60% Maka, Maka! / Chapter 3: I dreamt about you last night and fell out of bed twice

Chapter 3: I dreamt about you last night and fell out of bed twice


My band was practicing more frequently, and more intensively in the days following the announcement. In some ways we all felt guilty that Nico was funding everything himself, but everyone was excited with the chance to record at a real (and a famous one at that) studio with a well known producer.

We wanted it to be a success. We wanted it bad. Starting from our first meetings with Ian Gran the Producer, we worked on simplifying our songs. They had to be catchy and memorable. As for drums that I played, it was reduced to the barest minimum beats. Kick snare kick snare.

All this time, I often remembered that day I listened to the Smiths together with Mika

We went separate ways without a word after listening that song together, and it lingered in my head.

I did not try to interpret what she wanted to tell me. Important thing was what I got out of that moment. Somehow I felt more encouraged to do my own thing, and I started trying to write my own songs with my own lyrics.

About 3 weeks have passed, and Maka hasn't come to talk to me once. I did not bother make the effort either. It's not like I expected anything to 'develop' out of that. It was just cool this way.

:beep beep: hm?

I check my phone for the new message

"Have you written any new songs?"

Unknown sender – I had a hunch who it is, but anyways, I'd ask

"Who is this?"

"Heh, guess who?"

I frown and put my phone down.

:Beep beep:

"Too busy fapping? >.< "

"WTF man who is this"

"LOL it's me Maka"

That weirdo again. I flop the phone onto my bed and let myself sink in too.

Some minutes later

"Fapping again? >.<"

"What do you want"

"I just wanted to say I dreamt about you last night"

Huh..? how am I supposed to respond to this?

"and I fell out of bed twice. Again. >.<"


"hey, I meant it literally. You are disturbing me in my dreams"

"I have no idea what you are talking about"

"you are always doing… disturbing things to me…"

"…in my dreams >.<"

"I don't want to know. What do you need -_-"

"You free this Saturday?"

"No I have my band practice"

"The shitty band? >.<"

"Yes… but we are getting better"

"Good for you then. Enjoy your band practice on Saturday"

"Right. Bye"

This girl is just very weird.. I had to text Poos.

"Yo man did you give Maka my number?"

"hah yes, sorry man I didn't ask you"

"She texted me just now"

"What did she say?"

"She asked me if I was fapping"


"I know, WTF"

"Don't take her too seriously, she just likes messing about"


I lay on my back looking up to the ceiling with the phone still in my hand. So that's what it was. She just like messing about with people.

[Saturday late afternoon – in Nico's practice studio in town (yes he is loaded)]

"Right guys, that was pretty good for today. Let's just run through the set one more time then we are done for today" – Nico seems pleased today.

:RRRRRRRRNG: The studio's door bell rings – as it is, it's extra loud.

Nico looks puzzled and goes over to check the intercom

"Who is this?"

"Hello, is Toobo there?"

"Hey Toobo some girl is looking for you"

What the fuck…?

"I'm not expecting anyone"

"erm… uh…he.. says he's… not expecting..an..anyone" Nico's not good at speaking to girls. We all giggle as we can overhear the conversation

"Are you guys having band practice?"

"er….yes..how..who are you?"

"I came to see your shitty band!"



I run to the door to open it and there she was, Maka standing there with a smile on her face, waving hi.

"Maka, how did you know we were here?!"

"You said you will have a band practice today"

"No I mean, how did you know this is where we practice?"

"Someone I know told me heh"

Oh that darn Poos. He's been here before to see (laugh at) us. He didn't have to go this far again.

I looked to the right and there stood Nico with his face blushing. In normal circumstances I know he would have burst into a fit of rage, but he just kinda stood there looking uneasy.

"Look, I'm sorry about this Nico.. I didn't know she would…"

"Hey, can I come in?" – Maka cuts in, asking as if though nothing was wrong

"Absolutely not-"

"Ye…yes, pppl, please come in…" – huh, Nico's cutting me off and letting Maka in?

"Thanks!", then she runs into the practice room

"Nico, what are you doing?" I whisper behind Maka's back

"She wanted to see us play man" (now he's talking normal)

"She just called us a shitty band"

"Toobs. It's up to us to change that perception" – what is that with a creepy wink and a thumb up..?

"Right boys, we gonna run through the full set!"

"Sorry to interrupt you guys before. I'm Maka" – you are not welcome bitch…

"Hello Maka~"

"Right, let's show her what we are really made of!" – Nico seems pumped up now.

I count one two three four with my drum sticks and we start with our usual opening song. A super fast rocky song with really catch chorus – this was one of the songs that I thought could give us a breakthrough. Although we only played live in small venues so far, it was always a good opening song for the crowd.

I think we all got quite motivated and played extra hard. It was the first time we were showing an outsider our 'new' selves since we've been getting into this seriously.

When we finished our last song, there was a silence. We looked at each other, and looked at Maka, expecting some kind of a reaction.

She just stood there with that blank look on her face again.

"Er… Maka..? What did you think of…"

"This is sh…..no I mean… sad"

"huh..?" I was puzzled, and Nico looked genuinely disappointed too

"Could you explain?"

"Is that really alright?"

"Normally, no. I don't care for the crazy things you say. But I would like to hear what you really think after hearing us out fully"

"hugh… where should I start…"

"Don't worry, just go on. Be honest. Be yourself"

"Ok, you asked for it, first of all this singer guy.. (it's Nico), oh yes, Nico – his singing isn't half as bad and he looks enthusiastic enough, but the style is just so camp (I hear something break in the room), and the guitar dude – he plays like those youtube kids that can play scales superfast but with no soul at all, and the keyboardist – ok, he should shave his moustache first (cough) but that's not about music, but this mix of poppy rock with cheesy 80s electronics sound just doesn't work. You guys are not edgy at all. It sounds all so calculated. And worst of all, Toobo…"

(I swallow a deep breath)

"I'm so disappointed of you. You are not cool at all. What are you doing just banging the same beat over and over. What musical involvement do you have with this whole thing at all. You are just tagging along because you don't have balls to make your own band and do what you want.."

"Shut the fuck up!" I burst out

"What the fuck do you know about me? How the fuck can you say these things when you have no clue about who I am? I put up with you for Poos, but you are just constantly being fucked up"

"Hey Toobs, hold back.." – Nico tried to stop me (why?)

"No I have to say this – you are a crazy fuck. I don't even call you a bitch because it has nothing to do with the fact that you are a girl, you are just fucked up as a person. Stop screwing around with people just for your fun"

I was panting after bluring all this, but Maka didn't look so upset – if she was, she didn't show it.

"I guess that's it then. I'm ashamed I dreamt of you. Twice. And you did all these things to me too you pervert. We are over now"

"wai…. What….."

Maka stormed out of the studio before I could probably respond. Only thing I could do was shout at the closing door Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"there was nothing! There is nothing to be over!"

(Silence after the door slams shut)

"er…Toobo…. What did you do to her..? Did you do anything like…er… really bad to her…?"

"Oh for fuck's sake! I didn't do anything! I don't even know that girl!"

:beep beep:

Who the fuck is this at this time – I yank the phone out of my pocket to check it, maybe I had faintest hope in the back of my mind that Maka may send an apologizing text.

It really was from Maka, but it wasn't the words I expected

"I know it's over

And it never really began

But in my heart it was so real"

Argh you freak! Stop quoting Morrissey for everything, this is getting too much!

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