37.5% The Search for the Reincarnated Queen / Chapter 6: What's the Queen's Name?

Chapter 6: What's the Queen's Name?

"My liege, we will look into the young lady's information, for now, please rest." Rein gave Taylan a book for meditation.

Their King is slowly showing signs of weakness from not drinking blood for the past week since he woke up. Vampires needs to drink human blood but since he promised the Queen to never drink other human's blood in her last breath, he restrains himself from being lured to the scent of blood and now it's slowly killing him.

Willow appeared with Trace, they asked Eli before leaving who the young girl is, even though Trace has to act as if he was interested in Eli's friend.

"Her name is Sandra Robert, she's Eli's classmate at the university. According to Eli, she's the only daughter of their family," Trace reported.

"Is there any hint that she may be the Queen aside from the fragrance?" Rein asks. Since finding the Queen was crucial, any assumptions will put the King in danger. If he has to break his promise to the Queen, they should be at least 90% sure that she is the Queen.

Macky sits on the couch while eating his biscuits. Now, he's sure that no one remembers the Queen's name nor face, he is sure that when he mentions this, there will be an uproar coming from the King.

Dane arrived with the young beast, Pen, in the library where everyone's having a meeting about the assumed Queen.

Pen smiled at Macky, they were good friends before this all happened. They used to play intellectual games since both of them somehow has the same ability. The Queen also joins since she herself is a smart person.

"Pen," Taylan called, "Have you found anything?"

Jade enters the library with a few other beasts. The number of King Taylan René Eilam Haima's servants has been decreasing over the years as the enemy's troops keep on growing. Most of the beasts and vampires on the King's side are those who he already knew.

"According to someone, who only wrote the information without giving a name, a student at Eli's university may be the Queen." Dane gave the note that the beast found in their quarters just this morning to Rein.

Willow sighed, "Why is everything tide to Eli? Trace, did you tell her anything?" His voice was sharp as well as his stare to Trace.

"What? No! Eli doesn't know anything about this. It's just that she knows a lot of people and she's friend with that Sandra, right?"

Macky nodded in agreement. "You remembered when Eli helped us find the elder of the beasts, and surprisingly, it was her high school principal. She thought the principal has some debt to us at that time."

"Will your anger towards humans never disappear?" Trace asks.

Rein clears his throat, "What happened to Willow and to that human before is none of our concern. For now, we shall find more people that maybe the Queen."

"We will find out who sent this note to the quarters, Our King," Pen bowed along with the other beasts before they disappeared.

The next morning, Taylan's weakness seems to worsen. He opened his eyes and all he can feel was his body aching. It's slowly losing its strength. He stayed in bed for a while until Rein called him for breakfast.

Since Taylan appeared there are more female humans visiting the library and Rein along with Trace seemed to be busier. Taylan ate alone while the others are collecting information that may be connected to the Queen.

Everything is painful for him to do. Waking up without her by his side, having breakfast without her, reading books, and even breathing seems to be senseless.

He decided to go down during the library's afternoon break and saw Eli and Ben arguing about something. As he quietly walks near them while hiding behind the bookshelf, he heard their conversation.

"I'm telling you, she said vampires and beasts are magnificent beings!" Eli exclaimed.

Ben just stares at her while arranging the books, "You know, you need to cut off that reading habit, and how can she say they are magnificent creatures? Didn't you heard the news, they say that monsters and vampires are the murders." He groaned and stood up.

"Really? Maybe she encountered one before."

As the two moves to the different sections, Taylan sinks into his memory before he met the Queen. Beasts and vampires were uncontrollable. They will kill any human in their sight. They were blood-thirst, they want humans to fear them. Only the Queen was able to make peace between the races.

His eyes followed Eli in the library, watching her every move. How can a human get connected to a lot of people that are related to vampires and beasts? She's a cheerful one, but this may lead her to danger.

While she was taking the books left on the tables, Taylan decided to talk to her. If a human close to his people get in danger, he knows that the Queen will be sad.

"Miss Eli," Taylan called.

Eli stopped and looked at him. She immediately smiled at Taylan. She remembered that he was the perfect description of E about a vampire. The blond hair that is similar to a sun rising in the morning and a gold eyes that are like treasures. She just remembered that E had the same eye color but it turned to brown.

