75% The Black Market / Chapter 15: How Weak

Chapter 15: How Weak

Zero headed outside the room and saw Brogen standing like a statue. There gazes met and invisible sparks clashed between their sights.

Zero looked calm on the surface but his heart was beating wildly. A drop of sweat trickled down his jawline before dropping to ground.

"Are you the one tasked by his lordship to accomplish this mission?" A calm and deep voice interrupted his train of thoughts.

Zero was silent for a brief second before he cleared his throat which has gone dry.

"Yes, do you hold any information regarding this matter sir Barbarian Emperor Brogen?"

Brogen's tiger-like eyes flashed a trace of nostalgia before reverting back to its usual calmness. He sighed heavily and shook his head "I am no longer the Barbarian Emperor of the past. I am now his lordship's loyal subordinate. I will forget the matter about our conflict, just make sure to finish this task. This is of great importance since it involves his lordship's brother."

Zero listened carefully while calming his wildly beating heart. He may be the strongest mercenary, but in front of Brogen, he was just like a stronger ant.

Brogen handed two pieces of paper to Zero and said seriously "These are informations provided by his lordship, everything related to the mission is already there. Don't fail his lordship's trust or you will face my wrath."

Brogen's calm eyes now looked ferocious. He was like an untamed lion who was ready to take his puny life.

Zero forced a smile and said slowly "I will not fail this mission. Wait for my good news Brogen."

Zero shifted his gaze away from Brogen and walked away with steady steps.

Brogen looked at the proud back of Zero with a trace of profound sadness before turning his head away.

"I hope you accomplish the mission as you have promised brother." A trace of worry can be seen in Brogen's eyes.

Outside the mansion, Zero read the information given by Brogen and was relieved that there was a map and a pictures of people that he needed to discipline.

Zero followed the map and arrived at the location in less than two hours. With his fast speed and physical body which was many times stronger than the humans on Earth, a distance of a hundred kilometers or more is nothing. If not for the uneven roads and the human settlements, he would have arrived in a little more than an hour.

He squinted his eyes and looked at the huge mansion two hundred meters away from him. He saw several individuals holding metallic weapons.

"These weapons, it looks similar to the weapons from those Dwarves. But their design looked more advanced and easier to use. It will be a bit troublesome, but if it is too easy, then how can I enjoy this mission." Zero smiled evilly and slowly moved towards the mansion.

Zero touched the thick walls that surrounded the mansion before removing ten evil looking knives from his sleeves. He then jumped high and landed at the top of the walls, he threw the knives with great accuracy and each one hit the stomach of the patrolling guards.

Zero avoided hitting their vital parts or it would have been very easy for him to kill them all.

Ten guards dropped to the ground without them knowing how they were attacked. They lost consciousness after a few seconds and they were not even able to shout for help.

The knives on their stomach wriggled slowly and flew back to Zero.

Several guards saw a man clad in black fitting clothes with knives between his fingers. He was like a ninja in the movies, that can strike fear to any men.

They aimed their guns at him and shot him without holding back. Bullet shells dropped to the ground from time to time.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Zero evaded the bullets with ease, his movement was like a beautiful contemporary dance. He then jumped high and spun in midair as he released knives on the armed individuals aiming on their stomach.

The people inside the mansion were startled after hearing loud gunshots outside. They hastily removed the guns from their holster and glanced outside.

Before they can even see what was happening outside, their backs were hit by knives thrown by Zero. Their bodies dropped to the ground with a heavy thud.

Two men were left standing and they were looking the man in black clothes with fear. Their legs trembled and buckets of sweat trickled down their forehead.

Even the weapons in their hands did not help in alleviating the fear in their hearts.

The father and son pair looked at the man who was slowly walking towards them. The weapons in their hands dropped to the ground

without them knowing how it happened.

"Si.. Sir, who mi.. might yo.. you be?" The underworld king who usually looked at the average people with a condescending gaze was now shivering and stuttering as he asked the man in front of him.

His son, who still had bruises on his face because of the beating from Trevor, dropped his ass to the ground and peed his pants. His eyes had a look of horror like he saw his worst nightmare. He even lost the ability to speak.

Zero did not answer his question and gave him a strong punch in the face instead. His fat face distorted in pain as he received Zero's punch. He was flung away like a ragdoll and his back hit the wall with loud bang, before his fat body dropped to the ground.

Martin looked at his father's body on the ground, before shifting his gaze slowly towards the man in front of him.

He was suffocated by the presence this man was emitting. Even a normal person like him, can already feel the invisible aura from the man.


His sight turned black before he can even clear his dry throat.

"Oh, I think I slapped him too hard, I hope he does not die from this." He then stepped on Martin's left arm and a snapping sound can be heard.

Zero then stepped on the left arm of Martin's father and snapped the tendon connecting his Humerus and Ulna. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

He put a piece of paper on the fat hand of Martin's father before he went out of the room.

The whole event happened in less than ten minutes.

More than thirty individuals lay on the ground unconscious, but their breathing was normal like they were on a deep sleep.

"I overestimated them, the dwarven guards of Almaro City was a lot more sturdier and skillful than these men. How weak." Zero sighed in regret and a trace of disappointment can be seen on his handsome face.

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