65% Ultimate Highschool DxD / Chapter 25: Getting Servants

Chapter 25: Getting Servants

The Heroic Spirits all charged at me. I knew it would come to this. Most of these are as strong as High-class devils. So, most of them are very weak compared to me. I'm not interested in fighting the weak bunch. I activate the Longinus Aeon Balor. My eyes change as the longinus activates. All the heroic spirits stop in their tracks as time itself stops. Due to my control over Aeon Balor, it can stop time for eternity and the only ones it doesn't affect are Super Devils, Stronger Gods and Heavenly Dragons and those beyond them. Seeing this condition of these so called heroes, I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Hahahaha you call yourselves heroes. I'm standing right in front of you without any weapons. Why don't you attack me?" I said while laughing. This situation is very amusing. I didn't want to have any me servants so I summoned innumerable light spears and kill all the male heroic spirits. I only let seven male heroic spirits live, who are the strongest heroic spirits. I used my powers to forge a contract with all the heroic spirits. I only left the eight strongest heroic spirits. I want to fight against them.

I release them all as my eyes change back to normal. All of them are surprised to see the dead heroic spirits. Some of them were shocked.

"I killed most of you. I also formed contracts with all of you. But the contracts I formed with you all are permanent." I said with a vicious grin.

They all were surprised at this. But among them one laughed out loud.

"Hahaha you think you have made me your servant?" he said. He was a handsome young man with golden hair and red eyes. He was wearing golden armour. It was Gilgamesh.

"No, I didn't form contracts with all of you. I left the nine strongest ones among you. They are Lancelot, Heracles, Solomon/Goetia, Artoria, Karna, Achilles, Enkidu and Gilgamesh. I want to fight you all." I said.

"Then fight us!" all of them except Gilgamesh charged at me. I know that all of them are strong as Ultimate-class devils except Enkidu and Gilgamesh who are as strong as Satan-class devils.

Lancelot charged at me with a sword and activating his Noble Phantasm turning the sword into his noble phantasm. I grabbed his sword with one hand and shattered it. Then I punched him in the gut with with such force that it created a hole in his stomach and he died. The others were shocked seeing this but they regained their composure.

Then Heracles came at me. He swung his sword-axe at me but I blocked it with my hand. He already activated his Noble Phantasm God Hand: The Twelve Labors. But since my attacks are even above A++ rank, they'll damage him. I punch him in the chest making a hole in it taking his first life. I then summoned huge light spears and throw themat him taking his second life. I continued this taking his third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh life. I created two big fire balls and threw them him and taking his last two lives and burning him to ashes.

Solomon uses his third Noble Phantasm a strong and large ray of light comes at me. I block the ray of light with my barrier magic. Goetia takes over Solomon's body and comes at me. Without wasting time, I use Holy Lightning on him, killing him instantly.

Karna and Achilles together charge at me. Karna summons his Brahmastra and tries to cut me. I summon Galatine and have a sword fight with him. I quickly got behind him with my ultra sonic speed and pierce his back and his heart killing him. Achilles charged at me but I jumped behind him, cutting hs head off with Galatine.

Then Artoria comes at me with Excalibur. I use Galatine to fight her. She is good, but not better than me. I dodge one of her attacks and give her a chop on the neck, making her unconscious. I immediately formed a permanent contract with her.

Then Enkidu comes at me. We both have a fierce fight. After a while, I hit him with the hilt of Galatine, making him unconscious. I also form a permanent contract with the him.

The only one now left is Gilgamesh. He collected the Noble Phantasms of some of the dead Heroic Spirits that he didn't possess. Then he equips his golden armor and summons Ea. He knows that I'm not weak and has decided to go all out from the start.

"You are strong. I believe you can give me a great fight." he said with a smirk.

"It seems that the Strongest Hero remains. Let's have a fight to the death. I will beat you King of Heroes, Gilgamesh!" I said with a serious tone. He created the gate of Babylon and threw various weapons at me like bulets. I dodge his weapons and summon Canis Lykaon as an ominous black blade appears on my hand. I summon blades to intersect Gilagamesh's attacks and I charge at him. We both have a sword fight. Finally he used Utanapishtim as a void is created. I activate Canis Lykaon's Balance Breaker Nine Celestial Slash Dogs and recite its chant.

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My body becomes covered with darkness as six tails appear on my back. I destroy the void with my power and appear in front of Gilgamesh. I immediately pierce his heart using a sword. He had a smile on his face as he was satisfied with our battle and dies. I take his Noble Phantasms and powers. As Enkidu is genderless, I can turn him into a female. I use the Sephiroth Graal to change him into a female. His body changed with smooth pale skin and a voluptuous figure. I take them all to my Pocket Dimension and introduce them to the Nekomatas. I got out and explored this universe. I learned that fate series has only one universe that exists and that is the fate stay night universe. The other universes of Fate series don't exist but some of their characters exist in the fate stay night universe. I learned that the Gods of this world and our world are the same.

I also meet all the girls like Rin Tohsaka, Sakura, Illyasviel, Angelica and all the other female characters. Because of me killing the heroic spirits and making them my servants, the balance of the fate stay night universe has been destroyed. As a this entire universe got destroyed, but I managed to save all the females in this universe leaving the males to die. I took them all to my pocket dimension and let them live there. They all fell in love with me as they all agreed to become my wives. I can create various universes within my pocket dimension, but I can't create life. I made one universe in my pocket dimension that looks just like the fate stay night universe and told the women to live there.

I now have Gilagamesh's powers. I devoured his soul and absorbed his powers. As a result, my body changed as I became even more pale and handsome. My hair has become Golden while my eyes became bloody red. The women all blushed when they saw me. My body also became a "Perfect Golden-proportioned body" and my soul started glowing golden. I also gained a number of red tattoos on my body.

I spent nearly two days in here. Now the fate stay night universe has been destroyed and this place is nothing more than an empty space with nothingness. I am currently floating in this empty space. It's time for me to go back to my own world. I use dimension magic to create a vortex and enter inside it. The vortex closes here and opens up in the DxD universe. I exit the vortex, but I was shocked to see what was currently happening.

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  • IdHc


    This power trip is hilarious but I'm not complaining! Laughed throughout this whole chapter xD

  • Gloutonny454


    Excellent chapitre comme d'hab Continuer svp

  • airambach26


    So it means you also got all and gaia is it author but one question did you also put granny in his harem or turn them into young woman also have the, learn a technique so they have power and help isse

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