100% The Other Side: The Grim Reaper / Chapter 2: Chapter 1 Where The Misery Begun

Chapter 2: Chapter 1 Where The Misery Begun

Being a prodigy was something Lois wanted and also hated. All the attention, the expectation and dissappointments arise, she despise those, specially fame. But being wise was not one of them.

And being a prodigy, Lois know how things works and predict the possibilities but one of them was not going accordingly with the greatness of her mind.

Having an ability to see one's death was an exaggeration in her logic.

Proven wrong, she can only accept it. I mean, she even believe in ghosts and spirits even with the contradiction of her mind.

So, Lois vowed to used her ability to help people, to maybe, help them live a little longer and regret the wrongs they have done before it's too late.

Expecting to be someone like the good neighborhood future teller, reality was a punch in the face, instead she became the blooded tongue who brings death.

It didn't reached her expectation.

As the bell rang, no one minded her as she stand up with her bag on her back. Who is she kidding, of course everyone's eyes was on her. Sometimes, she just wish she wasn't so kind hearted like her mother use to tell her to. Even if she don't look like it, she does.

'At least that's what she thought.' Lois thought and just went out of the room without a word.

Walking along the hallways was the worst. Worst than inside her classroom with 25 people in it, while the hallways are like sardines packed in a can, little space too many people. The hallways are always buzzing with rumors, rumors about the 'Tongue of Death'.

Lois sighed at the title. 'It could have been way more cooler! At least be a little creative people.' She shake her head at her thoughts.

"Don't, yes just don't go near her or even better don't talk to her."

"Dude! I heard she did it again!"

"Oh my god! Where is it this time? It better be not one of the students."

"If she opens her mouth, whatever she says, will come true so don't ever talk to her."

"And, it always brings death."

Sensing something at one of the students, she stopped.

It was like time itself stopped, the whisperings, the clattering of the lockers and the noise of people moving. It's like everyone forgot how to even breathe.

Slowly, Lois walked at the direction of a small girl. She was a lot taller than her and she's the only one who's not bothered by the weird occurence of the students.

Stopping beside her, the girl finished getting her books and closed her locker. Glancing her calm green eyes at Lois, she gave her a small smile with her red plump lips.

Properly facing Lois, she tug at the end of her black skirt that is above the knee as well as the blue tie of her white long sleeve uniform.

"What can I help you with?" she let out, her calm yet arrogant voice was heard over the hallways. Lois thought that she was a nice girl, maybe a bit, but nice. "No wait, don't answer that, I'm actually busy so I think I wont be able to help you." She added with a raise of an eyebrow at the end.

"Now, why don't you just go along in your way and go home, okay? Study for your sake maybe? Don't let your parents down for sending you in a prestigious school just for you to fail. Hard." Arrogantly, she smirked.

Lois frown at the smaller girl. 'I change my mind. She's cruel and arrogant. I might slap myself later for falling for the nice face again.' Lois think that what she saw, was now fitting the girls character. 'Can I just let her die now? I mean, maybe she deserves it anyway.' She put her neutral expression again, not letting this first impression with the blonde let her do something Lois might regret later.

"Danielle Linden, Death: June 13, Friday. Where: At the school ground. Killed by what: Killed by a Crugere. You will be killed due to your arrogance and pride. It will be a gruesome sight but I salute you. You actually put up a fight." Lois spoke this as her dark blue eyes stared at Danielle's forest green eyes and she didn't miss the shock and fear that suddenly appeared. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Even if it was just for a split second, Lois saw that she actually know what she was talking about and that thought suddenly excites her.

"Regret everything you've done wrong, forgive those who have done wrong and you will be spared." She started to walk and shrugged. "I think you will." With that, she left her school as students panic and crowded the poor girl.

By the time Lois is almost home, she feel her stomach was gonna burst. Something was just not right. Entering the door to her house, all lights was shut. An eerie silent was present as the cold air went in.

'Something's wrong, something is just not right. I can feel it and my tum tum is always right.' Lois looked around the dark house as she feel the walls and switched on the lights. With a click, she widen her eyes as the light presented something she regret not foreseeing.

"Mom! W-what are you?! Get away from my Mom you monster!" Lois sprinted while taking off her bag and swinging it to a dark creature with hollow eyes.

The creature protected itself with it's thin long limbs and let out a shriek. She stood in front of her mother who was lying on the cold floor, without a breathe left in her and a heart missing.

This made her eyes water and blurry, her chest suddenly felt tight and breathing became hard. As the creature stood there, walking slowly in front of Lois as if seeing something it hasn't seen before.

Lois gritted her teeth as she pulled out a pocket knife from her skirt's pocket and with a great speed from the young teen, she slashed to the creature with great force. But her eyes widen as it only went through it, as she stumbled down passing through the creature, shock and afraid at what she witnessed.

The creature let out an ear piercing shrieked again as it kicked Lois on the stomach that sent her flying to the dining table landing on the wooden table.

Pain was all she could feel at that moment, pain, guilt and regret. Pain because literally she just got kicked and thrown off the solid table which she think is broken from her fall. Guilt for not trying hard enough. And regret for not seeing this happen to her Mom.

How could she see everyone else's death and help them by telling it to them so that, maybe, just maybe, they'll believe her and avoid there faith somehow. And also regret all of their sins. They might get reincarnated if they seek forgiveness and do good deeds with their last remaining breathes.

But no, the only person she cared for and love, was the one she could not help with when she have done it with so many strangers.

But not her own mother.

'I think my ribs are broken from that kick my as well stop to breathe. It fucking hurts people and other unearthly creatures I've seen and haven't seen!' She groaned as she tried to get up.

