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8.69% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 6: ✒ Chapter 1 : The Encounter

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Chapter 6: ✒ Chapter 1 : The Encounter

KHIEN stared at his wrist watch, the clock read 1:10 in the morning. He slowly went out of bed and headed towards the window. His room was located on the second floor of their house, which was quiet troublesome. He grabbed his black jacket and put it on to cover up his white lousy shirt underneath. He only had his boxers on so he wore an athletic shorts. He grabbed his backpack with his roller skates inside it and jumped out of his window carefully wearing only his thick footsocks on. The roof created a soft denting sound as Khein tried to make soundless steps as possible. He never wasted time to close his window back and proceeded climbing down the emergency ladder. Khein loved roller skating ever since he was a kid. His mother was against it but he couldn't just ignore the fact that skating makes him happy. He has a race in an hour and he needed to come, even if it means escaping from home at dawn. Khein made it down the house and headed towards their gate. Luckily, they don't have a dog in the house which made the rebel boy left the place without worrying too much. While Khein successfully made it out from their place, his mother was deeply asleep in her own room.




In the middle of the street where few vehicles could be spotted at this time, Khein was carelessly enjoying the empty road all by himself. Owning the entire space as if it's his. The dark alleys and the streetlights made him feel relaxed. The cool wind in the silent night embraced him. He continued skating on the street and even tried to race with some vehicles passing by. He remembered he had a race to join and then he started skating faster than his normal speed.

"What a dumbass" Khein cursed. He thought while skating, 'How can a loud and crowded street like this becomes so silent at dawn?'

He sniffed the cold air and ran away happily. He could have made it to the race, he could have won the game. Unfortunately, some wicked dumbass riding on his motorbike almost hit Khein. The bike was too fast that the skater boy failed to recognize who the rider was. To his surprise, Khein was not able to steady his balance and stumbled on the ground, real hard.

"Awh fuck!!" he cursed and found himself lying on the ground with a broken arm. Khein immediately removed his backpack and looked for something to aid himself. Luckily, he found a pair of drumsticks he was supposed to return to one of his friends from a band named Kyle, one shoelace for god knows how it ended up inside his bag and a bottle of cola. He loves eating junks and so as drinking junks. He lied on his backpack and relaxed on the gutter beside the street and aided himself. He never hoped for his mother to scold him early in the morning for making trouble again. How would he answer her if she started asking anyway?

"Hey mom! I slept last night and fell on my bed that's why I broke my arm!" he murmured with a mischevious grin on his face. He made a self reference first aid through tying the drumsticks along his broken arm with the the shoelace.

"Of course she won't believe it, dumbass!" Khein cursed right after he drank his cola hellishly. He remembered his mother told him once.

'You better listen to me, honey Khein. Karma is everywhere and you are so close to it"

Khein chuckled and removed his roller blades. He didn't mind putting them inside the bag and just carried them home. He walked silently in the middle of the street with only his socks protecting his feet. He wouldn't risk skating with his broken arm around.

"This is hilarious" he cursed.


ON the same day...

"Hey, that new guy over there, he seems lost" a cute girl said to her friend as she pointed the tall guy with a messy locks standing on the hallway, dazing.

"And he's cute..." the other girl said and added with a lowered voice "...but a bit creepy though" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Both girls looked at each other as if their minds always think the same.

"And he's hot" they both said in unison. While the two happy girls were busy smiling at each other, the said tall guy walked towards them.

"Excuse me, but may I ask where is class 4-A?" the tall guy asked with a friendly smile. Both two girls stared at him like forever as if they have seen an angel. The guy smiled patiently and waited for one of the girls to answer his question. The shorter girl responded with only her index finger pointing towards the ceiling, which means the next floor.

"Thank you, you look pretty with your ribbon" the tall guy said and planted a soft tap on the shorter girl's head. He walked away, leaving the little girl with a flushed face.

"Did you just see that? He's so cool!" the shorter girl squirmed. She grabbed her friend's shoulders and started shaking them.

Finally, Rei the tall guy found the classroom he had been looking for. His presence made an impact to others as he stepped inside the classroom. Transfer students nowadays become unexpectedly popular based on their looks, Rei belonged to those headturner students. He directly went to the empty chair near the window and asked the person behind it if someone was already sitting there.

"You can sit there" the girl answered, smiling. Rei sat happily on the chair and waited for the others to come inside the classroom.

"Hey dude, What happen to your arm?!" one of the guys yelled as another tough looking guy entered the classroom with a bandaged left arm. The guy seemed to be in a beast mode and nobody dared to bother him until he walked towards his seat. Khein and Rei looked at each other like forever. Rei could stare at a person until that person gives up and looks away. Well, too bad Khein is someone who never looks away from a person who dares to stare at him.

"Not looking away, dumbass?" Khein asked toughly which made Rei stared back at him for not too long and made an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again" Rei said and bowed his head.

"God dog" Khein said and patted Rei's head like a cute puppy and finally sat on his chair located in front of Rei.

Rei felt the familiar sensation in his stomach. The light touch Khein gave him was addicting. Butterflies were flying, trying to find their way out from his chest.

Rei finally found him.


Creator: Hi! My name is Arl :) Happy Reading with my story. Feel free to give feedbacks and I'll be waiting!:)

Myself: Hi Arl! I'm currently enjoying your story!♥


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