100% Reborn as a Zombie, but I'm dead?! / Chapter 1: Reincarnation Failure
Reborn as a Zombie, but I'm dead?! original

Reborn as a Zombie, but I'm dead?!

Author: Jeep_Frank

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Chapter 1: Reincarnation Failure

[Error! Error!] [Reincarnation seems to have failed!]

[No vitals have been reported in new body! Activating resuscitation methods to try and restore normal vital signals!]

"Oww! Stop… that hurts!" Ace said as he got up, wiping the dirt off his body as he looked around at the graveyard he'd somehow ended up in, which made him surprised. If he remembered correctly, he'd selected to reincarnate as a small child in his systems options.

However, where was he? It didn't make any sense?

He looked at his hands, finding them covered with dirt, and noticed hundreds of dead bodies were laying with swords inside of their chest cavities in a circular formation around him.

This didn't seem like any of the worlds of the alliance that he was familiar with, and pushed himself off the floor to take a look around.

He sighed, finding his bones kind of brittle before he noticed a small little girl in a black cape standing a few feet from him with a shocked expression.

He didn't know how to react, and smiled at her as she walked up to him and taped her staff to his neck…

"You… you're alive?! I finally rose a zombie from a grave!"

"I don't know what you're talking about… I reincarnated…" Ace said as he grabbed the staff from her hand and began to use it as a walking stick because his bones were so brittle… "However, I don't know which planet of the alliance we're in… Come on guide… Help me with my journey!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I'm your necromancer!" The little girl tried to grab the stick back from him, but was thwarted by his gigantic palms… "Damn it! Do what I say! I command you to stop!"

"I command you to grow…" Ace patted her on the head and began walking towards the town, exiting the cemetery as the little girl looked at him with a peeved expression… This was supposed to be her first summoned zombie, and she was supposed to go to the academy tomorrow to show him off!

However, this guy was completely defiant and was suffering from dumbass syndrome! She pushed him in the back of his shoulders as he continued towards the village….

He ignored her, and smiled before he tried to activate his system…

[Invalid command…]

"What… don't do this to me! Come on…"

[Invalid command! Lack of vital energy…]

"NO! PLEASE! NO! Little girl… how can I get vital energy?"

"You mean by killing people, destroying monsters, or overall leveling up? What… are you telling me you really reincarnated?!"

"Leveling up! How primitive… I am a reincarnator! I don't need to level up! I absorb essence of planets that I'm on until I'm strong enough to ascend!"

"Just come with me tomorrow crazy!" The girl pointed at a small white house a few meters away that had a dog house outside of it with a leash and a few dog treats.

"Here… you can sleep in there, and I'll come get you in the morning…"

"However, just be warned! The farther you are from me the more likely you are to be destroyed! You have to be close to me to receive my Qi… If you aren't close, then you'll end up dying!"

"Wait… Am I your zombie?" Ace looked down at the dog house with a horrified expression, finding the stench of his body alone almost unbearable… "Why… why would I get reincarnated into a zombie's dead body… That's not even reincarnation it's redeath or something like that!"

"This is stupid! Kill me, so I can reincarnate…"

[Warning: not advised to kill yourself… Not enough energy left to reincarnate to another world!]

"Great….!" Ace complained as he tried to remain calm, but was unable to keep himself together as the little girl left him in the dog house. So, this was his new life… He'd officially become a zombie instead of the small little orphan boy he'd saved up so much energy to take over with his system.

He'd done a ton of missions in order to be able to get 15,000 points which was enough to send him to another world into the body of a child. He was supposed to be able to use that small boys body, who was supposed to have medium grade talent, to increase his vital energy to a few steps closer to an undying god.

However, rather than being able to continue on his path to godhood, he ended up with the body of a zombie. In a zombies body, pretty much all his powers would be useless… In fact, if he tried to use a healing spell, or a divine attack, he'd probably be committing suicide!

'There has to be a reason why this is happening otherwise it wouldn't have happened… However, I still can't believe that I'm actually a zombie… I didn't think a system that came from the heart of the universe could have glitches! This must be some sort of mistake that can be fixed as long as I talk to the right person…"

Ace sighed and decided to spend the night in his 'house' trying to contemplate what had befallen him, mixing in some meditation as the moon rose above him. He had a few low grade cultivation techniques that he learned on other planets that had to do with the moon.

He took a deep breath, and started cultivating since as a zombie he wouldn't be able to sleep in this new undead form…

Hopefully, though, by the morning he would figure everything out. He decided to keep his eyes shut until then, and began to absorb the moonlight Qi that he was so unfamiliar with. Maybe in the end this was all for a reason and not a glitch in the system.

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