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Chapter 5: More Time Skip

~8 Year Skip~

It's been 8 years since our meeting with Lamunya. A lot of things has happen within these 8 years. For instance, my older brother has been taken hostage with a group of people in a shopping mall, but with his strong body he beated up all the criminal. Seeing that, the CEO of RMC recruited us triplets, which we accepted because of the high pay. As the CEO also saw potential in us as magicians so she began teaching us about magic. As for my brother he hasn't changed much still and is still carefree as ever. He can't even watch porn without freezing like a statue, I worry about his love life. I mean Lamunya got feelings for him but my brother is such a block head and ever since that Luna nii got a jacuzzi, he became addicted to it and he barely leave his jacuzzi. He also has gotten a habit of being an exhibitionist when he goes home just so he can go back to his jacuzzi. As for my sister recently she built a car, called Chrono Stinger, it's a four-seater convertible equipped with a 5.2 DOHC V10 engine, built by her making the car one of a kind and it even comes with an auto roof. She also turned into a caffeine and protein addict. She still is somewhat clingy which has me worried and I hope she will get this habit off soon. We even got a new pet penguin, For Corona's birthday me and Luna nii both got her a penguin plush and one day he just came alive and moved out next door, his name is Sora. As for me recently I discovered an over powered magic that can be used only by me and I call it 'Rolling Field'. You're probably wonder what this move does right?

(Rolling Field: It creates a field that restrict anyone inside the field physical and magically, it also let's the person in the field choose an ability. The ability will active once you roll a die, depending on the ability, the chances decreases the stronger they get. You may be allowed to roll a die every minute in the battle field. The only way to escape from this field is if your magic is much stronger than the field, or your aura is strong enough to break the field or you have the ability to break space physically.)

If we had a power scaling in DXD verse I would say that I'm near the peak of ultimate class.

Since spring break is about to end. Our first year as freshmen in high school is soon to come.

The high school we're going to is Hope's Academy (Not Hope's Peak from Danganronpa). The school was built by RMC, making it one of the most popular school out there. Since we live in the coast of Japan, they built a large bridge which our parents built and an artificial small land just for the school. Just because this school was built by RMC doesn't make this school special right? What makes this school special compared to the rest is that, it's built to withstand an intercontinental ballistic missile strike. That's not all, unlike any other schools where students sit down and listen to lectures, but we got none of that. So you're wonder how credits work, you may ask? Well we got explicit authorization by the ministry of education, sports, science and technology. In this school we prioritize hands-on experience over lectures. We earn credits through practical experience and volunteer work through companies affiliated with RMC. You can even earn money from the classes you do. So it's like working and studying at the same time, leaving you with plenty of free time. Since many shops in Japan are affiliated with RMC, most employee there are mostly student or an alum of Hope's academy. Grades are based upon your contribution to the local areas, so the harder you work, the higher your grades are. Another thing that makes this school great is you can decide your own schedule on your own terms. The school uniform we gets, protection against .45 ACP ammunition and a wide range of flexibility. Plus, the embedded IC chip grants you discount at all RMC-affiliated stores. As for how we got in this academy, we were automatically into it because of our special position within RMC.

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"Para Pa Pa Pa Pa Para Papara Papaahh."

"Pahriru Pahriru Pariru Pahriru."

"Pahriru Pariru Pahriru Pharu Rahh."

After coming back from work, I hear my Luna nii singing his usual old disco song as his routine in his jacuzzi, considering that I was mentally tired making dinner wasn't something I would want to do. I then look at the refrigerator. 'Looks like it almost empty.' Seeing the refrigerator nearly empty I decided that I should buy some groceries to stock up and call it a day.

"Nii-san you got anything you want to eat? I'm going to go out and buy us some dinner." I said casually.

Seeing that he put his rubber ducky. "Anythings fine." He said while going back to hum his usual songs.

'Since Corona hasn't come back yet I will get her the same as Nii-san.' Having everything with me I then head out.


"Ma'am that would be 69999 Yen." The cashier said from the amount of stuff I bought. I then payed the cashier and start to head out.

Using space magic which I have a monstrous affinity for it I put teleported the inventory I got back to the refrigerator.

Walking around aimlessly, I saw something that caught my attention. Looking at the sign "Cherry Crown Diner" A massive cola sign. Interested in this restaurant I walked in.

Looking it from the inside, the place seem very cozy, the maximum amount of people could be atleast 40. The seat here looks comfortable. Seeing that there wasn't any customers I started to feel pity for this place. Maybe because it wasn't affiliated with RMC people probably decided not to come here.

"Bueno! Ray-chan we got a customer."

BrokenPersonality BrokenPersonality

Last time skip

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