Chapter 9: CHAPTER 8

The bear got even more confused it didn't understand what these humans want to do while looking suspiciously Lou Yan came in front of it

"Hahaha bear this boss wants you to be my partner lets fight" Lou Yan excitedly proclaimed

The bear got confused for a sec but understand immediately from the battle will that Lou Yan is producing it hesitated but still pointed at the bear cub

Lou Yan look at the frightened cub and understood the bears meaning he earnestly nodded at the bear

The bear looks at Lou Yan seeing his earnest

look and clear eyes it picked the cub and gave it to Shadow then came in front of Lou Yan

Both of them look at each other then both of let out a battle cry and charge towards each other

*BOOM* they collided Lou Yan was push off by 3 steps

"Hahaha take my punch" *BAM* the bear got hit in the face it got dizzy Lou Yan seeing his chance he grappled the bear's neck he exerted all his strength his muscle bulged so much they look like it will burst he choked the bear really hard

The bear struggled to escape Lou Yan's lock but couldn't in just a few seconds it fainted

Shadow nodded at Lou Yan he knows Lou Yan is very tired right now so he told Fatty to rest and ordered Sniper and Glutton to hunt preys a few minutes came by. Glutton and Sniper caught a few Horned Rabbits and also an Ironhide Boar Shadow skillfully skinned it and Barbecued the meat

When the food was cooked he split it off and gave it to everyone including the bears and the goblins when Glutton and Sniper were hunting Shadow was conversing with the goblins and asking them if they were other goblins in the area

The goblin answered excitedly they gestured to Shadow where there home is and also requested for food because the goblins community were actually starving

Shadow earnestly promised them after eating and a few seconds of rest they set off onto the goblin village Lou Yan had already signed the contract with the bear

The bear stats and compatibility with Lou Yan even surprised Shadow it shared an Innate Ability Enhanced Vitality

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RACE : Valiant Bear



SKILLS : Tearing, Ursa Blow, Tackle, Smash



Strength : 90 Agility : 25

Physique : 90 Intelligence : 10


What surprised him even more was the bear cub it stats cannot be processed but its Race and Monster Grade can it was actually an Volcanic Valiant Bear and its grade is actually on Pseudo Epic

"Lou Yan I think you should gift the cub to your little sister it is simply terrific"

"Really Aniki I never thought this little guy actually has a great potential but even if you didn't tell me I will still give this to my little sister after Tank and are now partners and his family is my family"

The 3 of them were chatting jovially they talk about what the 3 of them will be doing during the rest. Shadow wants to enhance the Village and appoint Lou Yan as general. Lou Yan will train the soldiers during the rest Fatty wants to enhance his compatibility with Sniper after all he was the only one that does not have an Innate Ability

While they were chatting they arrive on their destination the goblins home

The goblins is a race that depends on hunting and their intelligence isn't high

The goblins that Shadow captured were released to negotiate with their tribe

They brought food inside the goblin cave and also seems talking to an old goblin

"Human We thank you for bringing us food may I ask what do you want from us" asked the old goblin

Shadow smiled finally a goblin that understand words

" I need your allegiance to me as long all of you are loyal to me I will treat you well"

The old goblin nodded "Human may I ask what is your great name"

"Oh excuse me for not introducing myself I am Shadow Eligan the village chief of Flowing River Village"

"Oh you are a village chief of a proper village?"

Shadow nodded after seeing Shadow confirmation the old goblin was agitated

"I am old Darwin and I represent our tribe to swear allegiance to you my lord"

Shadow nodded and asks "How many are you in here?"

"There 79 of us there are 36 warriors the rest are children, women and the old people"

Shadow nodded and ordered "gather all the goblins and follow me back to my village and tell them to behave"

"Lou Yan can Tank run?" Lou Yan nodded

"That's great ride Tank to the village and brief them of what will happen"

Lou Yan rode Tank back to the village

"Fatty we will moving many goblins I want you to scout the sorounding area for potential danger if you can eliminate it then kill it bring Glutton with you"

"Old Darwin brief the rest of the goblins and tell the warriors to come to me also I want you to be here too to translate the words I said"

Shadow waited for Old Darwin to finish briefing the goblin

After briefing the rest Old Darwin brought 36 Goblins

"My lord this is all the warriors on my tribe what is it that you wish to convey"

"We are leaving this place I've already sent one of my man to scout for potential danger but he is but only one person so there might be danger undiscovered by him so I want you to surround the weak goblins

He waited for a while Old Darwin was translating his words. The goblins were discussing to each other after a round of discussion they all nodded

"Your lordship they accepted your rule"

"Good tell the others to move out"

All of the goblin pack up and followed Shadow the weak goblins are on the center while being surrounded by the goblin warriors

They arrived at the village it was already close to night time they only met with little dangers it seems that Fatty really did his best when they are on the village gate Shadow saw Fatty and Lou Yan waving at him.

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