75% FATE/RWBY / Chapter 3: Laughter Of The Day

Chapter 3: Laughter Of The Day


I didn't want to answer even if they asked me later.

Let's look at it from a point of view that is not mine appears a person who fainted in a forest surrounded by dark creatures that looks like a version of Hulk wolf but version dark and ask him whether is man or woman asta ay is good but to answer what kind of person you don't know your gender.

You may be wondering why I don't use my hands to Saber the answer.

First, I'm not going asher in the house of strangers with the risk of discovery and possible labelled pervert or perverted good you understand.

Second the voice of Saber screaming in my head is not as if to say something in particular but when I think of the idea of figuring out my gender-my head hurts and I think I can understand a clear no.

Perhaps you wonder why you just don't feel like a little bit, because no one can know your body but the problem here is also to Saber is as I only I have to worry about other things, but I'm not sure if I have full control of this body.

"Remenant calling to Saber, listen to me"

They took Me out of my thoughts quickly.

While turning to look at the little red riding hood that was next to me.

"Can I see your gun? please do not ask you for more, of course if it is not you have more weapons"

The little girl, or Ruby looked at me with the eyes of a puppy while I was wondering if I could see my sword.

I didn't see the problem.

"Of course"

She jumped for joy while his eyes shone with anticipation.

"Great as the bring that Yang left her on the floor below"

I could see her rushing out of the room and I straighten up in bed, after turn to look out the window that was in the room and I I dipped in my thoughts, or to Saber if I could say better, and the voice of Know rang again.

[Quiet, take it easy I am here, therefore you'll be perfect is the most you should feel honored with my presence]

A small laugh came out of my lips.

Quiet Saber I'm okay after I looked at it again and with more detail the life of Claudius Nero.

POV Qrow Branwen

You Know, today was supposed to be a great day in the cantina waiting for me a beautiful bottle aged.

But no, today I had to get up early in the morning to find that Yang brought to an unknown person or her that's starting to cause problems.

But I after you woke up did you call to Saber obviously got up the guard before a stranger could be a thief trying to enter in the house by deceiving to Yang but it wasn't anything bad after that we discussed a little bit we didn't know nothing but we do not feel or in my case bad intentions Know.

Although the same is kept guarded.

While I was in the kitchen I saw Ruby running on the stairs.

"I why in such a hurry"

"You know he said that I could look at his gun and wanted to bring your gun to see how it works"

"I'll go with you Tai said that this sword weighs up to not believe, I accompany you to bring the sword"

Well, I am not lying to you in part I am telling the truth just didn't tell him the missing part is that I am also going to monitor, and you are sure Ruby.

I have my reasons to worry about Ruby missing two years before creating his weapon change mechanic and he is just learning how to handle the sickle.

"Of course, uncle Qrow"

After that accompany her through the door to look outside and see the sword lying on the floor was a scarlet red blade had a form like fire his handle was, as a rule, and no matter how looked at it always gave me a bad feeling I was not happy about this sword.

While Ruby looked at it with more detail I went over to try to pick it up when my hand by accident touching the blade cut me slightly.

This sword is very sharp it is good that I am here if not Ruby might exit wound when I released the sheet and try to lift it by the handle.



That sucks, sorry for the bad words but this sword.

With a demon that kind of force you have to Saber to be able to pick it up.

Two consecutive attempts it was necessary to be able to lift the sword that weighs what is not written.

Ruby Led the way, the hard part were the stairs if you accidentally let go of the sword, and I could go sacking of the stairs the weight of this sword combined with its cutting edge are dangerous.

After we boarded we went directly to the room of Saber when we were in the frame I was able to hear a song do not know her, but Ruby did not enter the room and just look at it from the framework.

( N/A: If you want to know what song you are singing, look for "Mirror Mirror," those who have seen RWBY maybe the know )

When I also look at the frame I saw to Saber was who was singing.

"You're crying..."

When I saw a little better, Knowing I was getting some tears.


Just to say this.

I would like to not have to go through this again.

Maybe you Saber it can handle well these situations but I felt sad. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

I felt sad when I found out that it was just a tool for my mother.

I felt sad when they got out of my theatre, which was what he didn't like my work.

I felt sad when the people in the much you trust did not respond to my love.

And at the end I felt sad just then I felt an emptiness when you die alone with no one to accompany me no one to weep over my death.

I wanted to get my emotions out that were not more here.


And so I did, to sing.

Do not sing loud but sing.

And by the end, they heard applause as I was turning to see Ruby who was there with a smile.

"I liked your song"

I felt strange, this is how things should be, my art is something beautiful.

[Yes, we are artists of world-class has not everyone is going to like our art so you must always be happy because you like our art will be sad and that is not something we can allow, be happy doing everything that you can and I know even happier if you encourage]

"Thank you, compliments are always welcomed especially if they come from a beautiful maiden"

Ruby turned around quickly to see to the other side, strangely that Qrow looked at me with a look of "death" or something so the situation made me laugh.

AstolfoYggmilenia AstolfoYggmilenia

Hello, you want to know what servants are the cards or leave it to the mystery.

I would also like if you could put more comments seriously, they are grateful.

Thanks, Kevinlu19721

Comments (2)

  • Kevinlu19721


    Btw remember to put like Name before or after who’s talking it’s can get confusion if you didn’t know beforehand like. “Ruby: your crying” it’s hasn’t has to be her real name, it can also be pet named for hey or something. But anyways keep up with the good work

  • mati98akd



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