100% Transcendence: Trials of Sin / Chapter 1: Prologue
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Transcendence: Trials of Sin

Author: Panda_Daoist

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Surrounding a vast planet many dozens of times larger than earth stood billions of men and women. If someone uninformed were to witness this event, they might think that a mighty army of cultivators were laying siege to the planet, but upon closer inspection, they would notice that each of the men and women were facing the vast void of space with ever solemn expressions.

These cultivators looked into the depths of space as they watched distant stars extinguish one after another to the tides of darkness. It was if a dark cloak had descended upon the universe. The darkness moved in from all around the planet; in every direction celestial and mortal bodies were devoured, leaving neither a trace of light or life to remain.

As the darkness continued to encroach upon mankind's last bastion, a figure condensed from the ocean of darkness. It had the appearance of a polite and gentle, young man, but the overwhelming pressure emanating from his being indicated the severity of the worlds predicament. The young man glanced over his sisters creations, his momentary completely and utterly stifled their hearts and minds. He found it mildly amusing that they treated him as their mortal enemy, despite the fact that he could erase their entire existence with the wave of his hand.

"My sweet, beloved,little sister, Kara, come to me." The young man spoke using his spiritual energy. Despite his words being soft and gentle, they resounded across the entirety of the planet and surrounding space. The cultivators trembled from the strength hidden with in his voice, but then they quickly became outraged and furious.

Kara was the name of the goddess of life that protected their homes and their people. They couldn't believe that their beloved goddess could be related to the embodiment of death and destruction, even if on some level it made sense. The duality of life and death, creation and destruction were an endless cycle and for these two embodiments to actually be siblings was something both easy and difficult to swallow at the same time.

A moment later a bright light streaked through the void and landed between the cultivators and the young man. There was a warm smile on her face as she gazed upon his ashen countenance. Even though his presence here denoted the ending of her life, there was no one the divine beauty would rather see.

"Brother, you've finally come..." In an instant she had appeared before the young man, gently caressing his cheek as she gazed into his eyes which contained the stars he had devoured from the boundless void.

Her mesmerizing smile and voice filled with longing sent a shudder through the young man as he closed his eyes and carefully held her soft, warm hands against his face. To the bystanders, it seemed to be the loving reunion of two otherworldly figures. They felt betrayed by their goddess and began to hurl vile insults at the two despite their ignorance towards the siblings pitiful circumstances.

The young man fiercely glared at the vile bugs who insulted his beloved little sister. He was about to erase their entire existence but Kara quickly wrapped her arms around his back, tightly embracing him. He could easily break free, but the thought of letting any harm come to her quickly subdued his impulse.

"After today, you will no longer be my big brother..." she paused as she buried her face deeper within his embrace. "Reyvis, it's time to start the cycle anew. Come, it's time to go back to where it all began. After that, we'll be free. That's what mother always said, right?"

The young man looked at the young woman entrenched between his arms. It had been untold millennia since he had last heard someone speak his name, and only from her lips had it ever sounded so sweet.

Reyvis didn't know what was required of him to complete his part in all of this. Their mother had only ever spoken of it to Kara but she told the siblings that after they finished, they would finally be free from their lives as primordial embodiments. Of course, as long as he could prot͏e͏c͏t and watch over Kara, he could care less about anything else.

After glaring at the disgusting ants who dared blasphemy his sister's name, Reyvis picked up his sister with one arm around her waist while the other ripped a whole through the void. He snorted, sending millions of cultivators crashing towards their planet and then stepped through the rift with his sister. As the left, all the cultivators spat up blood as they watched the demon that possessed their dreams carrying away their goddess. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


At the center of their universe, Reyvis and Kara stepped out of the rift they arrived from. They stood before a massive black palace that laid on the event horizon of a super massive black hole. This was where the two siblings were born, within these massive and silent halls was where they played for thousands of years with their mother. It's also where they learned about their powers and their destinies.

Reyvis' fate was to become the hand of death and destruction, a counter-force of the heavens to fool his sister the embodiment of life and creation. Together, they kept an unstable balance to protect their universe. In return, they would be rewarded with freedom and a brand new life in a higher-level universe.

It was Reyvis' greatest desire to escape with his sister so that they could become a normal family and neither of them would have to suffer any longer. Like her brother, Kara's greatest desire was to have a family like the mortals she watched over, but due to their roles and responsibilities, it was impossible...until now.

Kara knew something Reyvis couldn't possibly imagine. In fact, he wouldn't dare. In order to kickstart the universe's rebirth, her brother and her would give birth to a new primal chaos through their union. At the same time their physical vestiges would be obliterated while their souls would be bound and whisked away into another universe's cycle of rebirth. Once they were connected,their souls would be forever bound to one another and in each life they would be guaranteed to reunited.

When Reyvis finally came to understand what he was supposed to do he was distressed by the mixture of complex feelings. Although he truly never wished to separate from his sister ever again, he had never even remotely considered her in such a manner. How could he the embodiment of darkness possibly stain such a pure and unblemished soul?! (Reyvis might be a slight sis-con...)

When he looked up from his seat on the bed, a heavenly visage greeted him as Kara slowly disrobed herself. As she pealed away her visibly wet panties, he could see a thin string of her nectar still connected to her sacred garden while her forbidden garden seemed to twitch slightly under his gaze.

Kara continued to slowly undress and tease her brother, but when she seductively glanced over her shoulder to see his reaction, all she could see was her fainted dear older brother while his massive 'little brother' began to awaken, trying to breakthrough to the heavens.

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