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Chapter 16: ✒ Chapter 11 : Sick Rei

"Rei, are you sure you're okay?" Ethan asked Rei with a concerned face. Rei no longer sits in front of Khein but beside Ethan. Rei nodded his head but burried his face on the desk later on. The pale looking boy was having a tonsillitis and he was about to catch a fever. Ethan made a heavy sigh and blamed Rei for eating too much sweets.

"That's what you get for eating too much white chocolates" Ethan said and poked Rei's head. Khein on the other side growled like a tiger everytime he sees the president touches the prince.

"Chansing" he murmured and snobbed his eyes. Lunch came and Ethan had to go to the Student Council's Office. He reminded Rei to go to the clinic but the prince was too lazy to move. Khein decided to skip lunch and listened to the music on his headphone. He had tons of junk foods in his bag so he randomly picked anything inside it. Khein being a lazy ass didn't bother Rei. As long as Rei is around, Khein could have a leisure and easy life. Rei wanted to spoil Khein as long as he could. He was wealthy enough that he could just adopt Khein if the rebel guy ever wanted to.

Rei turned his head towards the rebel guy's direction and realized Khein was skipping his meal again. Even with a dizzy and heavy head, Rei managed to order food from the canteen and brought it to Khein. He placed the food on Khein's table and the rebel guy frowned. Rei didn't say anything but Khein could picture out what Rei wanted to say towards him.

"Don't skip your meals"

Rei's voice echoed inside Khein's head as if the dizzy really did talk to him. Khein ignored his food and closed his eyes, letting the music create a boundary between them. Rei bowed his head and chose to go outside the classroom. He thought he really needed to go to the clinic. He slowly walked towards the hallway because he felt dizzy. Nobody was around the hallway so he tried to maintain his balance. He thought of going back inside the classroom and ask Khein for help to accompany him to the clinic but he contradicted himself. What if Khein wouldn't care at all? And worst, what if Khein won't believe him? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

nside the classroom, Khein stared at the food in front of him and he was tempted to eat them. A guy can never betray delicious foods specially when it's already in front of him. He opened the pack and the smell of the food entered his nose. Without a second thought, Khein ate his lunch.

While Rei was walking on the hallway, Center made his way towards Ethan's classsroom. He wanted to see him badly. He placed both his hands inside his pocket.

'If only I studied harder, maybe I would end up with the same classroom as Ethan' Center thought and continued walking. On the opposite direction of the hallway, a tall and pale looking guy caught his attention. Center sighed out of frustration the moment he recognized who the taller guy was.

"Of all the people" Center mumbled and rolled his eyes on his side. The pale boy was leaning against the corridor while bowing his head. Center thought maybe the guy wasn't in a good mood so he walked towards him. Rei felt dizzy and he wanted to vomit. He didn't notice Center in front of him until he saw a pair of shoes facing towards him on the ground. Rei felt relieved and safe. Finally, he had someone to ask for help so he reached out his shaking hand. His wounded hand landed on Center's shoulder and Center felt awkward as he thought, 'What the fuck is he up to?'

"Hey frog prince, what are you doin-???" Center wasn't able to finish his question when Rei finally threw up. A rainbow colored vomit came out from his mouth and Center thought about pushing this stupid guy away because it felt really nasty.

"Whaaaat the fuckk!!" Center cursed when he saw Rei's vomit scattered on the floor and some on his uniform. He felt like crying and he wanted to punch Rei in the face badly but he reconsidered the situation.

"...Clinic...please...sorry..." Rei said with a shaking mouth. Center rolled his eyes as he saw the pale boy's helpless and lonely face.

"Whatever. I'm going to make you pay for it, idiot!" Center cursed and decided to bring Rei to the clinic. Rei just turned Center's lunchbreak the worst break ever, he took his meal inside the clinic. Rei was still lying on the bed weakly. The school nurse noticed Center's dirty uniform and made her way to the closet. She took out a clean white T-shirt and handed it to Center.

"You can use it" the school nurse said as she handed the cloth. Center accepted the shirt and waited for the nurse to leave them both. He closed the curtains and started unbuttoning his uniform. His bare chest was exposed and his fine skintone melded with the darkness caused by the thin curtains. When Center was about to put on his white shirt, he noticed Rei was awake and constantly glaring at him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Rei cursed as he placed one of his palm near his forehead. He still felt dizzy yet he managed to sit on the bed and leaned his back againts the cold iron bars. His head touched the wall and glared at Center.

"Were you planning something while I was asleep?" Rei smirked and Center's ears turned red out of anger. He thought, "I should have tortured him on the hallway and let him die on the ground instead of dragging him here!"

Center didn't bother putting his shirt on as he grabbed Rei's collar and shouted, "Fuck you asshole! As if-"

"Uhm...did I came in the wrong time?" a very soft and angelic voice of a guy entered through Center's ear and both guys on the bed looked at him. It was Ethan bringing a bowl of soup.

Center mentally slapped his face when he realized what position he was making with Rei. Him on top of the psycho guy and holding its collar without a shirt on.

"'s not-"

Ethan placed the bowl on the table and left the room immediately.

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