5.45% Return of the Monarch / Chapter 3: Apocalypse

Chapter 3: Apocalypse

The morning sky was just like any other. The vast infinite fog, with blends of blue, Feng Hui merrily smiled. In the Long Kingdom, pollution was non-existent: the heavens were unbelievably clear. But, in Shanghai, it was different. Regardless, the view delighted him.

This was Feng Hui's home: his birthplace! He walked side by side with his beautiful sister, and the stunning pair constantly drew whistles of admiration. While strolling to Fudan High, in the corner of his eye, he spotted a little girl who was sitting on the sidewalk. The little girl had tangled black hair that was twisted all the way to her knees, her clothes resembled worn-out rags. Her white skin was dirty; furthermore, her eyes contained no light.

In Feng Hui's mind, children were innocent. Their families were responsible for shaping their future. He firmly believed that one's character was formed through their environment and life experience. Sighing, he kneeled beside the little girl.

"Little Miss, take this." Feng Hui reached for his shirt pocket, and he revealed a strawberry lollipop. Back in the Long Kingdom, he had rebuked the preceding laws. After becoming Emperor Feng, he singlehandedly reformed the nation. During his reign, hunger had become a tale of the past.

In this life, Feng Hui would be ordinary. In the Year 2057, a shortage of resources was awfully common. Even if he had the intent, he could not help everyone. If the little girl briefly smiled, it would be worth it.

While whispering, Feng Hui swiftly stuffed ten dollars in the little girl's pocket. His fleeting exchange was unnoticeable; however, the little girl clearly felt it. She cutely smiled back, "Thanks, Big Brother!"

Rubbing her little head, Feng Hui quickly left. His little sister blankly observed the exchange, she softly mumbled: "It's Brother, I know it. Although Bro's demeanor has changed, his habits are still the same."

"Sis?" Feng Hui shone his signature smile. His little sister shook her head, and the siblings continued to tread through the streets. Eventually, the two reached Fudan High. He calmly measured the school.

Shanghai's Fudan High School had an extended history, superb instructors, excellent management inside, and top scholars in both the arts and sciences. Fudan High warranted the label as the best secondary school of the nation; all students admitted inside had bright futures.

Fudan High had a modern, advanced design. The technology was cutting edge; rather, the whole school was state-of-the-art. Clearly, a fortune had been spent on the school, but the cash expended was government spending. China focused its effort on supporting promising projects.

"Later, Bro!" Feng Mei tenderly waved to her brother.

Feng Hui watched his little sister hurriedly leave for class. He was a senior, while she was a sophomore. Glancing at his metal watch, he casually treaded in the direction of his classroom. Shortly later, the school bell deafeningly resounded.

Setting foot in a familiar classroom, Feng Hui felt a tide of wistfulness, but his face exhibited no change. For some reason, the twenty-odd students all stared at him. Unreservedly, he took a seat. The rows of desks were all separated; furthermore, the form classroom was wide.

Oddly, Feng Hui felt tired. The familiar 'friends' did not move him; rather, he was bored. After his little sister left, his excitement promptly vanished. In the Long Kingdom, what had he not seen?

Feng Hui had experienced life or death tribulations with his sworn brothers!

For mere adolescents, these students were too scheming. In Fudan High, if one was talentless, he would be ruthlessly excluded. A meager school was a man eat man world. The female students were luckier, however. If the girl was beautiful, their school life was easy.

Finally, Feng Hui remembered. In the school, he had a noble status. He was the famous, nation-renowned prodigy for achieving a perfect score in the hardest national exam to date. Amidst his thought, a soft, feminine voice called him.

"Brother Hui." An elegant red-haired beauty grinned at him, and her eyelashes batted enticingly. Clearly, she had mastered the art of seduction. Feng Hui recalled the name of this female student; moreover, they were somewhat acquainted.

"Student Yan?" Lacking interest, Feng Hui calmly responded. His indifferent attitude stunned Yu Yan, for a while, she was left speechless. Weren't they becoming fairly close just the week before?

"How come I didn't see Brother Hui at the cinema?" Yu Yan hastily composed herself, and she made sure not to expose her discontent. Instead, her small frame stood pitifully like she was deeply wronged: her cute pouting face instigated a few male students to feel displeasure toward Feng Hui.

