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Chapter 21: ✒ Chapter 13 : Go back

When they were younger...




Those words strucked Ethan right trough the heart when his playmates during elementary days bullied him. Right after Center decided to unfriend Ethan, he started telling kids that Ethan was a gay.

"Hey Center! Is it true that Eeth was a freak?!" one of Center's friend and Ethan's former playmate asked Center while the others were waiting for the elite child to speak.

"Yes" Center said directly as he looked Ethan in the face. Ethan was not gay. He never admitted that he was gay. And the truth, he really wasn't a gay. Ethan couldn't figure it out why Center started telling the other kids that he was gay when the truth was he is totally straight. The kids started avoiding Ethan and bullied him for being a freak. Sometimes, Ethan would go home with a wound on his head or a scratch on his beautiful face. His father started to get worried but Ethan said that everything was fine. Ethan wanted to ask Center why he was doing those things to him. The kids would probably believe everything what Center says.


"Don't come near us, freak!" one of the boys shoved Ethan away and pushed him on the ground. Ethan was a good boy and he cries easily. His tears started to fall as Center watched his friends bullied the tiny boy.

"See! He's really a gay! He cries all the time!" one of Center's friend said and threw the small ball they used for the dodge ball game. Ethan covered his face using his arms as the other kids started throwing balls at him.

"Stop it already!" Center ordered,  his arms crossed above his chest. Ethan's arms were full of scratches as Center looked at him with worried eyes.

"I'm not gay" Ethan said while sobbing. Center motioned his head to leave the two of them so the other kids left them alone.

"Why are doing this to me, Cent?" Ethan asked as he remained sitting on the ground. Center softly shrugged his shoulders as he looked down at Ethan.

"What... What did I ever do to you to make you hate me like this?" Ethan asked with a lonely face. Center didn't answer. He was a spoiled brat who never had a consideration for others.

"Just because." Center answered plainly. Ethan sobbed and stopped himself from crying. He helped himself got up and smiled at Center.

"As long as my father believes in me, I don't care anymore. I thought we were friends. But I was wrong." Ethan said and turned his back to Center. Center couldn't figure it out why did he even do those things to Ethan. Maybe he was afraid that the other kids might bully him if they would find out that he liked Ethan. He was scared that Ethan might avoid him so he made the first move. He thought if he would hate Ethan then maybe his liking towards him might fade away. But those things just hurt Ethan.

"Eeth, you know I'm-"

"I'm sorry." Center's words were cut off by Ethan's ones.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I hate you now" Ethan said and walked away.

I hate you now.

I hate you now.

Those words repeated inside Center's head that made his heart ache. He wanted to chase Ethan and tell him he was sorry. He wanted to make everything up to him. He wanted to make things back the way they used to be.




"Hey Center, did you know that Eeth transferred another school? His father also said that they are going to live in a different place!" one of Center's friends said as he handed Center the ball. Center panicked and he went to Ethan's house immediately. Ethan's father welcomed the young master.

"What brings you here, young master?" Ethan's old man greeted Center politely. Center was panting hard as he looked around to see Ethan. He looked at the old man with guilt written all over his face.

"Where's Eeth?" Center asked Ethan's father. The old man looked at Center with a hurt expression.

"Young master. My son isn't gay. He was a good child and I treasure him as how I treasured his mother." the old man said. Center felt an invisible arrow shot his heart.

"I... I... I'm sorry" Center said wholeheartedly but the old man refused his apology.

"You were just rich, that's why the kids favored you. My son didn't do anything bad, I can guarantee that. He doesn't deserved to be treated that way. I won't tell you where he is. I will never let you hurt my son again." the old man said to Center with a brave heart. Though the old man knew what might be the consequences for bullying the elite child, he as a father wanted to protect his child too.

"I hope you will not do this to other kids just because you get tired of playing with them. Kids like you don't deserve to have friends." The old man said. Center's tears started to fall so the old man decided to stop.

"Please don't let Ethan go away, mister!" Center demanded. The old man pitied his son so much because of the hardships Ethan has been going through.

"I promise I'll say sorry to him. I won't bully him anymore! I will be good to him. Please don't let him leave me!" Center begged and held the old man's shirt as if he was clinging unto him. The old man shoved Center's tiny hand away softly and looked at him with lonely eyes.

"You hurt him enough. He was bullied at school because of you. He hated studying and he wasn't having any good sleep every night because of you. He can't eat his food properly because of the fear he was carrying for a long time. He didn't let me know about everything but I already noticed. I can't stay blind just because we're poor. We're leaving and we chose to run away. That's the only thing we could do for now." the old man said and turned his back on Center.

"But please don't chase us, young master" the old man added and started walking away. Center pulled the old man's shirt to stop him from leaving and cried.

"Please let me talk to Ethan!" Center begged. He was crying hardly that his eyes started to swell.

"He even hated to see you,  how am I supposed to let you talk to him? You became his phobia and I won't let you come near him again." the old man said and left Center.


PRESENT day...

Center looked at Ethan who was looking through the souvenir tables.

"Hey" Center called Ethan. He touched Ethan's arm but Ethan immediately pulled away as if the taller guy was some kind of a dangerous animal.

"I only said I would accompany you today. Stop touching me like we're friends." Ethan said. Center smiled awkwardly and made a bubble face.

"Sorry Eeth" Center said sadly.

"Also, stop calling me Eeth. It brings back stupid memories" Ethan added. Center bowed his head, he felt like crying but he held himself together.

In the middle of the crowd with a lot of festive people, Center still felt empty.

"Can we- " Center said and waited for Ethan to look at him and listen to what he has to say next, " -forget about the past and make everything better in the future together?"

Ethan's eyes widened as he decided to walk away from Center. Center immediately followed him and tried to catch Ethan's arms. Center looked at Ethan who was hiding his face from him, he was blushing like forever.

"Answer me, Ethan. Please"

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