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Arcane Breaker

Author: Madgekko

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Set up by the Gods

Screams rang around me as I fall over slowly blacking out. Blood spreads across the floor I lay on as a sharp pain blares in my side. My left arm feels like its being torn off. *These are the last things I'll feel huh*. I always thought I would go out on a hospital bed surrounded by my loved ones than I could tell my mom how wrong she was and successful I became in the after life. As the darkness took over a sudden light enveloped me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Oh one who lady luck has turned away from awaken from thy slumber". A beautiful voice rang in my ears causing my eyes to shoot open. In front of me stood a white haired girl with dark green eyes. I looked her over and only one word came to mind. *Flat...*. As soon as the word floated through my mind her face suddenly erupted red. "WE-WELL NOT EVERY GODDESS CAN HAVE A BODY LIKE THE GODDESS OF LUST.... now I don't regret killing you off Liam".

[Wai-wait i think I misheard something did you say you killed me off]? I am confused as hell but try not to show it. "Of course I am the goddess of convenient plot development so i set up a situation where you would die". [Wait wait so how did i die exactly]? "Well a armed criminal robbed a place and their was a shoot off between him and the cops that happened on the street next to you. [So the criminal shot me as the shoot off went down]. "No the cop did".

I stared at her like she was crazy as she sat their with a friendly smile. [WH-WHY DID THE COP FUCKING SHOOT ME]!? "Well you see the cop played a bit to much Red Dead Redemption at the time and thought he could slow down time and maybe miss lined his shot by a bit". I sand their completely speechless. [So if I was just over to the right more I would be left alive right]? "Well their was the famous criminal who just escaped prison and stabbed you in the side as well and the hungry dog who rushed you and started eating your left arm".

Wide eyed and stunned I couldn't speak. "Well you see we had to kill you some how and we decided to just be safe. [Wait so who was the one who planned this]? "Oh that would be the god of overused plots who planned this". [The god of over used what now]? "The god of overused plots".

She sits their continuing to smile. [Wh-why is their even a god of that]? "Well you see whenever somebody gets transported to another world its always the god of overused plots job you do realize that whatever a human worships a god is born right"? [Wait wait wait so if somebody thought a car was a god...]? "Your hunch is correct you humans are really weird I mean which one of you worshiped the banana"?

I give a confused notion. [Banana]? "YES A BANANA THEIRS A GIANT SENTIENT BANANA FLOATING AROUND WHO SMITES EVIL BANANAS WHO THE FUCK WORSHIPS A FUCKING BANANA"!? *I never knew a god would swear*. As soon as I think that she coughs to get my attention. "Enough questions its time for you to go to ano" [I REFUSE]! "Wh-what"? [I don't want to go to another world i wish to stay in the afterlife with my family].

She just stares at me for a while than shrugs "Michael can you ask Satan if theirs an extra spot in hell"? My eyes shoot open, I now know that I don't get a choice. "FINE FINE I'LL GO TO ANTOHER WORLD JUST DON'T SEND ME THEIR]! She gets a suddenly smug look on her face which really pissed me off.

So how does this work do I just create a character and choose some overpowered abilities or something]? "Oh no that's ridiculous obviously its done through Gacha". [So gambling]? YUP"! She has a crazed look on her face and to be honest it scares me a little. "ALRIGHT" A giant machine suddenly appears from nowhere. "TIME FOR THE CLASS GACHA"! She kept shouting which I found annoying but just ignored. Once I get within arms reach I turn the giant handle. Sounds of gears turning broke the silence of heaven and a small capsule came out.

"Ooooh lets see what you got". An aura of green light shoots out of the capsule and encases me as I stand. [Wh-whats going on]? "Seems like you became an Arcane Breaker interesting". [I-is that good]? "Well you see its an ancient class yes but it became loss due to nobody understanding how the class works so they just forgot about it". She lightly knocks on her head while sticking her tongue out

"Now the race Gacha"! Another large machine pops out replacing the old one. Sighing I turn the handle another capsule comes pops out. "Now lets see lets see" She opens the capsule as a white light surrounds me. "Ooh I love the Kitsune for how cute they are its also a very rare race"! [Kitsune? Where have I heard that before]?

"Alright now its time for you to be off NOW GO AND ENTERTAI- I MEAN SAVE THIS WORLD"! [Kitsu- OH FUCK]! Before I can do anything my vision clouds to black as the feeling returns to my body. As my vision returns I look around to see a small river next to me in surrounded by dense trees. As I look at my Reflection I see a short kid in his teens with furry ears and tail, my hair was white as well as the fur on my ears and tails except for the black tips. Anger and embarrassment boiled inside me. [WHY THE FUCK DID I BECOME A FUCKING FURRY]!?

Madgekko Madgekko

First Chapter has started on Arcane Breaker however i'm tied up with studies and other novels but please be patient for other chapters

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