61.53% Pokemon In Cultivation World / Chapter 8: Sneaky Snake

Chapter 8: Sneaky Snake


A red haired girl carrying a green bag was walking on a crude made road, the locals around here would notice that the road led to a not so friendly forest nearby.

The girl was obviously Blake, who was heading to the second most dangerous forest around here, Black Bear Forest. This forest was the main place that the people of the city hunted, it was more dangerous than Green Bark forest but it gave way more gold coins.

These people have family to feed, Blake can barely manage feeding himself and Riolu with four copper coins per day. And that's not counting clothing and other stuff, Blake had to wash himself and his clothes on a river in Green Bark Florest, Riolu guarding him. Having to stay naked swimming on a river until your clothes dried up was annoying.

That's why he bought new clothes. But with the little amount money he had, the clothes he could buy were pretty low quality and ugly, even a guy like him who had no fashion sense and normally didn't care about clothes, didn't want to wear them. He thinks he is so picky probably because he was from modern society.

As Blake approached the forest, he saw way more people going there than when he was at Green Bark Forest. This got him a somewhat worried, since that increases the chance of people seeing Riolu. He wasn't worried that much in Green Bark Forest since so few people go there, but the situation was different here.

Unless he goes deeper in the forest, he had to depend on his luck to not meet anyone. The forest wans't small, but with so much hunters, the chance of meeting someone was still big.

"Sigh... With so many people hunting, won't all the animals here go extinct?" If there were no more animals, a lot of people would end up starving since they depended on the money they get from hunting, and would inevitably become farmers.

Meat also would become pretty rare, and the number of farmers would explode. Only the rich will be able to eat meat, and everyone else would eat vegetables all day, with nothing else to eat.

But Blake knows that stopping these guys from hunting wasn't possible anymore, they literally get money to live from it. There was nothing he could do.

"Guess I will have to use that excuse after all." Blake saw people using beasts for all sorts of thing, mainly for mounting. He also got to know that Monster Tamers existed, the only reason he didn't bring out Riolu with the excuse he was one of those, was because pokemon were special.

Riolu acted pretty human like, unlike those beasts, and had some good intellect. The other beasts were at most a bigger, different colored horse or something like that. Together with the fact that Riolu had special powers, it would still be weird for them.

Blake could still bullshit his way out though, since no one would care about it too much unless they were experts on the field, like actual Monster Tamers.

After being far enough from the entrance, Blake brought Riolu out of his pokeball.

"Let's go, and be more careful than usual. This place is completely foreign to us."


Riolu did as told and had a wary expression all the time, focusing on searching hidden enemies with his Aura. They walked for some time with nothing happening, until Riolu expression got suddenly overly serious.

"Riolu?.." Blake thought about the situation for half a second and suddenly frowned.

"Vaccum Wave."

Riolu immediately punched out a vacuum wave to the bush ahead of them. A green flash got out of it, probably startled. It lifted it's head and hissed at them, it was a green snake.

"Riolu, be careful. This one can be poisonous." Blake had a Antidote and Super Potion on his bag just in case, he didn't want him or Riolu to die because he didn't spent money after all. You can't buy your life back.

The snake jumped back into the bush, and you could see a green flash jumping from bush to bush, obviously to confuse Riolu. Blake got to a far enough distance, what if the snake targeted him?

"Riolu, remember your Aura training! Try to sense it!" Shouted Blake. A vacuum wave wasn't going to hit such a small and fast opponent.

Riolu closed his eyes and tried to sense his opponent, the snake agilely moved to a bush behind him. Like it saw a chance with Riolu closing his eyes, it jumped at him from behind at a incredible speed!



Riolu suddenly opened his eyes and dodged the snake, Blake felt it looked like the time Riolu grabbed the stone he threw at him. Riolu grabbed the snake neck while it was still in mid air! The snake was held a in a position that it couldn't bite him, you could see small drops of liquid coming out of it's sharp teeth.

Riolu didn't waste any time and directly smashed the snake head, who still had a open mouth, to the ground with full force!! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


It's head got immediately smashed. It's brain splashed everywhere, some even flew on Riolu cheek.

"Good job." Blake came and patted the dirty smiling Riolu, this little guy had some great fighting instinct.

"I'm really lucky ain't I? to meet a poisonous snake the first time we came here." Blake didn't think that was common. Anyway, that was good EXP for Riolu who had more than half of his EXP bar filled with all they accumulated, and good money for him since such a small snake wasn't heavy.

"Come on, let's continue." Him and Riolu didn't stop and searched for enemies around the forest, they didn't got harmed after all and the day just started.

You could see their figures going deeper into the forest from behind, disappearing from view.

RichBoyWinston RichBoyWinston

Yo, I somehow got time. 10k views, thank you all :)

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