64% Is It Wrong to get Love in the Dungeon? / Chapter 16: Ganesha's Party

Chapter 16: Ganesha's Party

I walk home with additional.. people... I walk inside, no one is inside. They should be out in the backyard training. Estas is shopping for a dress that she will wear for the party. "Honey Ditey!! I'm home!!..." no answer. So we go upstairs to our room and there she's like always. Sleeping.

I pick one of the pillows and throw it at her "WAKE UP!!! YOU LAZY GODDESS!!!" "Emm... 5 more minutes honey!!" She just put the pillow above her head to block the sunlight and continue sleeping. "You still haven't taken your breakfast didn't you? Wake up or I will remove your spot tonight." I said removing the blanket.

She pulls again the blanket and covering her again. "NO! You promise!! You can't remove my spot tonight!!". The girls from Hostess of Fertility just giggle behind me. "Fine, I will move to a different room to sleep with our new sisters.".

"What new sisters?!?" Aphrodite opens her eyes and looks at me and sees 5 girls behind me giggling at our antics. "Why don't you say so earlier? Anya, Syr, Ryuu, Chloe, and Lunoire. Welcome, come here and open your clothes." the girls' blushes, I walk to Ditey and give her hand chop on the head "That's NOT how you said to people that just arrive, they will take it differently."

"Hmph! Fine... I will follow you this time!" Aphrodite said pouting while holding her head and turn her head away from me. 'No, you're not supposed to follow. You need to learn.' "She's just gonna convert you to our familia and explain to you our familia rule. You can reject or accept it, just don't take it for yourself if you mind about the rule. How about you Syr? Freya won't approve you but I don't mind you stay here. I will talk to her tonight probably."

Syr face is a concern when I said I will talk to Freya "No, please I'm okay. You don't have to talk to Freya-sama.". I assure her "No, it's okay. I have to do this. You might want to know why if you stay here but maybe later after I talk to Freya about this. Now, you can follow me to the backyard to look around the mansion. We not really decorating it that much but it's still beautiful for the backyard since it's turned into a scenery beside the training ground."

The sun is set and Estas already back at the mansion. We're preparing to go to Ganesha Familia party. Estas uses her red dress like at the anime but more decoration and fancier while I use the tuxedo that I buy from the system like the one that I saw when on Earth and not forget the glasses.

"So, Estas darling do you want me as your bodyguard or as a husband accompanying his beautiful wife to a party?" I said while asking for her hand. "Fufufu... My husband is becoming romantic. I can't refuse my husband can't I?" Estas give her hand and we're walking to the party.

We arrive at the party and stopped by the gate to ask for the invitation, we give the invitation and get inside. When we arrive, I can see Hestia crouching and packing some food to go home. Then get confronted by Loki that comes with Freya.

Hephaestus talking with the other God and Goddess for business before coming to Hestia, with me holding her hand. Hestia still fights with Loki about their breast and Loki stopped because getting alarmed with my presence the same with Freya. Loki look at me with her squinted eyes and smile on her face "So, you're actually a member of Hephaestus Familia. Never would have guessed, one of the biggest Familia has a member that well-hidden."

"Nope, I'm not a member of Hephaestus Familia. I come here as her husband." I chuckle at the expression of Loki and Freya. "So, how about your familia member, Loki-sama? Still bedridden I suppose. Let him lay for 1 month, so he might heal up.".

The other Gods seem to realize a conflict going on between top familia even though I'm not a member of Hephaestus's Familia but still they move to the side. "Hahahahaha..... Take that you flat-chest Goddess... Hahahaha...." Hestia laugh marking her victory.

"Since when I'm on your side loli big-breast Goddess?" I said rolling my eyes from her. "What!? Hephaestus!! your husband is mean to me!!!" Hestia cry pulling Estas's leg while Loki looks at me "So, mind If I ask who are you and which Familia are you from?".

"I don't mind answering, but should you already know my answer from your friend beside you? Isn't that right Freya-sama?" I said while look at her. She still putting innocent look "I don't think we ever meet before."

"Alright then, Let me introduce myself. I'm Alan Siegfried, Captain of Aphrodite Familia. Nice to meet you." I said while bowing to them. Freya seems to already get the information that she wants about to leave the party. "By the way, Freya-sama, mind if I ask for your time?"

Loki also already get information about me to leave the party and might talk to Finn about me. "I need to leave, I don't want to be 1 party with this cow-breasted Goddess anymore." while Freya thinking to accept me or not.

"Are you sure it's okay Hephaestus? to let your Husband ask for my time? I don't want to steal someone's husband but if he's asking for it don't mind me. Ufufufu." Freya asks while teasing Hephaestus.

"I don't mind, my husband can do what he likes." Estas said while actually there's worry on her face. I smile at her to assure her. "Then please, the balcony seems empty, If you may?" both of us going to the balcony to talk.

"So, Alan-san what are you want to talk about?" Freya ask me with a beautiful smile. "Hah~ You don't have to pretend. You know what I'm gonna ask from you." I said to her.

"I don't really know what are you talking about. If it's about joining my Familia, I'm sure I can find a spot for you." She said. "Don't talk nonsense, if not because it's the party of the Gods, you might already try to use charm on me. Just saying you can't charm me. I'm immune to God's charm."

