17.5% Beauty After Quest Online / Chapter 14: Fishing

Chapter 14: Fishing

His sister was here definitely because she felt pity towards Xuan Xuan's situation.

He hadn't really much help from either family or friends ever since the beginning of his sickness. The parents themselves were only paying hospital's fees and his sister had to beg them to buy him capsule and helmet for the game!

She had done enough, that's what Xuan Xuan hoped to convey!

"Xuan'er, how is the World's wish? Try to move your one finger if it's enjoyable."

Vivula is enough to make the game enjoyable. Xuan Xuan's small finger trembled and his red haired sister let out dazzling smile as she saw it. Then, she began telling her adventures in the game.

Apparently, she and her party had fought the boss!

"It was epic grade boss... And because he was using terrain and his CC, I had to wait a lot!"

Xuan Xuan's sister is playing an assassin! Striking through the weak points was her specialty and other several interesting things. Nevertheless, she had to wait a lot as one CC was enough to kill her with all the terrain trembling and shaking!

"But the loot was good. I got nice leather material for my clothes~~ Also, the best was that global announcement! My class is related to shadow so I got 10% more exp! So lucky!"

The sister happily explained everything, then one of the doctors lightly whispered that they must take Xuan Xuan to another room. She gently stood up and apologized! While looking at Xuan Xuan body being carried to another room...

"Mmm? Was there something on Xuan'er hand?"

She felt like she saw something.


Another day, another adventure!

Xuan Xuan appeared in the game world, the shining sun showering him with gentle light that was simply too pleasant! He scratched his body and was about to call Vivula, but the little fluffy cow was here.

Although Xuan Xuan calls her cow, she is bull! Still, her fluffy toy looks are more like cow!

"Hello, master!"

"It's good day for some jogging!"


Just the feeling of being able to move his body freely was superb. Xuan Xuan took the little pet into his arms and ran through the street while eyeing the small shops, stalls and so on. Then, the young man suddenly saw a normal looking building, but instead of doors, there was dark violet curtain.

It was naturally brothel.

This very forbidden industry had been completely transfered to the second world where the possibility of giving a birth to a child was impossible. There had yet to be someone good enough to impregnate an NPCs.

So there was also no way for players to have this 'option'.

And as second world, the feeling was so real that people could truly make a good business here regarding this job. No risk of pregnacy, no risk of getting caught by higher ups. The pain and other sensations also could be set by the preference so...

It was truly... good business.

'It will be my last... resort. If I don't get... girlfiend... soon... I... fuck!'

The game setting was also in medieval ages, so there were also a lot of NPCs willing to do this kind of service. Of course, those were mostly commoners so their looks weren't comparable to the players who could fix their skin to be smooth for example.

So players were more expensive!

"Is master interested in this place?"

"No... not now for sure!"


Xuan Xuan... was honest indeed and took the lady for the quest. The time has come to learn more about Orqas, but the worst thing was that Xuan Xuan didn't know where to look for Orqas' past. Of course, he could ask his servant...

"Former master was already strong when I became his servant."

And thus, Xuan Xuan could only ask residents.

"Hello, grandpa."

"Hoho, hello young man."

Since the city had a lot of NPCs working, Xuan Xuan decided to go on the outskirts where beautiful lake was also enjoying the dazzling sunshine. Here, the old man with straw hat was fishing! Perfect target to ask for Orqas' past!

"Hoho, so you are young mage aspiring to be someone big?"

The past of archmage was naturally filled with normal magic. That was the reason why the old man wasn't really suspicious of Xuan Xuan and also, he had a lot of people asking him the same question in the past durning the first main quest.

He sneered when Xuan Xuan nodded and took out another fishing rod for him!

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[The grandpa fisherman of Haim city challenges you! You can not refuse this quest as it's mandatory to your chain quest!]

"Alright, grandpa!"

"Ohoho, come! ..That's rather unique pet you got there, young man."

Unique because she stood on her two!

"I know, she is my greatest happiness."

Vivula stood quiet as she knew her uniqueness. It would be dangerous to speak right now! But when she heard those words, the little cow fell onto her ass and imagined fishing with Xuan Xuan.

Soon enough, the boring time descended onto the master and servant.

'So damn boring!'

It was really boring. The lake was wide and dazzling enough for ladies to enter it yet there was no one to marvel at... And looking at the hook was making everything more boring! However, soon, the grandpa caught something!

"I am first then!"

He swung his arms and qucikly enough, long and healthy fish popped out from the lake! It's lustering body was already looking tasty enough! Xuan Xuan grumbled, then continued looking over his hook...


Then his eyes went below to his servant. She was swinging her arms in similar way to grandpa and doing it several times as if win his honor back! Xuan Xuan obviously got warmed by this sight, his hands clenching the fishing rod tighter!

And after five minutes, Xuan Xuan finally noticed the hook's slight trembling!


Swinging his arm widely, the newbie finally caught something! His eyes were slowly raised up to marvel at his fish! There might be also possibility of him hooking something special! And this time, it was luckily the latter!


The grandpa roared!

"I have been straight fishing for it for five years! Young man! Give it to me please!"

What Xuan Xuan has caught was... pair of panties! Those panties were gray, definitely treatead harshly by the time and nature itself! And there were also a few teared parts, but the grandpa was happily looking at those!

"This pair is so memorable... I still remember taking those durning our first time... Ohhoho!"

"Holy shit!"

Those panties are indeed special! But Xuan Xuan felt rather... disgusted! He threw the fishing rod straight at the grandpa, then the message of the quest popped out.

[You have completed the quest!]

'I know! Give me rewards!'

[You got 10 silvers, 50+ exp!]


"Take this, young man."


The grandpa passed down his rod... fishing rod! This very rod is the one he has been using for his whole lfie, so it was definitely special rod! As Xuan Xuan grabbed it instinctively, the message popped out.

[You have learnt beginner's fishing skill!]

[Haim City Fulfilled Grandpa's fishing rod! - It's fishing rod that accompanied the granpda for his whole life! Thanks to the last wish of his being fulfilled, the fishing rod got lucky blessing!

- +20 luck!

- Level requirements - None! ]

"That's... good... Thanks, grandpa! Now, tell me about Orqas' past!"

"Alright! Hohoho!"

Comments (10)

  • AgelessSprite


    Hoh, We are the same I like happy endings too even though Happy endings are cliche atleast it doesnt make me sad for a month and feels like something is missing. Youre my type of author no bad endings, no ntr, lemon, and funny plot. Very nice.

  • Not_a_Penguin


    Shura's Wrath vibes

  • DragonkingKyo


    thanks for the chapter you would thing someone in his situation would be happy to be able to fish rather then call it boring(you thing he would be happy just being able to run and smell nature)

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