22.35% Adam Black The Grand Sorcerer / Chapter 19: chapter 16

Chapter 19: chapter 16

Christmas was coming and Hogwarts had awoken to find itself covered several feet in snow one morning in mid-December. I had always hated the cold with a passion, as My hands more specifically my fingers would always feel like they are about to come off and my hands get so Pale and pained. no amount of gloves cold work and it sucks. Thankfully I had Ruby at night which I would never be gladder to have the firebird then now. her flames heat up the freezing temperatures in here making it quite comfortable to sleep in.

It was also very hard to be upset when Rose was happy. Honestly, I had never seen rose this happy before. While I despise the cold snowy outdoor's Rose was having a lot of fun outside in it, she seems to adore the snow. Seeing the look happy on her face I feel something inside knowing I am almost done completing one of my long term goals.

The lake had provided an excellent place to skate for some of the students including Daphne and Tracy, as it was frozen solid. They took it on themselves to teach Rose how to skate too, as well as the weasily twins who were surprisingly but yet not surprisingly good people. Not surprisingly as I had never heard them bashing before on fanfics books nor movies. They were exactly how they were described. a bunch of Naruto's. They had gotten in trouble for bewitching several snowballs so that they had followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban despite their protest it wasn't them it was me, and I was smirking at them the entire time discreetly.

While the common room and the great hall had roaring fires the drafty corridors had become bitter and Icy, the wind rattled the windows in the classroom Professor Snape's classes were the worst as it was down in the dungeons where we could see our breaths as it converts to fog.

We had kept close to our hot caldrons although Rose was using me as a hot water bottle, Not that I am complaining or anything. This actually made me like the cold a bit more.

Currently in herbology

Draco- " I feel sorry, I do, for all the people that have to stay at hogwarts for Christmas..

I stared blankly at him before electing a fake cough to catch his attention

Adam- *Ahem, "Draco You do realize that I'm also one of those people that are staying for Christmas too right?"

If mom ever heard him or dad none could be able to save her from her fury this caused him to turn turn the color of cold porridge.

Goyle and Crabbe Chuckled before shutting up as Draco glared at them.

I was remaining at the school for a couple of reasons most notably to avoid the inevitable Christmas ball father had set up which bore me to tears quite literally. Another reason is that I wanted to keep Rose out of trouble, in months between the start of the year and Christmas It has come to my pleasure that Rose had come out of her Shell. She has become Quite Fiesty Considering she gave Ron a black Eye when she was cornered and wouldn't hesitate to do the same to my brother as she wouldn't tolerate any more of his antics.

Despite her Extremely small size, she is more than capable of handling herself on her own. this has definitely proved that. I can now mark that off of my todo list.

We had a free period after herbology while the Slytherins headed off to potions, Rose and I headed to the library to work on our homework. Hermione was there as well. We had joined her shortly after finishing our homework.

I had noticed while we were working that some of Rose and Hermione's books where on famous peoples and events instead of the stuff we were working on

Adam- "You guy's still haven't given up on Flamel?"

Hermione gave me a questioning look.

Hermione- " Yes, so what?"

I shut my book and sighed.

Adam- "Try a little further behind time, you won't find anything in those."

Rose gave me a sharp look.

Rose- "You know who he is don't you!"

I said nothing, just smiled mysteriously Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

RoseYou do know about it ! why didn't you say something then

Adam- "You two look too cute when your frustrated, besides, watching you struggle is very entertaining to watch."

They both flushed in embarrasment.

Hermione- "I-idiot! Don't say things like that!"

awe she's a tsuandre

Rose shook herself out of her embarrassment and ask

idf you know who flamal is can you tel us?

I faked being in a thinking position before I grinned at her.

Adam- "Nope, this is your project so you can finish it- OW!"

Rose reached out and grabbed my ear

Rose- "Tellmetellmetellmetellme!"


??? - "what the bloody hell is going on in here?!"

That was the librarian who had just came by to see what the hell all the ruckus was as it was bothering the others students inside.

Rose- "um well you see -"

Librarian- "OUT!"

she quite literally grabbed all three of us and threw us out of the library.

A few minutes later

a fuming Hermione was walking in between an embarrassed Rose and Adam

Hermione- "I can't believe you too got us kicked out!"

Rose/ Adam-"We're sorry!"

Hermione- "Idiots, the both of you!"

Imabethatguy12345 Imabethatguy12345

How did you like it. grammar is being fixed as you read.

Comments (6)

  • Weirdo


    He has unlimited magic and magic that could do anything limited only by his imagination!!!! He got arc of embodiment literally, but only better since his limit is his own imagination and UNLIMITED MAGIC RESERVE!!!!!!!!! That's why I love to bash this cute author about why didn't he just create something to ease his life... It's like having his own house yet still sleep under the bridge... This author literally lack of imagination to use his, second wish... But still, good read though, although it's annoying to see lack of his, imagination to create and to have arsenal of stuff and spell to ease himself...

  • AizenJabberwock


    He has literal unlimited magic, why would he need the bird to bring the heat to warm himself? :/

  • Jailing


    Thank you for the chapter

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