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A amblem ? Just like that from nower ? Don't it's a little to easy, and far to strange than something normaly in the end of powerfull guy, able to kill dozens of warrior is in the end of some sort of piece of sh*t like this goats ? Well, not in his hands, but you undersstand what i want to say. The husband was living like some sort of peasant, with that in his hands, and the woman knowing nothig of it herself ? This is full of holes, and totaly idiotic seriously. I'm realy sad to see this kind of cheap and easy plot here.
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LV 5


What is this strange liquid find out next time on Temporum- The Odissey P.s don't know if it was on purpose but Odessey is spelt with an E
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Now I have a theory, that the 2% that Dag has could be related to a race that the Xis fear and that they are unsure of the threat at hand towards them. Thus is the reason why they are watching on him.
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