Masking her pain with her sarcasm and humor was something her mother was and could never achieve. She always tells Lois how she should let people in, how she should people know her pain sometimes, because Lois' literally get mistaken for being a jerk because of that.

And Lois never minded that.

But no matter what, she loves Lois no matter who she is, what she is, no matter how of a dense person she is, no matter her flaws, her imperfections, her mother loved her. A love that nothing could compare to. Unlike her father, who expects greater things from her, no minding if she can't do it, blaming things on her that aren't her fault, how most of the times he shows no empathy.

Now, this creature have just taken the life out of her by killing her mother.

Standing up, she brushed the back of her hand on her lips to wipe off the blood. Her raven side bangs blocking her ocean blue eyes. Letting her arm fall off the side, she clenched her fist and grit her teeth with so much anger and hatred. Not knowing, the creature was fed by dark energies, like the one Lois is emitting.

"Why? Why my mother you, whatever the heck your role here! Shout out to those or if you're alone, what the heck is this 'lonesome ghost face' doing in my life huh?!" Lois shouted at the top of her lungs while waving her hands as she mentioned the 'lonesome ghost face'. True actually, the creature's face was like of that horror costume ghost face but with a twist, long thin limbs like it hadn't eaten for years as bones was popping, but have drunk up all the calcium it could find for it was so tall. Almost reaching Lois house's roof.

"She's too good to be killed by creatures like you!" Lois hated the fuck she can't do nothing to this creature. I mean, who is she kidding right now? She would be like an idiot punching and kicking a hologram.

The creature suddenly appeared in front of her with a shadowy dark trail behind it. It scared the life out of here as she shivered at what she witnessed.

'This, is not a Crugere. Whatever this is, I'm gonna die without knowing. Maybe from a heart attack?' Lois thought as she steps back in instinct.

She could never understand herself. Being sarcastic and being a crazy person right now was not really helping but she could not stop herself, being an idiot.

A Crugere is a dark creature like the one in front of her but they come in different forms, but you could always know that it's a Crugere who kills people, with their greatest dark emitting energy within them.

If one was having a very, very great fear in his life, they need reasons to kill. What is the person fearing to? Example, to be assassinated. Why is that person have the greatest fear out of everyone? He witnessed a murder and too afraid to say something, scared to be killed too, so he accepted money, bribe. If the fear became too much, that's also creating dark energies like madness, hateness, paranoia thats when they come to you.

When you've done something so horrible.

They eat you, by making you suffer with what you are emitting. They target bad people. Only the bad ones. That's why Lois always tell everyone who she saw will die because of a Crugere to change, repent and forgive.

Well, most of the peole she saw visions of dying, died in natural way. Like being killed because of a dog chasing you, and you ended up running straight to an electrical post. Something like that.

The Deity of this World will be the only one who could really tell if they'll be in a good place in the afterlife.

The unknown creature opened it's mouth with a shockingly long chin, as it stretches down to the creature's knee and let out a cream at Lois as dark trails leaves it's mouth heading towards Lois.

Lois let out an agonizing scream as the dark trails surrounded her and entered her body. She could literally imagine a thousand needle being pierced through her skin and flow to her blood around her body. It was a pain she wish she would never experience again.

She gasped for breath as the pain slowly fades as beads of sweat formed around her, already dropping to the floor.

She staggered and fell down on her knees, and looked up to the unknown creature to see it looking down at her.

"So, you're the human who have been messing up my Crugeres? What a weakling you are." Shocked at this, Lois could hear and understand the creature.

"H-how could I-I hear you? U-understand y-you?" Lois stuttered as she could still feel the after effect of what the creature have done to her.

'Dude! That was very painful! Agonizing! You should really try it for yourself before you do it to others.'

The creature walk around her and pick her pocket knife from the floor, levitating it on the air as Lois thought how it break the Law of Gravity as the creature put down it's limbs to show the knife to her, still floating.

"Tell me human, how could your kind, interfere with my minions feeding? My food? As of now, you know they are bad, sick, unforgivable, and disgusting human who needs to pay for their deeds?" The creature twirled the pocket knife into the air is it slowly melted, slowly forming a longer shape as the creature emitted a dark trail from its limbs to the knife. By the time it stopped twirling, Lois saw a beautiful yet sinister long knife with a scythe deaigned on the bandaged handle. It's metal shining through the moonlight as it's sharp edge glinted.

"I can see people's death. People could change, people could be good. A chance was enough to make them." She answered confidently looking directly at those hollow empty eyes.

Amused yet dissatisfied, the creature stabbed the knife with so much force into Lois' back directly hitting hee heart. Lois let out a gasp at the sudden change of action.

The creature lean in to her in all forms and whispered, "What if they don't? You just let a murder, a rapist, a corrupt official, greedy and diagusting human run away. With the lives of the innocent they take, is in your hands."

Lois' consciousness was slipping back and forth as blood quickly flowed out of her body. Opening her mouth like a fish to say something but nothing was coming out. Nothing. Just like her.

The dark creature let out a sinister laugh and turned into dark smoke, swirled around Lois while letting out another shrieked, but this time it was different, something was off with that scream. As the light of the moon illuminated the shadown, it pierced right through Lois.

"I'm amused to see, that my host is a weak girly human. I will change you. Like that, think like that my human. Some people don't deserve another chance, some people are just nothing."

Fading away slowly, the moon and stars was the only witness from what happened. As Lois finally fainted. 'This is my end, I will die like a useless person I am, right father?'

"You are me, and I am You. I have finally found you, Winter Reaper of the 24th Guardian." With the voice fading in her mind, Lois only heard the last words of the creature before her life changes for better or worse, she may never know.

"Let regret kill you. Let misery live in you. Let darkness spread from you. Let death surrounds you. Your death my next kin."

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