Freya hearing it seems surprised since usually, she would charm whoever she want to join her familia. "Don't be surprised Freya, I know you're interested in me and Bell. You're looking at the color of the soul, while my soul is covered by something and Bell is pure white. Anyway, I come here to ask you if you want to separate yourself with Syr."

Freya's face went dark "What do you know about me and her?". "It's just my theory, you never take a walk unless you're interested in people. While you looking for information about me and Bell without even looking around. You know me and Bell has the potential to become the strongest. I don't know about Bell but for me. I can fight Ottar right now if you want." I said with confidence in my face.

I continue by saying " I won't meddle with your business on Bell, I only ask if you want to separate with Syr. From what I know about you, you're a very powerful Goddess but you can't have this big of ambition because you have particular divinity blocking your ambition. Which is your divinity of Love, so you try to separate your divinity which turns into Syr Flova. You use your given name in the God Realm, and try to use her to help you manipulate people. Your charm is already so powerful with the help of your Divinity of Sex and Lust. Syr got her charm from your Divinity of Love. Now I'm here to remove it, the part of you that you want to remove so you can continue your ambition to rule. Am I right, Freya-sama?"

Freya's face back to normal smiling and we continue our conversation "Since when?". "Since we come into Hostess of Fertility, My soul is connected to my wife Aphrodite with Divinity of Love. Of course, I can feel something when I met Syr. You and Syr can connect to one another that's why you can see if there's an interesting adventurer or not but the drawback is when you plan something, Syr also knew about it like right when I and Bell meet Syr, since you can't see the color of my soul and Bell's soul is too pure to be true you take an interest on us. I can remove Syr from you by connecting her Divinity to a new soul which is me but I need your concern. So do we have a deal?" I said while extending my hand to her.

"Fufufufu, You really are an interesting person Alan. If only I'm not bound to this much divinity and like your wife only bound to the divinity of Love. I might fall for you." She said while covering her mouth.

"About that, I could also do that. But I might have to kill all your familia to get to you." I said without much concern.

Freya surprise hearing it from me "Alright, I will keep your proposal in mind and I will tell you if I change my mind. About the deal, I approve but you need to treat her lovingly. Even she's becoming human with my divinity she's still part of me once. My condition is only to help people from getting in the way when I give Bell a trial to make him stronger faster. Also, I can't always control my Familia members from being jealous."

I chuckle at this "I don't mind, I can help you keep people away from helping Bell. If about your familia, if they attack me, any of my members or Bell with the intention of a kill. I will kill them first, remember Ottar can't hold me back from coming to your Familia's place. For my proposal changing your divinity, you better hope I'm still at this world when you ask for it." I finish my talking and going back to the party.

My last sentence seems to surprise Freya a little since she's not moving thinking about what I'm saying. I leave her to that, I walk back to my wife Estas standing with troubled face because Hestia just does a dogeza. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Please, Hephaestus help me." Hestia said while doing dogeza. Estas seem troubled by it and while feeling my presence she asks me what to do. "Let's just move to a different place first. The party is basically over since it's only a formality for Ganesha to do Monterphilia event."

The three of us move to my mansion to talk about it. Hestia back to doing a dogeza again and ask for Hephaestus to help "Please make a weapon for Bell-kun."

"Hestia, You know that you already living with me when you first descend right? Do you know that making a weapon also costs you money right? While right now you don't have anything and live inside a broken church." Estas really troubled and looking at me for help.

I whisper to Estas 'Just give her base on her conviction, I'm sure she has a big conviction by asking you this time. It's her first Familia member, after all, and also Don't you want to use the material that I got from the dungeon?'. Whispering this makes me awkward since I'm the first familia member too but need to help her search for sisters.

"Alright, I will help you Hestia, just this time. My husband helps you convince me. After all, I can't really refuse my husband here." She said while surprising me she gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"Stop teasing me Estas, you will be busy these few days. I will bring you food down to your workshop. Also, for you Hestia. You need to help Estas making weapons, ok? For now, take a room inside the mansion. You girls can start the process tomorrow. Now rest first." I leave the room after giving Estas a kiss on her forehead to tell her Good luck.

I'm going upstairs to my room, outside the door there stood Syr looking outside the window. Syr realizes my presence and comes running to me crying and hugging me "Thank you, Alan" For the first time she kissed me shortly on my lips and I connect her Divinity to my soul.

Rouxk Rouxk

Thanks for the support.

I don't know how much I can post when I'm at the exam

It's only 1 week but I will try to post in-between.

You can vote whether I resurrect members of Astrea Familia or not.

Or Should I take Freya too or not

Hope you Enjoy

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  • Chronus12345


    for my part I support freya and it is necessary for the harem

  • Kalafijor


    Author you should rly take Freya to harem, she is beautifull and she is not so bad... well another thing that i dont found any fanfic when mc take Freya as part of harem or love interest , so I support Freay as harem member!!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO for her xd

  • Rouxk


    That was quick But the thing is why I ask freya or not Is because we miss Sadistic Onee-chan type 🤣🤣

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