33.33% The Imposter Princess / Chapter 6: The Call

Chapter 6: The Call

Yin XinYi arrived at a hotel. The hotel was a rather famous hotel. The name was the Delicia Hotel. It was rather grand, however that was to be expected of the country's most expensive hotel to live in per night. Naturally, Yin XinYi received the presidential suite. It was a jaw dropping price for the suite. One night costs about an average person's yearly salary. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Arriving in the room, she yawned. It was midnight after all. The man had already had her belongings brought up and had left. Soon she received a few notifications from her news app about Country 86.

The reason as to why she had subscribed to the news was to keep up with upper society's rumors and situations regarding them. One must always be informed. She grabbed her phone and read it. Her face was full of shock after reading it.

{Adopted Daughter of Yin's Disowned!}

Yin XinYi quickly opened up article and started to read it. It claimed that she, Yin XinYi, harassed the true young miss, Yin Yating due to jealousy. It escalated so much that Yin Hai directly disowned her.

Yin XinYi didn't want to believe it, however, it was from a credible source. Also, no one would dare create lies about the Yins. They were extremely powerful in Country 86. They were one of the four major families of the counrty. The other major families were Mo, Wei, and Su. The Mo family was a rather low key family. They held no banquets and rarely attended any. Their profits came mostly from their company, Mo Industries. The Wei family holds great sway in the military. Their family is extremely respected and has a long history of generals.The Su family was a political family. Many were in the government in various positions, both high and low while the Yin family was a business family. They owned Yin Corp. the second largest investment firm in the nation.

Of course, the undisputed monarch of Country 86 was the Long family. They had a hand in everything from legal to illegal. They were in business, the military, the government, and even the underworld. It is presumed that they had so much power that even if the four major families went against them, the four families would lose.

Even then, the four families were extremely powerful. No one would dare to go against them or post anything slandering them without permission or powerful backing.

Yin XinYi called her father wanting to confirm the validity of the news not caring about the time difference. He picked up on the fourth ring.

"What?" he asked.

Unnerved by his rudeness, Yin XinYi timidly asked him, "Is it true?"

Understanding what she was asking, he confirmed her fear. "Yes."

Hearing that broke her heart. She moved away from the phone, not wanting to show him weakness, covered the microphone, and took a shaky breath to calm herself.

"All of this, sending me abroad, was it all in preparation for disownment?" she inquired of him after she moved back to the phone.

"Yes. There is no reason in discussing this. After all you have done to Yating, you're lucky that I'm just disowning you. Tomorrow, a lawyer will come. You will sign the papers. Don't bother calling anyone else in our family. Your number has been blacklisted from everyone's phones. After the lawyer confirms that you signed the paper tomorrow, I will also blacklist your number," he impatiently replied before hanging up. He didn't even give Yin XinYi a chance to reply.

It felt all so rushed to Yin XinYi. To her, it felt as if the floor had crumbled beneath her. Yin Hai was extremely cold and impatient towards her. It was only a week ago when he had just lovingly spent time with her. Now, he treats her like an annoyance. Was two decades of love gone in just a day?

Picking up her phone, she decided to test something. She called one of her connections. They didn't pick up. She called everyone she had on her phone, including her the rest of her family, no one picked up.

Yin XinYi started laughing hysterically. It was a self mocking laughter. She chaised herself. Oh, Yin XinYi, how could you be so stupid. When you were being accused, no one believed you. Even your family left you, why would some acquaintances help you?

Yin XinYi kept laughing and laughing, trying to stop the tears from falling. She dug her fingernails into her palm to distract herself but it didn't work. She was drowning in sorrow.

Why? Why? Is it my fault? Just because I'm adopted? I never asked to be adopted. If I was your real daughter, would you do the same? No. No you wouldn't. Poor Yin Yating. Harassed because someone was jealous over her prince. Saved every time by him. She was never harmed. In the end, I, the "villanness" was vanquished, and they lived happily ever after. What a perfect fairytale ending.

I was framed! No one cared. No one believed in my innocence. I should have expected this. Of course I'm worth less than their beloved blood related daughter. Easily disposable. I bring no value to them unlike Yin Yating with her prince, Long Kai.

Tears were streaming down her face. Yin XinYi couldn't laugh anymore. It hurt too much. Everything was turning black, and she was having trouble breathing. She could even hear the voices of the socialites making fun of her.

"Oh look. It's just the adopted daughter of the Yins. She's not even blood-related."

"How disgusting. Acting like one of us. Thinking she's all that because she adopted into the Yins."

"She's an imposter. Acting like she's a real Yin. She's the imposter princess! She's nothing without the Yins."

"To think she dared to go after Long Kia. She's kidding herself."

"She is so low class. A country bumpkin. She's only knows how to be a third party. Let her find an old guy and sleep with him. She only knows how to be a mistress after all."

She wanted to deny it all. She hated herself. Hated the world for the injustice she suffered. She didn't choose to be adopted. She didn't choose to be born like this. She didn't choose anything. She didn't choose at all.

Suddenly, she stopped crying. Yin XinYi had realized something. It wasn't her fault. She didn't do anything wrong. Why should she be upset for other people's ignorance and jealousy?

She felt enlightened. It didn't hurt as much anymore however, Yin XinYi was still emotionally drained.

She slowly went through her stuff and grabbed pajamas and made her way to the bathroom. Looking at the mirror, her eyes were swollen and red.

She then undressed and got in the shower. Yin XinYi stood under the water for a solid 15 minutes trying to relax before getting out. She set an alarm and laid down on the large bed. She needed her strength for tomorrow.

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  • lilmisslemonpie


    I’m so excited to read more of this. So far so good. Keep up the good work! 💜

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    Even her brother turned his head on her. They're so fake!

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