry anymore..."

"Should we tell the authority, what happened ?"

"It won't matter, the laws there can't be applied here."

While I was walking towards the house, I heard two men murmuring quietly as I passed them.

I had a bad premonition that something happened to my brother, and this feeling was intensifying as I was closing on the house.

When I heard the strange sounds of beating, I first thought that it was Luffy who was taking a beating, however hearing the sound of flesh being cut, I withdraw this thought because...

Because, who could do that to a kid, right ?

Maybe he was just kidnapped and I just need to take him out ?

With this thought in his mind, he proceded to the house.

After all he couldn't just barge in the house like that right ?

What if he was at the wrong house ?

Meanwhile in the trashy "house."

"Where is the the money tell me now and I will let you go !!!" he was shouting.

In response Luffy just said " I won't said it"

"P ,p, p, p, porchémy-san it's no use doing this, he doesn't have the energy to even scream anymore." One of the man at the side couldn't take it anymore and tried to convince Porchémy to stopped this madness.

However porchémy just punch him away and said " You should look for Ace and Sabo instead of worrying for this kid!!"

"We are the one who are in dangers now.

" Can't you see it?!!"

"We're already too late to give this money to the captain bluejam !!!" he then continued to beat Luffy with all the anger and fear he had in him.

Edam reach the front of the house and then made a hole in a rotted wood and took a look inside.

However, seeing what happened in there, Edam's anger erupted like an explosive volcano.

He saw Luffy was tied up and suspended in mid air by a rope tied to the ceiling.

He was crying and wounded bloodily , with not a single spot not covered in blood.

The most injured place was his face as the man kept punched mostly his head.

The man who was punching him was asking him clearly frustrated and angered by Luffy's tenacity.

However Luffy just kept saying "I won't say, I won't say it, I wont say it !" despite that he was hurt everywhere.

Having had enough Porchémy took his sword and said one last time " SAY IT !!!"

"I WON'T SAY IT !!!" Luffy mustered all his strenght to say this.

"THEN DIE !!!" Porchémy shouted while waving his sword at Luffy's head.

However...at this instant.

"YOU'RE THE ONE TO DIE TONIGHT !!!" a cold and furious voice sound as Porchémy's face was punched before he could even react and send flying and crashing in the wall ten meters away.

The punch was so powerful that he lost his consciouness.

As for the rest of the subordinates, they only saw a white streak flashing by.

A lot of smokes was elevated in the air because of that, so nobody could see anything.

Soon the sounds of men crying began to sound in the whole room as every one of them began to panic.

" What the hell is that ?!! Ahhh!!" One man said something, however before he could say anything more, he never get to say anything else.

Another one tried to say something.

"It's...It's the ghos-..." he didn't get to say it that he was out.

One by one they were quickly take down by the white streak of flash.

The only thing they saw before falling unconscious was two red eyes shining a bloodthirsty light.

After a few minutes a silence of death filled the room as Porchémy regain his consciousness.

The smoke was nearly gone, he could see his surrounding.

He looked at his subordinates just to see every single one of them down.

He then took a look at Luffy's whereabout but what he saw there was two dots of red eyes moving about and looking at him as if it couldn't wait to tear him apart.

Luffy was right in his arms as he called out

" Niichan..." and he lost consciousness.

Looking down at him, sadness filled his heart as Edam murmured.

"You can sleep now, I'm here."

Seeing the kid standing before him like that and looking at the monkey tail behind Porchémy said in shocked "You...you're the monkey ghost that stole our money along with those two brats ?!"

Having barged in a fury, Edam didn't took the time to cover his face with a piece of clothes, so his face was in the opened for everyone to see. And as for his tail when he loses control of his emotions, his tail would sometimes act on it's own.

So all those things lead Porchémy to understand Edam's identity.

While Porchémy was being at this twist, two kids surge by the wall while shouting,

" Don't !!!"

However they quickly became stunned as every single man in there were down, even Porchémy was as well.

Only one person was standing on it's two feet without a single wound on him and that was Edam.

When they saw him carrying Luffy, they sighed in relief and started wondering how he knew Luffy was here, especially Ace as he saw Edam going back home this afternoon.

When Edam saw them he too became a bit stunned as he didn't believed that they would come to Luffy's rescue, but here they were.

Seeing them there he walked toward them and said "Perfect, take Luffy out of here." he then put Luffy in Ace's arms while saying "take care of him."

He turned around facing Porchémy and said.

"I have something to finish here." he said in a somewhat cold voice. He then started to walk to Porchémy's side.

Ace wanted to protest and put his hand on Edam's shoulder, however he quickly let go of it ,as Edam had turned slightly and looked at him in the eyes.

Two red eyes entered his view, Edam didn't wanted to look at him violently, however his eyes were still expressing the boundless rage he felt at the moment.

Seeing him like that Ace then remembered during those months a pair of red and bloodthirsty eyes roaring on the mountain and destroying anything that could be destroyed.

Filled with an infinite rage and savageness it was the embodiment of chaos and destruction.

That "thing" was so powerful that in one night it had destroyed a whole mountain on it's own. If Garp hadn't been there this night then maybe the whole island would have disappeard.

Everyone thought that it was caused by an earth quake but he knew the truth.

Since that day he never step out of the house in a night of full moon.

If Garp wasn't there at that time he would have died for sure.

Edam knew his secret and he knew Edam's secret too.

They stood there looking at each others eyes for a moment till Ace decided to say " Come, Sabo we're going." he turned around and run with Luffy on his back.

"Where... what ?" Sabo was stunned for a moment but quickly followed behind Ace after looking for a moment at Edam.

Edam looked at them leaving and then turned around.

Lifting his head to look at Porchémy his bloody red eyes were screaming to unleashead Hell on Earth and mostly on the guy in front of him.

He even had the impression that someone was screaming in his ears to kill him,to tear him,to destroyed him entirely. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

He had to grit hardly his teeths to not listen to this voice.

He was even sweating a lot as he has been restraining himself from tearing them apart when he attack them earlier.

He could feel every cells of his body burning a lot and giving him the strenght to kill anyone he wanted. He clearly felt his strenght rising and increasing as the moon was getting high in the sky. If it was only the strenght he wouldn't complain, however his bloodlust was also growing stronger with it.

Adding the fact that he was furious, that really didn't help.

Normally he wouldn't really have cared to kill them after what they did, especially this Porchémy, however tonight was really not the right night to do that as his bloodlust would grow exponentially if he were to kill anyone that was here, making him lose control resulting in a carnage that he didn't want to see.

As Edam was looking at Porchémy, he didn't noticed that his entire body was releasing a hot smoke.

Combined with his bloody eyes he really looked like a demon who directly came out of Hell.

Porchémy noticed the smoke and the eyes and really began to feel frightened.

" You trashy kid, you think I'm scared ?!!"

" Do you know who I am ?!!"

" I'm-..." he didn't get to finished.

"DEAD" a deep and cold voice sounded as Porchémy saw for the last time two red eyes instantly appearing in front of him.

" AHHHHH !!!" and then began his descent in Hell.

VastoHeaven VastoHeaven

Please tell me my mistakes.

Thank you.

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  • Webnovelchinese


    cool 🤩 such a better kind of op fanfic :D

  • McNuts


    Although I doubt it it would be awesome i think he's turning into the Ape

  • McNuts


    thx for the chapter

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