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Keeping you out of my heart (BL)

Author: LerorineShu

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Chapter 1: First Encounter: Ayasaka Ryuichi and Tanaka Shoto

(A/N: I put all the chapters together at once, well they are only one chapter for real though HAHAHA! So enjoy!)


In a very bright and a windy night as the moon pierces its light down the city. Every people who was residing in the city was in a very deep sleep however one remained awake. In the rooftop in a school dormitory there stood a young man named, 'Ayasaka Ryuichi' wearing a school uniform, there he stood in a thin steel railings barefoot. He didn't move an inch. His pure black hair shines in the bright night as his red crimson eyes stares blankly upon the bright moon. He's got a built up and slender body. The collar on his upper white sleeves uniform was left unbuttoned down the next two.

His sexy lips slightly moves as he says with his gentle and soothing manly voice, 'What a bright moon...' his stare remained stuck in the bright moon. He didn't notice that an another young man, 'Tanaka Shoto' in his rabbit designed pajamas and slippers entered the rooftop half-asleep. Fortunately these two young man didn't notice each other until a strong wind blew the Tanaka Shoto's blue hat who was in his pajamas. The blue hat hit the back of the Ayasaka Ryuichi who was standing in the railings. He felt that something hit his back so he turned around and slowly went down from the thin steel railings as he picked up the blue hat, 'What the heck's this?' he asked. 'T-that's m-mine!' Tanaka Shoto replied as his face turned red. 'What a cute blue hat...' Ryuichi spoke as he handed the blue hat towards the Tanaka Shoto 'T-thank you' he said. Ayasaka Ryuichi then left the rooftop and went down the stairs and hurriedly went back to his room.

Morning came, as the sun went uo earlier than expected.

A loud sound of the alarm clock echoed the whole room. 'Ah! It's morning already?' a wide awake but half-asleep young Ryuichi says. He looks very tired and doesn't seem to have gotten any sleep last night. His hair was messy and under his red crimson eyes there laid an eye bugs. He keeps thinking whether he will attend the schools entrance ceremony or not and will stay and will sleep. However the first option cannot be guaranteed. The dormitory's landlord 'Mrs. Smith' will take a stroll the whole dormitory and inspect each and every rooms to see if there was a student who will not attend the ceremony, she does that every 8:00 a.m. in the morning everyday. Our young Ryuichi cannot escape.

It is now 6:30 a.m. and Ayasaka Ryuichi has been preparing his school stuff and already wears his school uniform. He looks at the mirror and found his look very weird, a clumsy buttoned shirt, messy hair, dark eye bugs and an exprssionless look in his face. He then left his room and locked it.

He took a walk from his dorm towards the schools huge gymnasium wherein the assembly will take place. His walk pace is very slow and it will take him 30 minutes to go to the gymnasium.

'So sleepy... I wish i could sleep more. Damn that old hag!' Ryuichi dissed.

Students with the same uniform is also walking towards the gym some are riding their bikes. As Ryuichi continues his slow pace as slow the turtle.

After 30 minutes walking Ayasaka Ryuchi finally reached his destination from his mini-journey. He peeked a little and opens the huge door of the gym a little bit and saw that all of the students are already aligned and teachers at the sidelines while a young man wearing a thin eyeglasses stood on the stage. His hair is blonde and his eyes are as blue as the ocean there hid a tiny mole below his right oceanic colored eyes. The way he wears his uniform is very careful and formal unlike our young Ryuichi.

The young blonde man introduced himself as the student council president he was named after his late grandfather Yukki, Yukihira Yukki. He is a 3rd year and is often called YuYu by his fellow student councilor. The other four members were also introduced and they will be known later.

Ayasaka Ryuichi couldn't get the courage to enter the gymnasium he's got no guts to enter as he was very sleepy he might collapsed sooner or later while keep standing still. So he decided to skip the entranced ceremony for the first yeas such as himself. He went straight behind the school yards and witness a revealing scene...

Our young and innocent Ryuichi witnessed a revealing scene he never expected of behind the gymnssium.

He was frozen to shock and couldn't move an inch. He just want to skip the tiring entrance ceremony and went straight here to relax. However things didn't go as he planned.





A sound of a heavy breathing and thrusts starts to enter Ayasaka Ryuichis ear. A naked young man with a silver hair whom Ryuichi recognise from the voice down to his height, skin and hair. Inside Ryuichi's mind was, 'Is that him? Yeah its him and it can never be anyone else... Why's he here?'. Was thrusted inside his ass by a huge shaft as he keeps moaning like a girl. The two keeps embracing each other like any couple would do. And the Two looks like they haven't notice Ryuichi yet.

[Ah! Ah~]

When the two still didn't notice Ryuichi, Ryuichi slowly walks away from them. Ryuchi pants and sweat keeps flowing from his forehead.

He didn't expect that his younger brother was embraced at school his name was 'Ayasaka Furuichi' first year. Nevertheless Ryuichi feels like puking.

Even though he already knew that his little brother was an Omega. Ryuichi didn't know that Furuichi already got himself a boyfriend.

As the eldest son of the Ayasaka family he has the responsibility to guide and protect his younger siblings.

Ayasaka family, a high alpha family, and Ryuichi is one of them among the 6 siblings of the current generation of this alpha family. Ryuichi the eldest and the other four was the only alphas among the six, and Furuichi the second in line was the only omega.

