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50.72% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 35: ✒ Chapter 23 : Quality time

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Chapter 35: ✒ Chapter 23 : Quality time



REI slipped his tongue inside Khein's mouth and the rebel guy made a wierd sound. Rei leaned even more so Khein's butt touched the table's edge. Rei held Khein's face and lifted the rebel guy's chin to make a better access, it made Khein feel better. Khein felt his member under his pant has come to life so he immediately withdrawed. He never thought he could easily get turned on with just Rei's kiss. Rei groaned possisively as he felt Khein hesitated to kiss him more, which made the rebel guy kissed him back quickly. Rei's mouth traveled Khein's jawline down to the rebel guy's neck. Rei bit Khein's neck softly as he started to give him a hickey.

"Woah Woah" Khein whispered as his arms wrapped around Rei's neck tighter.

"We should stop. We should stop." Khein said while panting as he tapped Rei's broad back. Rei didn't listen as he continued licking the bruise he created on Khein's neck, he wanted everyone to know that Khein belonged to him.

"Rei, stop" Khein ordered as he felt the situation was getting more dangerous. Rei managed to stop and withdrawed himself from creating another hickey on Khein's neck. Khein was panting heavily as Rei stared at him like he was some kind of a food.

"Don't look at me like that" Khein said and ran his palm across Rei's face as if he was erasing Rei's facial expression. Rei smiled genuinely as he saw the mark on Khein's neck.

"Sexy" Rei said as he touched the abused skin. Khein frowned and slapped Rei's hand softly away from his neck.

"Hands off, dumbass" Khein said bitterly. He just felt like treating Rei that way. He could never imagine himself getting all lovey dovey with Rei, it felt awkward.

"Taste it" Rei said. Khein cocked a brow as he didn't get what Rei meant.

"Taste what?!" Khein asked as his face turned red and as bright as a tomato.

"My creation" Rei said as he pointed the meal he created. Khein was about to eat the food on the spoon when suddenly Ethan shouted, making his way inside the kitchen.

"Are you done yet, Rei?" Ethan asked smiling as the two who were making out earlier froze. Ethan had no idea what happened and so was Center.

"Let's eat?" Rei said awkwardly as he exchanged looks with Khein and smiled secretly. The four of them sat around the table and had their lunch.

"What should we do after this?" Ethan asked to break the silence. It was too early for a movie marathon.

"Basketball?" Center suggested and the three boys agreed.


There was a basketball court near Ethan's house and the four of them owned the whole place since nobody else were playing. It was a two on two game. Team Rei-Ethan versus Team Center-Khein. Rei and Ethan were having fun being on the same team and won the game by teamwork, Center and Khein on the other side kept fighting for the whole game. They kept throwing mouthful stuffs like "You useless fool!" and "I can go play this game without you, moron!".

In the end, Rei and Ethan won. The losing team has to cook for all the meals for the next day. Rei kept teasing Khein that the rebel guy would cook instant goods for them.

"It's better than to starve to death" Khein said while panting as he was about to take off his T-shirt when he realized Rei was staring at his body intentionally. He decided to keep his shirt on and sneered at Rei as he mouthed, "You wish, dumbass"

Rei pouted like a puppy as he ran his fingers through his wet locks and without hesitating, he took his white shirt off. Khein almost choke with the drink in his mouth as he saw Rei's fine and well built body. Rei wiped his sweat with his shirt and threw the cloth on Khein's face.

"What the fuck! Eww!" Khein cursed as he threw Rei's shirt back at the psycho guy's face. The four of them decided to went home to take a shower.

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They were currently watching a movie in the living room. Snacks and canned drinks on the table as the four of them sat on the carpet with their backs leaning on the sofa. From left to right: Khein, Rei, Ethan then Center. Rei was secretly holding Khein's hand since the lights were off. Ethan fell asleep easily with his head lying on the sofa. His neck would probably hurt soon since he looked like he was looking up on the ceiling for his entire sleep. Center decided to bring Ethan into his arms as the two boys looked at him with confused faces.

"Shhh, the owner of the house is sleeping" Center said and winked at them. He made a shy smile and said, "I love this person, don't tell him. It's a secret between the three of us"

Both Rei and Khein looked at each other and smiled.

"We won't tell." Rei said as he stretched out his arm behind Khein.

"I should bring him to bed, I'll leave you two here" Center said and carried the defenseless and sleeping Ethan in a bridal style. Khein was left with Rei beside him as he scoffed. Rei slowly hanged his arm around Khein's neck and the rebel guy just made a move that he regretted soon. He leaned towards Rei's shoulder as his head touched the psycho guy's neck. Khein tried to distract himself and focused on the movie in front of them but he couldn't help it. Rei scooted Khein closer to him and made the rebel guy sit between his legs. Khein was already sitting in front of Rei with his back leaning against the psycho guy's chest. Khein tilted his head to his side slowly when he suddenly felt a wet yet hot thing touched the back of his neck. Rei was kissing his nape and licking it randomly. He was being clingy all of a sudden.

"Stop being touchy" Khein said which made Rei stopped. The psycho guy behaved himself as Khein said. Khein was having fun watching the movie without minding the psycho guy behind him who was playing with his hand. Rei was massaging Khein's hand and kissing it every now and then. Khein's heart was beating normally as he got used to Rei's touch. He felt safe around Rei's reach. He thought having Rei in his boring and repeating daily life was not so bad. Rei placed his chin on top of Khein's shoulder and watched the movie too. Khein was distracted because he could feel Rei's hot breath fanning his neck. Rei was smiling secretly for the whole time, he was way too happy. He wrapped his arms around Khein's waist and buried his face on Khein's neck.

"I think I'm still dreaming" Rei murmured under Khein's neck.

"Then, wake up already" Khein said and rolled his eyes. Rei was about to kiss Khein again when suddenly his phone rang. Rei looked at his phone.

*Father calling...

"I'll just answer this, excuse me" Rei said while forcing a smile to Khein. He immediately went out of the house and answered the phone in the middle of the night.

"Where are you, son?" a manly voice which gave chills towards Rei's spine spoke on the other line.

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