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52.17% 16 Memories [BL] / Chapter 36: ✒ Chapter 24 : What now?

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Chapter 36: ✒ Chapter 24 : What now?

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"I'm at a friend's house, father" Rei answered formally. His heart began to pound loudly just by hearing his old man's voice.

"Is that why you're not coming here?" the man's angry voice frightened Rei. Even if they were only talking through the phone, Rei could feel his father's piercing eyes hunting him.

"And why is your butler not with you anymore? You think I didn't notice? You impotent son" Rei bowed his head as if his father was right in front of him.

"You better come here before this week ends" the man ordered and Rei was about to protest when the man spoke again, "Or you'll never see that punk friend of yours again."

Rei frowned as how quick his father found out  about him and Khein.

"Khein, right?" the man said and Rei never said a word.

"Don't touch him" Rei warned the man on the other line. He heard the man chuckled and it broke his heart.

"Then you know what's best for him" the man said as Rei bit his lower lip in defeat.

"I know" Rei said and ended the call. He remained leaning on the wall as he looked up at the dark sky. Fear started to form inside his head as he thought of the possibilities that Khein might get hurt in the future because of him. His phone vibrated again, his heart pound rapidly when he saw the name on the screen. He smiled as he opened Khein's message.


[Better get inside, it's getting cold]

Rei smiled genuinely and made his way inside the house. He saw Khein frowning on the carpet with his arms crossed across his chest. Rei bit his bottom lip as he sat next to Khein and shuffled the pouting guy's hair. Khein hissed and slapped Rei's hand away softly as if he was irritated. Rei made a soft sigh and touched Khein's nape.

"Aren't you going to sleep?" Rei asked as he saw Khein's face with no signs of sleepiness.

"Too early" Khein said as he glanced at his watch that read 1:10am. Rei chuckled and nodded his head obediently. He placed his head above the table as he watched Khein enjoying the movie. Khein didn't mind the psycho guy staring at him, he was used of being stared at so he was not bothered at all. He kept his I-don't-give-a-shit look steadily in front of Rei.

"You wanna sleep already?" Khein asked Rei as he never bothered to look at Rei. He was too focused on his movie.

"Nah, I still have spare eyes that I can use for tomorrow" Rei said seriously which made the rebel guy chuckled.

"Dumbass" Khein murmured.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow, I would love to spend the whole week with you but I can't" Rei said while pouting. Khein was a bit disappointed but he never showed it to Rei. He wanted to shout, 'No! I need you here!' but he couldn't.

"My family called and they needed me to go to see my relatives" Rei lied. Khein snobbed his eyes and said, "Do whatever you want, it's not like I can win against your family"

"Are you mad?" Rei asked with a sad face. Khein was not mad, he was naturally a dumbass and Rei was too sensitive when it comes to disappointing his little puppy.

"Stupid, I'm not" Khein said honestly. He knew that Rei's family was never like the normal type of people. He could even imagine Rei sitting on a royal chair with his whole relative in a long table. Rei smiled and kissed Khein on the forehead. Good thing the lights were off or else Rei could see how red Khein's face was when he gave him a peck on the forehead.

"I'm sleepy" Khein lied. He was about to stand when Rei pulled him and made him sat on his lap. Khein's eyes widened as his heart began to pound loudly. Khein's eyes panicked as he tried to find the right words to say but Rei cupped his face and kissed him passionately. Khein made a soft moan which just turned Rei on and kissed the rebel guy even deeper.

"Woah easy" Khein said while breaking the intense kiss. Rei attacked his neck wildly which made him gasped in pleasure. Khein felt his friend erected together with Rei's which made him blush even more. He wanted to stop and prevent the consequence that might happen if he would not stop kissing Rei. Too late for Khein to back off since Rei pushed him down on the carpet. He felt like he was drugged as he let Rei do whatever he wants. He could hardly believe he was letting Rei touch him. He had never imagined he would surrender to him. He never thought he would fall inlove with him. Khein closed his eyes as he accepted what his heart screamed. He cried softly and accepted Rei in his heart. He would definitely accept the challenges and the changes they would face for the next days ahead. The night went deep as Khein welcomed Rei in his arms and made love with the guy he liked.

"I...I to you, Rei" Khein stuttered as he gave Rei a sincere kiss on the forehead. He couldn't have the guts to say the words but the kiss on the forehead was enough for Rei to be happy. He didn't want to force Khein to say it, he was willing to wait even more than he already did.


THE next morning...

Khein was sleeping soundly on the sofa with his body dressed properly. He looked like he never made out with a guy last night. He looked like he just fell asleep on that sofa normally as he rubbed his eyes. His back hurt but he managed to sit and looked around the living room. Rei was gone. He frowned and made his way to the kitchen, hoping that the tall guy was making the breakfast on his behalf since they lost the game yesterday. He saw Center and Ethan laughing while making their breakfast.

"Where's Rei?" Khein asked casually as if he was looking for a friend. Center shrugged his shoulders as if saying it was a good thing that the psycho guy was no longer around.

"He left early, a car picked him up and the driver seemed like his bodyguard or whatever." Ethan said normally.

"He said we don't have to wake you up since you slept really late last night" Ethan added.

"Breakfast will be ready soon" Ethan said like a housewife reminding his child to take a shower quickly. Khein picked up his phone to see if Rei left him any messages but there was none, not even a single message. He typed a message and was about to text Rei when he realized he couldn't find his number on his contact list. Khein frowned and saw that Rei's messages were deleted from his phone. He couldn't reach Rei on social media and so was Ethan.

"Did he blocked me?" Ethan asked with a confused face and pouted his lips.

"Because he's an asshole" Center said bitterly. Khein made a disappointed chuckle as he felt something was not right.

'I'm the dumbass' Khein thought as he refrained himself to cry. He packed up his things and picked up his bag as he stormed out of Ethan's house.

"I'll be going home, thanks for everything!" Khein shouted as he tried to sound fair and fine. He left immediately as his tears traveled down his cheek. He felt defeated and abandoned. He never thought Rei would leave him right after he got him.

"Fuck!" Khein cursed as he leaned towards a wall in the small shortcut where people barely passed by. Khein sat on the ground as he continued crying softly. The only thing that he could ever think was,

"What now?"

Khein spent the rest of the summer break as a wasted youth of the community.


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