88.88% Otsutsuki In Mutiverse / Chapter 23: Chapter 23 - My Pantheon

Chapter 23: Chapter 23 - My Pantheon

I am preparing for my graduation at my university. That's why I won't be able to post many chapters. I hope you understand. I made this chapter in a hurry at my university library. This chapter has not been edited. enjoy


Throne Of Heroes

After five hours of waiting, Mordred was getting upset.

''Damn it! how long will they take? and what is that? '' Mordred asks, pointing his finger at the cocoon of light.

'' I only feel danger coming from this cocoon, but I don't know what that is. What do you think Alaya? ''

''Probably. This is some kind of binding magic, I'm feeling Artoria Pendragon Lancer being disconnected from the Heroes Throne. I feel that if I interfere with this process it will hurt me at worst it will cause permanent damage to my soul. '' Alaya clarifying Mordred. (Many people complained that I was treating Alaya very stupidly. But I am not. What happens when a person encounters an Unknown Being who is stronger than you? Who can literally blow up a world if he wants to? The Answer is Obvious. They are afraid. Alaya Played With EMIYA Because He Was Not A Threat To Her, But Yukio Is Different (She Can Summon All Heroic Spirits This Will Not Use Anything. Because Before She Summon Yukio Can Easily Kill Her.)

'' Binding Magic? Is this related to what he said before the cocoon appeared? '' Mordred says as he recalls Yukio's words.

'' hmm ... that's right, '' Alaya says with Laziness as she lies in her bed.

'' Alaya, what is your fetish for gold? Why the hell is your entire room and city made of gold? '' Mordred asks as he looks at Alaya's room. 'Literally everything is made of gold except the bed.' she thinks.

'' Ehh? It's not a fetish! I just like that golden color. '' She says complaining.

While they were arguing, the Cocoon begins to break into pieces. The two realizing this stops arguing and looks at the cocoon curiously.

'' It's breaking! I wonder what Artoria's change will be. '' Alaya asks himself aloud.

After a few moments of the cocoon breaking. Artoria and Yukio Exits the Cocoon, While their hands are holding each other.

Yukio didn't change anything, he simply gained access to magic more easily. He can now use his Chakra as Magic. Artoria on the other hand has changed a lot.

'' What did you do to her? '' Mordred asks solemnly. While looking at Artoria.

Artoria Now has pale skin like wax her green eyes are gone, now what is replacing is an eye with large white pupils, her body has not changed at all but just grew a few centuries. Her Hair That was once blonde is now White with blond tips.

'' I did nothing. This is simply the result of merging with my bloodline. She now has 50% of my bloodline. In the future when she Rises to be a Goddess with a law, My Blood Lineage will get stronger Making her like me And my other Wife Kaguya an Otsutsuki Purebred. ''

"What happens when she fully awakens her bloodline?"

'' She will have the potential to unlock My Stronger Dojutsu. '' Yukio Says. 'Currently she can only wake up, Rinnegan or Tenseigan.' (For those who don't understand. Artoria is like her Sons. She can only use an advanced Dojutsu. She can choose between Tenseigan or Rinnegan. She will never have a Rinne-Sharingan. Because this is a Mutation Caused by eating the fruit of the chakra. "But unlike your Sons. She's Bound to Yukio and Kaguya. So she has the potential to use both Tenseigan and Rinnegan. But only when her Bloodline is fully awakened. I will not give Roria a Sharingan to Artoria." This is EXCLUSIVE from Kaguya and Yukio. It will be status as the main wife. Only the otsutsuki bloodline will make her much stronger.)

Dojutsu? Alaya asks curiously.

'' ahh! You call them Magic Eyes right? '' He says smiling.

''WHAT? Does your bloodline have the potential to have Magical Eyes? '' Alaya shouts in shock.

'' Hey, hey, hey Stop screaming woman. no big deal right? Some Heroes Have Magic Eyes right? Like that creepy woman who can cut the lines of death. '' Yukio says putting his hands to his ears.

''Yes but -''

Alaya was going to say something but she couldn't.

'' Yukio !!!! What did you do to me !!! '' Artoria asks With Red Face remembering the Kiss. She picks up her spear and points at Yukio as she tries to hit him with the spear for herself. ''what?''

'' Well the spear is sentient right? She understood that if you kill me you will die with me. After all we are bound for eternity. '' He says smiling.

''Die? linked? '' she asks confused.

'' You are taking a long time to compose yourself. Listen I will explain in a simple way .... You became my Wife! As husband and wife we ​​are connected by destiny! It is an eternal vow of love! now and forever! You will share my destiny and I will share yours! Do you understand now? '' He says as if enlightening a child.

'' HAAAA! ?? ''

To say that Artoria was not ashamed of Yukio's words would be euphemism. Her Pale Face being totally red she points to Yukio and tries to gesture words but can't. She turns to Mordred and runs to her.

Mordred Seeing Artoria coming toward her begins to feel a danger, she quickly starts running but cannot escape Artoria.

