Chapter comments on the chapter of the book Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons


Okey, I tried. I really did. I tried to like his hot blooded nature, but even I have limits. After repeated attempts at hushing myself, I now understand that I will never like this at all. Does he have a fucking brain? Ability to think? He lived there for 10 long fucking years and he has zero- and I mean 0000 common sense. How the bloody hell did he not die already? Fuck this. Fuck his plot armor. Fuck all the literal divine fucking interventions that saved him. And most of all **** me for wasting my fucking time. Fuck.
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Honestly i like the story man but the grammar really throws me off, its like im reading MTL, it breaks immersion, so sorry author and i wish you luck
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Ok, the MC is realy the hot-blooded and brainless teenager we expect to see in some american series ... totaly idiotic and never trying to understand what's is around him, and how to us is brain to better the thing. Alway saved by the plot-armor and not by his work ... But well, it's alway like that, no ?
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