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Frankly, I have not seen such a strange swing with a level of power for a long time. Either he is stronger than everyone present, then he is weaker than usual war, then he needs to study the skills of level 1, then he can shoot with lightning no worse than his master, and after that he again returns to level 1. The story seems to be interesting, but defeating opponents simply because ... is not good. From what I read, I can conclude that the problem was initially in the zero explanation of the level of strength, from the strongest to the weakest. For example, 1 level of skill tremors of the earth and 10 ragnarok - this is certainly informative, but does not explain anything at all. It would be possible to devote one chapter to this completely at the beginning. Now everything is already confused, I won’t be surprised if he stirs up the rest of the chapters with 3-4-5 skill levels, then suddenly he turns out to be 1 on 1 with some kind of Loki and fucks him with a skill of level 20 ... This is not solid.
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