Artoria catching Mordred Starts Crying and saying. '' Buaa! Daughter your father is bullying me. Buaa! ''

Listening to Artoria she turns red in the face and says. '' What a Daughter !? Didn't you say you never saw me? AND HE'S NOT MY FATHER! '' She says trying to get Artoria out of her arms.

Yukio Sighs at this sight. 'Where is that Proud Queen !?' he thinks internally ..

Yukio approaches Artoria and Mordred. Seeing that Artoria is crying over him, he gets a little guilty after all he wasn't planning on Binding her as his wife. but because of Arthur's words and Artoria's demonstration he was impulsive. I must not make excuses. I made her my wife because I wanted to. I will never change that decision. '

He with renewed determination pulls Artoria who is clutching Mordred and gives her a deep kiss. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

'' .... ''

Artoria panics when she feels Yukio coming towards her with her new connection she feels him hesitating. but soon that hesitation went away and was replaced by a determination, she turns to look at him but didn't expect him to kiss her again. Feeling her lips together in her mouth, she becomes embarrassed and tries to get out of his embrace but soon she finds herself unable to gather forces.

After kissing Artoria for two minutes Yukio separates from her. Still holding her in his arms, he looks straight into her eyes and her face red with embarrassment as he puts his hand on her face and caress gently as he speaks. ''My wife. Don't Cry, This Face doesn't suit you, I promise I'll never hurt you and I will always love you for eternity. I will protect you and give you a family. Your Desires will be Mine, your enemies will be Mine, I will always be there to carry your burdens. So don't cry. '' Yukio says lovingly while caressing her face.

Artoria Listening to your Confession and your feelings for the Connection She becomes more embarrassed and happy. With Red Face she just nods.


A gesture. but this gesture had feelings she never felt. And those feelings were all recieved by Yukio.

Feeling his feelings for his connection he smiles lovingly. He kiss her. And turns to Modred.

''My daughter. Though I'm not your father in flesh and blood the way you used to know. I am still him. I still feel that I failed you. I shouldn't have rejected you. But I want to start over. Will you come with me? '' Yukio says smiling to mordred. while raising his hand to her.

Mordred looking at Yukio's hand, she feels reluctant. but she decided to give her father a second chance. She reaches out slowly but eventually takes Yukio's hand.

'' Hunf, I will give you a second chance. Just don't expect me to call you Dad so soon. '' She says embarrassed.

Yukio Smiling, pulls her hand for a hug.


'' Family hug, '' he says, smiling as he hugs Mordred and Artoria.

Mordred is embarrassed but doesn't try to let go of his hug. Artoria says nothing just snuggles into Yukio's body.

'' Anoo ''

'' ANOOO !!! ''

Alaya feeling the third wheel. She gets upset and a little jealous. She tries to call them but they don't answer. she decides to scream louder.

'' ANOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!! ''

'' WHAT? '' X3

'Aren't we talking about something super important?' Alaya says upset.

the three hearing her let go of his hug but they stay close to each other still.

'' Alaya get out of bed. Let's talk about how the Heroes Throne works. I will accept you as Subordinate Goddess. Call Gaia and that old Troll. On the way update about what happened. '' Yukio asked Alaya.

''WHAT!? I will not be your subordinate !! NEVER !! '' She says rejecting.

'' Oh ?! so would you rather die? '' Yukio says smiling as he feeds his pressure.

'' HII !! Not!! I'll call them right now !! '' Alaya says with a start.

'' Oh, before you go, come here. ''

Alaya is reluctant but still approaches Yukio.

Yukio puts his hand on his head and says. '' Do you accept me as your god? ''

'' Yes. '' She says reluctantly.

Suddenly a golden chain appeared and wrapped around Alaya, Yukio grabs the chain and puts it on her body. 'Is that the pantheon chain? I became an old God? No ... it's more like the world recognizes me as a Head of a pantheon of gods. '

'' Now you are in my pantheon, You will be the goddess who watches humanity and regulates its progress. It basically hasn't changed anything but I won't tolerate what you did with heroes like Arturia Pendragon Saber and EMIYA. Your only work will be to watch over and regulate the progress of humanity. You will have no authority over the throne of Heroes. '' Victor says seriously. When he says this the world listens to his decree, and a little throne leaves Alaya and enters Yukio. When the Throne enters Yukio he gains memories of How to Use Heroes' Throne. 'Interesting, the Alter Servants are also here.'

Alaya is dissatisfied but says nothing. she looks at Yukio gritting her teeth and teleports to Gaia's domain.

Yukio knows he must give something to Alaya is pleased. But he does not fear betrayal. If she betrays him he can simply kill her. Now that she doesn't have the Heroes Throne she's basically a low level goddess. (Give me a clue as to which deity I should give to Alaya.)

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  • Nirvanic_Sun


    The thing so amazing about humans is their potential. So the goddess of potential and steady progress. The steady part because alaya wipes out the humans whenever they advance too fast as a whole, since when humanity advances too fast they destroy themselves and the planet anyways

  • Joshuajabs


    Divinity of wealth, since everything she owns is gold???

  • AlphaPC


    It can be something great, like divinity of humanity

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