86.36% Douluo Dalu: Dark vermilion phoenix douluo / Chapter 38: 38.SPIRIT RING PT3

Chapter 38: 38.SPIRIT RING PT3

"Let's go we need to go to Tang San spirit beast next. "An then start running toward east.

The other when they see An is moving they also follow him and they took five minute to finally meet Tang San spirit beast.

Tang San beast is A green sunflower with a golden body but there's one problem. The problem is right now there are fucking group of thunder monkey that staying around the flower so they will have hard time to get the flower.

An then said

"For this beast we have to help Tang San distract the attention of the monkey so Tang San can use his grass to take the flower and you Tang San don't need to worry about the poison from the Sunflower because its poison can't do anything to you so let get move now. "

They all when they knew what they need to do they start attacking the monkey group using thier own spirit skill. The first who attack is Ning'er she use her third spirit ring HELL MOON FLAME RAIN when Ning'er use this technique a rain of silver colour fire get down from the sky and attack the monkey group,the monkey group when they get attacked by the fire they roaring very loud because of the pain. After that the other start attacking to and while they were attacking Tang San is sending his grass silently to the sunflower and the sunflower when beast feel something is curling around her body she suddenly shriek and posion get rushing out from her body but Tang San grass just ingnored the poison and grip the flower until it faint. When Tang San see the beast already faint Tang San said

"Let's go i already have the beast! "Tang San said while throw his grass to catch the one who can't fly and run away from that place.

An when he see Tang San already catch the other he just said

"You two go let me handle the beast! "An said to Hongjung and Fei Fei

Honjung and Fei Fei when they hear what An said they just nod and flying toward the way Tang San and the other run.

An when he see he just left alone here he then said

"Finally i can use my full power get ready you fucker!"

An said while he make a very big black flame sword and suddenly the flame sword gone,the beast when they see the powerful flame just gone they all make a loud roar like they were laughing at An.

An when he see this he just smile and suddenly all 50 meter area around the beast get into a black flame and a loud pain can hear from the beast yes he use his HELL ILLUSIONARY PHOENIX SWORD and his use his FLAME OF ILLUSIONIST to make the attack more formidable.

An when he see the beast roaring in pain he smile and he wait for a few minutes until he can't hear any roaring he then snap his finger and the flame gone,when the flamw gone there were nothing in there except 2 spirit bone 1 chest bone and 1 left leg bone.

An when he saw the the bones he then walked toward the bone and put it into his pocket space.

After An take the bone he then use his wings to fly with speed of the light to go to thier previous meeting places.

As soon as An got there he can see that Tang San,Oscar and Honjung is already absorbing the spirit ring. An then ask the other how long they have it been since they start absorbing the rings and Xiao Wu answer

"It have been five minutes since they start absorbing."

Emm okay and Xiao Wu can you call Fei Fei tell her i want to give her something and also you to came together with Fie Fie.

In two minutes Xiao Wu arrived in front An with Fei Fei.

An when he see that the girls already came he then tell Fie Fie

"I want you to take this bone and absorb it also i don't want to hear you say you don't want to take the bone because the bone is precious."An said while give a left leg bone

Ning'er then answer

"Who want to push the bone??are they stupid to even to push the spirit bone when someone give it to him or her?? even its precious i will not push it because the bone was give to me and add with from my big brother i will did not even dare to make a sound. "

An when he hear what Fei Fei say he smiling because he like how Fie Fie use the advantage that other people give to her.

After that An ask Xiao Wu

"Xiao Wu can u still fuse with other spirit bone even if you are spirit beast? "

"Yes i can because when i change form from beast to human all my body condition is changing and because of that i can fuse with other spirit bone."Xiao Wu

"Is that so its good then i want you to take this bone and fuse with it! "An said while giving Xiao Wu torso spirit bone.

Xiao Wu when she get the bone she just smile and say thanks and walk to beside Fei Fei to absorb the bone.

And also An know that Ning'er is jealous when he give the spirit bone to Fie Fie and Xiao Wu because he can see when he give the bone Ning'er just scorned and walk to the shady big tree and lay under the shady tree. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

An after he done giving the bone he then walked toward Ning'er silently and lay beside her and ask

"are you jealous my baby? "An

"No i'm not"Ning'er said with slight red face

An then said

"Don't be jealous my baby,i didin't give you those spirit bone cause its not suitable for you and Don't worry becausw i will give you a better spirit bone and i even will give you a special bone." An said while grining

Ning'er when she hear what An said she get more red and then suddenly she got relax and her seducer aura suddenly out and she ask An

"It's that so my hubby? Ohhh I can't wait for it"Ning'er

An when he heard what Ning'er said he want to answer but he stop because he can see A storm around 5 meter suddenly appear and the storm also have power to immbolize a person.

An then see where source of the storm came from and when he see the source he smiled because the storm came from...

(Cliff Hanger kun is here again wkwkwkkwkwk)

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    It's from stalker dragon 🐲

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    Wow The storm come from clif kun😅

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