62.5% The Revival / Chapter 4: The Void

Chapter 4: The Void

Yuki wakes up "What the fuck where am I." It was pitch black with only one way out a little glimmer of light but looks like a mile away. "I thought I died?" says with a confused look on his face, but where am I?

----------------------------------[After 50 minutes of walking around]------------------------------------

"what the fuck, I been walking around for at least 1 hour, why haven't I gone anywhere into the light. Why does it feel as if the light is getting smaller and dimmer." Says yelling at a non-existing god out there even though he is an atheist, and knows there is nothing out there. He looks around one more time and says with curiosity "Am I flying" before then proceeds to sit down, on what I don't know.

--------------------------------------------[2 Hours later]---------------------------------------------------

He looks down at the black emptiness and wondering where he was at with suspicion and curiosity. "Purgatory, hell, heaven, or is it something else entirely, I mean their our other things that people believe in after death, it doesn't have to be from the bible." He then walks around and he looks like he was flying around through the empty dark void. He keeps trying to fly and fly and fly to the light but every time he does he gets further and further away from it as if God wanted to keep him away from the gate to heaven. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

----------------------------------------------[2 more hours]------------------------------------------------

"Okay, I'm TIRED of this shit!!!! I feel like I am going crazy. Wait how long has it been? What if I'm getting reincarnated to another world, but the god forgot about me like in one of those manga's?" Then it hit him "OH SHIT!!!!! What if I'm stuck here forever." He started to panic and then he stared into the pit of nothingness and his head started to hurt as if someone was hitting him repeatedly with a rock. He got dizzy and passed out and it was as if he was falling and falling.

----------------------------------------------[1 day later]--------------------------------------------------

A girl started to talk but it sounded as a whisper in his Yuki's head "Hey wake up, Yuki wake up!" Yuki shakes off the voice in his head just with a simple shake and falls back into a deep sleep. The girl started to get irritated and let out a scream "Fucking listen to me!!! Wake up we need you!!" If Yuki was on a bed he would have fell off of it that's how ear piercing the scream was. It felt like Yuki was bleeding through his ear but because the darkness he couldn't see anything so he didn't know. Yuki jumps up from his slumber with urgency. He notices he is the only one there not another person in sight near him. He someone could just tell that the voice of that girl was just in his head and not there with him.

Yuki talks to himself softly with concern he is going crazy "Hey you still there?" Yuki takes one more glance at the never-ending darkness then suddenly he hears the voice again he notices it kinda sounds like a gentle soft-spoken voice different from last time. Last time it sounded more angelic then soft so 2 people are trying to contact him.

"Yuki don't follow the light or even look at it" Saying with the most gentle voice you will ever hear like a baby puppy saying its first "woof." "Trust me please, I know you don't know me, but please if you keep trying to go towards the light you will end up summoning something that will end up killing you for good next time." Saying with concerned for Yuki's life "If you want to live you have to follow my directions"

Yuki's eyes opened with urgency and turns his head away from the light like a race car takes a turn on the racetrack "What's going on? What should I do next?" Yuki says worried for his '2nd life' "I will follow your lead, I trust you. Just tell me where am I right now" replays with a curious tone.

"You are in what we call The Darkness or in other words The Void." The Angelic girl replays "The Light you see is dangerous it can summon a being way stronger than anything you have ever seen, just to destroy you" Says with concern that it doesn't show up yet. "HURRY run into the Darkness away from the light, Trust me."

Both the Girls say "Trust US, please we can't let you die. You are too important to die" as if they're in sink and The Girl with the angelic voice says "I'm sliver please.....please just trust us I know you might be scared but just if you want to live you have to trust us. I won't let anything happen to you I promise." The girl with the soft and gentle voice says "Run Yuki RUN!!"

Yuki starts to run in the direction of the darkness and as he takes his first step he hears a loud explosion "BAMMMMNNNNNGGG" What looks behind him in an instant and he feels a shiver down his spine as if he knows what is about to happen is bad. "What the FUCK is going on" he sees the light started to slowly crack open and take over the darkness it was as if it was devouring the darkness. Yuki notices a black figure with wing-like figure walk out of the crack. Yuki yells out Sliver's name in panic "SLIVER, What's going on and who's that!!, I thought I was alone"

"Yuki doesn't walk towards him run away he is dangerous he is here to kill you!!!!! RUN YUKI" Sliver says with urgency

In a panic, Yuki Runs in a hurry away from the light and the man, but in an instant, the man with wings somehow teleported in front of Yuki, "I am the ArchAngel RAPHAEL, And you are trespassing, you are not supposed to here." As Raphael looks into Yuki eyes he notices that he isn't scared really, but more like intrigued which kind of gave him the creepy guy look. "No Human is supposed to be where you were supposed to be sent to Purgat...."In an Instant, Raphael took a major step back as big as a mile, with his wings at least being 6 feet long with dark black feathers. Raphael had gotten goosebumps on his arms and neck and started to sweat. "What is one of your kinda doing in this realm you are not welcome here."

Yuki look confused why he had backed up so far but was also intrigued was this the ArchAngel from the bible or something else. "I don't know, the last thing I remember was dying in...Shimo...." At that moment what happened to Yuki kicked in and he realized he was dead and he started to feel the after the pain of his death.

Sliver yells to Yuki "Don't give up keep going, keep running we will distract Raphael....Trust us...go away from the light." Yuki starts sprinting again towards the light and doesn't stop this time for anything.

Raphael notices Yuki is trying to escape so he starts to flap his wings but before he gets the chance he hears a voice in his head with an ear-piercing yell that brings Raphael to his knees and he starts to bleed out from his ears and eyes. "Leave YUKI ALONE"

Sliver says in a hurry that brought her to her tippy toes worried about Yuki "I bought you 8 seconds, HURRY."

Yuki Heart was beating and beating as if he was going to have a heart attack. He was counting down the seconds in his head 8....7....6....5...4...." before he said the last 3 seconds he felt something pulling him out of the Void and he started to have images appear in his head as if they were memories. He saw Raphael getting up in the corner of his eye and as he started to flap his wings towards Yuki. Yuki was gone!!!! In front of his eyes"

Raphael Yells with fury and rage "I will find you...Yuki....thanks to your little girlfriend for telling me your name...No Demon leaves my sights"

---------------------------------------[Somewhere far away from the void]--------------------------------

Yuki Turns to a Room with 2 girls in it. "WHERE THE FUCK AM I NOW!!"

Dark_SnowMan Dark_SnowMan

I tried to make this one long for yall for not being able to post that much recently

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