"I had other matters." Feng Hui bluntly said, and his look had no remorse. How could Yu Yan, a little girl, who was still wet behind the ears possibly move his heart? Previously, when he was still naïve, he had been somewhat moved by her seductive expressions.

But, in reality, this charming female student had ulterior motives. In the Long Kingdom, Feng Hui was used to numerous beauties throwing themselves at him. He valued character far more than beauty. The scarlet-robed beauty, Zhi Ruo, was the sole female who had touched his frozen heart.

Unfortunately, their childhood love was destined to never bloom. In that world, Feng Hui could never feel love. Today, he had recovered his emotions, but the two of them were separated by an entire world. If confronted with an option, he would always opt for family. She… deserved better.

Therefore, Feng Hui never responded to her love. From childhood, Zhi Ruo never gave up, and she continued chasing his shadow. Likely, in this life, he would never love another. The persistent scarlet-robed beauty would occupy his heart forever.

While Feng Hui was lost in thought, something extraordinary happened. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

May 6th, 2057. 9:05 am, Earth had transformed. In a flash, humans fell from the top of the food chain.

Abruptly, a thundering crash resonated. Around the students, numerous white-colored portals formed. With it, the loud detonations slowly ceased to nothingness: almost as if the noise had never been there. Without warning, the portals split. In the center, a few shadows arose from within.

Shrill cries resounded. The students were in disarray, and their bodies shook with fear. Everything was too sudden; previously, they had been happily chatting about useless things with one another. How could the teenagers possibly be ready for the upcoming onslaught?

Feng Hui instantly detected the looming threat, and his gaze turned frosty. Heading for the classroom door, he promptly shot toward his little sister's form class. Yu Yan watched him dazedly and swiftly followed this genius student by instinct. The two left behind the stunned classroom students without looking back. A couple of other students also noticed the abnormality and sharply tailed.

When the students exited the classroom, all of them stared at the heavens in shock. Gone was the foggy sky, in its place, there was a cascade of night clouds. In the vast firmament, there were numerous portals of various colors scattered about. Some were big, while some were small; regardless of the size, they all felt innate terror.

"Sis… Mother." Feng Hui's teeth tightly clenched, and his mouth began bleeding. Did he return for everything to be taken away from him again? No, he would not allow it! Racing at record speed, while burning his soul strength, he instantly left behind the tailing students and appeared in front of his dazed little sister.

"Bro?" Feng Mei hurriedly embraced her elder brother, and she gently wiped the sweat off his forehead. He had instantaneously appeared out of seemingly thin air, but the exhausted youth did not rest.

"Sis, we're leaving." Feng Hui stared at the white portal, and his chest tightened. He needed to find his mother; currently, she should be at her office. Praying, he reassured himself that she would be fine. At present, he sensed that there should be at least a minute until whatever monster was inside would be released.

Feng Hui was familiar with these portals; furthermore, he feared for their future. In the Dragon Continent, he could be attacked from any direction; thus, he had tempered himself to detect danger from a mile away. The Secret Legion's hidden master faced numerous foes.

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  • Usagi_mofu


    The scarlet-robed beauty (SRB) would occupy his heart forever.... (Me: Sees harem tag, Wtf?) Just a bit advice and some of my opinion. Author, I don't mind reading a harem novel although I hate harems to the rotten hell but you picture the mc as those ICE COLD people like those in romance novels (Those big ass rich male leads) And you say only the SRB will have his heart, that only adds to that the mc will not fall in love with anyone else and it will be very confusing if he did. It's like you will suddenly create that a kind superstar will be rescued by the mc and they will fall in love with each other and this cycle will repeat because of that harem tag. Many novels are destroyed and ruined because of the harem arc they added, so.... I don't know what you wanna create but I hope you take some of my advice or actually my opinion in consideration. (Sorry but I don't want see an another potential good novel be destroyed by the harems) Oh, advice: If you wanna create a harem then considerate the personality of those harem members, considerate their background story and take a LONG time to make them fall in love with each other. Make their personality likeable as much as possible. Take it slow, and create a perfect arc. Sort of, doesn't have to be an arc though, you can also stretch it throughout the story

  • Elude


    That’s great to hear! IET is the popular chinese webnovel author, “I Eat Tomatoes.” I assume you would have read his books if you read a lot. e.g, Lord Xue Ying, Stellar Transformation, Swallowed Star.

  • Condemned


    This was what I was waiting for. Impressive!

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