60% Apocalypse Absorption System / Chapter 3: 003: Good Haul

Chapter 3: 003: Good Haul


D1 17:00

'Now, what else changed?'

The only thing I had noticed change about me was related to {Electrokinesis} and {Sense‌ Enhance}, so I was confused on how to even activate my third ESPer ability.

For a little bit, I sat there thinking. Many different ideas popped into my head, but none worked. Nothing I did with my hands or body worked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Could it be…"

I tried my new idea. I was to focus on a specific thing, in this case it was the area around my hand. 'I hope this works…'

All that filled my brain was thoughts making the gravity go up around my hand.

"Is it really not gonna-"


"SHIT!" I yelled. My hand went straight into the floor, taking my surprised body with it. I lost focus right as my hand hit the ground, so there was luckily no bones broken, but my shoulder was a little sore from the sudden jerk of my hand.

"Tsk! I don't think this one will be easy to control after all" I figured. "It will be too dangerous to do on myself, for now."

On top of being hard to control (so far at least), it is incredibly taxing. I already felt a little drowsy from that first use, while {Electrokinesis} barely took anything out of me despite using it for almost 6 hours straight. 'I guess bending one of the fundamental laws of nature to my will should be taxing… lest I start throwing black holes all over the place.'


After three hours of training, according to the time left for the survive quest, I was able to do quick gravity increases and decreases, but controlling the levels is still out of reach. Since I am able to do this, I'll be able to use it even during battle.

'Well, It's time to check any uninhabited apartments.'

I had heard many people leaving their rooms during my experimenting. I didn't, however, hear any movement in the top floors. It seemed like they were uninhabited, but there's no reason not to check.

The darkness that was around me was extremely jarring. Even with my enhanced eyesight it is hard to make out anything. I was forced to move around using only my ears to see. 'This is actually quite convenient, I may have to teach myself echolocation when I'm finished with my ability training.'

I wasn't really great at seeing with sound, so I just decided to use the lightning to make myself a human glow-stick. Inside the first room I went into (unlocked because the original lock was digital), was a decent amount of stuff. Most in cardboard boxes, but some clothes and furniture was sprawled out.

I needed a bigger backpack, so that was the first thing I searched for. I got lucky, because whomever used this room as a storage unit seemed to like to backpack in the mountains near here, so they had some pretty good gear.

That included; a large hiking backpack, boots that fit me, a small tent with a sleeping bag, and a water canteen. I didn't need some of the other stuff, but I took the water purifier just in case the city has it's cut off/stops working.

The stuff was a little dusty, so it took a while to get that shit off.

During the process of shaking down the gear, I came across a fire starting kit, a survival manual, and some more portable food. 'This person really did save me, I had no idea how to live in the wilderness, but this bro really set me up for success.'

The other rooms had some useful medicines in them, with a couple holding clothes that fit me. My build is sort of uncommon where I'm from (I'm close to 190 cm [6' 2.5'']) and quite lean, so it was surprising to find good fitting clothes.

The only problem I came into was the dead bodies. I had already steeled myself, but it was a little creepy. I checked their pulses, and they definitely weren't alive. 'This just left me more confused than before…' I thought. 'Did they die after they got their abilities, or was it something else that killed them…'

The mystery would have to wait for longer. Since I had filled up the backpack enough, I went back to the roof to sleep. I wasn't going to sleep with a ton of dead bodies, nor in a room probably filled with spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Up there, when I looked up, a beautiful array of stars lit up the night sky. "Wow, is this what the sky looked like before we came along? Damn!" I said in surprise. "I'll get some sleep now, I want to get up early to get into some more apartments. This last hau-"


'Panther' "Fuck."

Comments (2)

  • imsterile4


    Thanks for the chapter, can you say what your releasing schedule will be or if there is none. Thanks for the chapter again

  • FXDuckie


    I don't have plans for a specific release schedule. I will try to get out at least one chapter every other day.

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