Ryuichi ran as quickly as he could away from the two. Twenty passed eight o'clock in the morning. Ryuichi tries to calm himself and went straight to the classroom.

On the second floor of the Clear water private high school in the middle of the three classes, Class-B is where Ryuichi's room is. He opened the huge white double door in the back and entered without anyone noticing him in the slightest. He put his gaze on a piece of paper that was on the bulletin board, and he finally found where his assigned chair was.

He walks towards the double seats and sat in a chair by the window. As he rests his head on his crossed arms he continues his sleep. As he dreamt by the revealing scene this morning.

He woke up a d couldn't sleep again. A teacher entered the class her name was Ms Anna, she introduced herself as our homeroom teacher for this year whole year. Anna's hair is a silky blonde that lengths up to her thighs she was wearing a headband to keep her bangs still. She called out a roll call.






Ryuichi said, 'here!' and sleeps again. He was thinking, 'where was my seatmate he/she hasn't arrived yet? I think so' having a boring day and sleepy mood Ayasaka Ryuichi went out and skipping the next following subjects. He went to the rooftop where he always wants to relax. He slept in an isolated place where no one could find him. He didn't know that he was sleeping with somebody beside.

Up until 12 noon, Ryuichi was sleeping with somebody else beside. he took a good look on its face but he doesn't even the slightest recognize who it was. He hurriedly picked up his bag and stood slowly to get away, in order not to disturbed the young man's sleep. However, before he could ran away, the young man's hand hold tight unto Ryuchi's shirt, Ryuchi's pulled it out but the young man never let go. until he slowly opens his eyes, he held his head high and looked at Ryuichi's face but the sun shine on his eyes.

Ayasaka Ryuichi, saw the man very beautiful, a pure curly white haired, sexy young man, with a pair of leafy greens eyes. He was exactly like his type. Our young Ayasaka took a good look at him and found him familiar.

"You! you were the one with the blue hat?"

"You know me?" Tanaka Shiro some of a drunken state of mind, he carelessly stood up and accidentally slipped off, making Ayasaka Ryuichi catch him. It was very obvious that he was still half asleep. Ryuichi, coincidentally sniff Shoto's hair and smelled a somehow refreshing feeling, that suddenly became a rather attractive omega's hormones.

"Is this guy on heat?!"

Tanaka Shoto's hair was very short that Ryuichi could almost see his bare neck. Ryuichi's heart beat fast as an alarm clock, he thought, 'His neck is still fine so it would be alright to-' and felt a sudden urge to lick and suck Shiro's smooth looking neck. As he was about to suck him up. Tanaka Shoto, let out a loud snore and made Ryuchi's snapped back to reality.

"You are cute... I've taken a liking to you...

The said half asleep Tanaka Shoto was actually awake the whole time, he doesn't know how to seduce an alpha to ease his heating period since he's ran out of his suppressive dose, he accidentally stumbled upon the guy he met that night, while he is currently hiding away from people. So he pretended to sleep in order to relieve himself a rather inappropriate behavior.

"You're cute... I've taken a liking to you"

After hearing such a compliment he couldn't hold himself back and gave himself the courage. so he pushed Ayasaka Ryuichi on the ground and hastily kissed him using his tongue, after a while he stopped to take a breathe.



"Y-you what are you doing?"

'Releasing such a huge amount of hormones? for real... even I won't be able to hold myself back...' Ayasaka thought as he was still suppress on the ground by Tanaka Shoto on his heat period. Ayasaka grabbed a hold of his head, forcibly enters his tongue right back on his mouth.



"Now you've done it!"

Having a fierce look on his face, Ayasaka could no longer stop himself after seeing an erotic men omega figure on heat right in front of him. He rudely sneaks his fingers inside Shoto's pants and rubs deeper as it was already wet this whole time.

Tanaka Shoto was forcing himself not moan loud so he held his voice back and instead Ayasaka let him bite his shoulder for a while. "You, what's your name?" In the midst of nature intense situation the both of them are currently in, they still do not know each others names.

"S-shoto.. ~ ngh! Ah!"

"Okay, Shoto... prepare yourself..."

Tanaka Shoto's pants was removed in an instant leaving his wet boxers with a cute bunny design. Ayasaka never thought that on his first day of school and entrance ceremony he would have experience this whole unbelievable situation. Ayasaka rubs his hands on Tanaka's shaft intensely until he cums.

With an erotic voice, Tanaka Shoto begged, "P-put it...


As he was going with the flow, Ayasaka unconsciously, bit Shiro's neck. showing Tanaka Shoto is already his property, he left his scent on the mark so that any alpha other than him would stay out of Shoto. Tanaka screamed in pain, as blood drips from Ryuichi's mouth licking it with his tongue and kissed back Shoto.

"Hurry, put it... in.... ngh"

(30 minutes later)

"Why did you not do it? I was waiting the whole time, you run had me all cum by myself! aren't you not going to take responsibility?! huh? you even bit my neck! it's as if..." Tanaka Shoto complained and stopped before he said all of it as he suddenly blushed after turning away from Ayasaka's gaze.

"Now that you're mine...

...i wouldn't let you go..."

"Shut the crap! My body may have belonged to you but my heart will never waver! humph!"

Seeing Tanaka Shoto's flustered face made him smile.

"Then I'll be at your care from now on

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