"Yes? You're the new guy, right?" she asks while pointing the edge of the book at him.

Taylan felt disrespected with how Eli is approaching her but since she doesn't know anything, he decided to let this go and just pushed the book in her hand down.

"Yes, I am Taylan René Eilam Haima. You can call me Taylan." He reached out his hand to shake hers but Eli's eyes grew wide.

Taylan put his hand down while reading Eli's expression but her loud voice jolted him.

"Taytay!" She said with a wide smile, "Gosh, your name is perfect for a nickname!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Rein saw how Eli was approaching their master and cold chills began creeping into his bones. No one dared to raise their voice in front of the King nor give him a nickname. He was about to stop Eli when Taylan spoke to Rein through their mind and ordered him to not interfere.

"I prefer to be called by my true name, Miss Eli." He adjusts the buttons on his sleeve since it is starting to get warm in the library.

Ben turned the fans on while Rein just watches Eli and his King exchange conversations.

"But you're calling me by my nickname too, that's unfair." Eli giggled and put the books on the trolly. "My whole name is Eli---"

"Eli! You didn't clean this spot!" Ben yelled while pointing at a table with trash.

"Oh, sorry! I'll clean it!" She took the trashcan and turned to Taylan, "Sorry, I got to do what Ben told me to. Nice meeting you, Tay." She runs towards Ben who lightly hits her head.

Rein went to Taylan and apologizes, "I'm sorry for her behavior. She does not mean any harm."

Taylan just nods and went upstairs where he saw Macky jumping on the couch. "My Lord!" Macky called and he immediately stops. It is a disgrace for Macky to be seen as acting selfishly in front of his King.

"No need to be embarrassed, Macky. Why are you in my room?" Taylan took a seat and continued reading his grandfather's journal.

"Well," Macky sits down on the couch while nibbling on his shirt, "Can you remember what the Queen's name is, My Lord?"

Taylan stopped skimming the notes and froze.

"I seemed to have forgotten the Queen's name and how she looks." Macky's voice grew weaker as he noticed the King's reaction to his words. "I'm sorry to bother you and ask stupid questions. I will go to my room now."

He was about to leave when he felt his body stop on his own. Taylan controlled him and made him turn to him. He's not looking at Macky but his cold stare can be felt, "What is Eli's full name?"

Macky's fear suddenly went to confusion, "Huh?"

Taylan snapped his fingers and Macky was free from his power. He started stomping his feet, "I feel like I've heard her name. It just occurred to me that I've heard Eli before."

"Oh... I don't know, My Lord. I apologize. I call her Eli because that's what she said but I'll ask Rein if---"

"Eliora Sassa," Eli suddenly appeared from the door carrying a tray of cookies along with Ben. "My name's Eliora."

Ben smiled at Macky before entering. "Sir Rein has to take care of something so he asked us to take this to you." He said.

Eli put the tray on the table, "And what is this 'My lord' thing?" She squinted her eyes at Macky then she looked at Taylan. "Oh no! Not a kid, Tay! He's so young! What kind of fetish is that?"

Ben snapped with Eli's voice and dragged her out, "I'm sorry, Sir. Sorry, Macky." He said before closing the door.

"She's younger than me though," Macky said before taking a cookie.

Taylan was not moving an inch on his seat. How can Eli act that way in front of him? If he did not promise his Queen about keeping human's safe, she's already a cup of blood right now. He flinched while remembering how disrespectful she is.

"Eli's kind. She's like that because she needs to."

Taylan's anger vanished with Macky's intriguing words.

"What do you mean?"

Macky looked down, "Her parents were murdered. Only we know that it was a beast who killed them. Luckily, she was sleeping over at her Aunt's that night."

"How did you know?"

"We don't let anyone in this library work without finding out who they are, My lord. She has to act strong or else her walls will come crumbling down. It's a human's coping mechanism. Taking a new skin and forgetting about the event."

"No wonder she's tied to our strings now. Once a human had a connection of any sort with us, they'll continue stumbling with our kind. That is why I didn't want Rein to let humans work here."

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